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  1. yep...many my afterschool hours were spent installing those antennas and that controller..the family owned a home appliance/tv/stereo shop for a few years.
  2. yep...all those owners weren't man enough to enforce existing rules. Which is why I turned it off and "cancelled" them years ago. Honestly, have not missed it...Foot ball itself is a great sport. But no way will pro foot ball games be allowed in my home TV viewing, let alone spending the money on the tickets and fan wear.
  3. Dad used to say "don't make me get up off the couch...." and on those rare occasions when he did...a thorough a$$ whoopin ensued.
  4. LOL...yeah, my Troy is 20 yrs old...no clue who made them back then.. all I know is that big 10hp motor can be a bear to pull if it isn't in the mood to start.
  5. yep my ol red rig hasn't been started in about a decade..tires are flat, likely would have to pull the thing 2,000 times to get it to start. when I was younger it did a good bit of work for me, but like folks are telling you, it'll jump on you and jerk you around if you let it. mine is rotting and taking up space under the carport..a shame, but that was the story of several years of my life after the back blew out on me. this year's minimal garden will be done in raised beds and arbors. my guess is a small engine service shop would charge me more than the old tiller is worth and I'm honest with myself about not making time to swap out the carb and lines and trying to get it going myself...so it is long past due to be a give-away
  6. the PZ was delivered by the good Prime folks promptly , as promised. 15 mins later (yes it too that long cause I wanted to clean the leaves etc out of the frame)...she was back up and running nicely. had some chain saw work to do yesterday, so the Honda saw maybe 15 stop n starts...working perfectly so far. don't know how long the cheapo will last but, cheap n easy enough to replace. thanks again Jeep for confirming that was where I should focus my fix
  7. Debra has always captured a soft spot...certainly didn't stand up well against Carter in those days , in those outfits, but Officer& Gentleman, Legal Eagles, etc...she's a sweetie. Never a box office draw on her own, but if it's a movie with her in it?...sure...I'll press play.
  8. fer sure...the Chinese either have a sense of humor about making stuff that's bass-akwards, or they're just that bad at it. Long days at work and then my 2nd job through Thursday...so hopefully I'll get it on the bike friday evening.
  9. even better solution...a Bunji cord and some duct tape.. I now have a screw driver handle sticking out from under the back of the seat..the bunji acts as a spring, so I just have to reach back and move the screwdriver handle a little bit, it shorts across the solenoid and she starts right up ...I'll return the amazon solenoid cause this is a much better system...I can't imagine why Honda didn't sell the screwdriver upgrade with their bikes.🤪
  10. here it is last evening out by the burn pile where it's been working the past few days. you can see the side cover is off so I could get to the kick
  11. oh...oh !! (grabs his chest) 🤣...ok.. I'll spend the bucks to get a real one..but for now, Amazon will have it at my door by the time i get home so I can get back to playing out back. Actually if it's just a quick ride for fun, I'm fine to kick it over..it's my son-in-law that's been using it to pull trees over to the brush pile..he likes to shut it off every time.. the cheapo may not last another 30 years..but then, I don't know that i will either. I should at least wash my lil blue beasty in honor of it being 30 years old this year.
  12. grabbed a 1PZ off amazon last night...cheapo but figured it was worth a try.
  13. LOL...thanks Jeep..yeah, I went with the "sparkly" approach...and she kicked right over...so looks like my starter n all is in tact... do you have a recommended brand for the solenoid and source.. I used to get my Trail 90 stuff from DrATV
  14. My '93 Fourtrax is needing a bit of love...guessing it might be the starter? old battery was good, but just in case, I loaded a new one in there. I can hear a soft click when I press the start button. Green light is on, all good. I can drop the compression lever and kick it over first try and it runs great. contacts all look clean. recommendations of where to look next please. far as I know, all start electric parts are original.. I've only had the bike for a ahand full of years. thanks guys ET
  15. actually looks like a well designed bike...dated tech, but practical and well built
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