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  1. yep...well...the carb on there right now is a japan made replacement...but I do have the original carb.. I just never seem to get around to doing the rebuild on it. so , yeah, about 9k miles on it..other than tires and a battery...that's the bike.
  2. there ya go....amazing machines...and yes, campground, small tourist town cruising...that' where i enjoy mine the most...but a few more CCs and a 12volt system would sure be nice... I just don't want to modify my current bike with the chinese Lifan engine upgrades...if mine was a rough old barn bike..yeah...but it's in really great original shape... I'll enjoy it for a couple more years and sell it for the premium $ they are bringing... guy asked me about mine last year and I casually said I'd probably sell it for about $1800...he said he was on the way... I had to stop him and clarify that I "would" if I decided to ....not that I was offering it to him...but man he didn't blink at that price for one with a clean title.
  3. yeah..underpowered, slow, girl bike style support, etc. mine has original title so it is tagged and street legal...but I don't dare take it out around town...folks drive 50+ on the 35mph roads and perceive me as a moped so they blow me off the road. But on back country 2 lanes, it's a joy to cruise around and on trails...with that low transmission option...it'll climb a tree. at my age, it goes fast enough and when I'm tooling through small tourist towns on our various road trips, everyone smiles and wants to come talk about remembering those old bikes "ya meet the nicest people on a honda..." the new 125 looks great...same vibe, but 12volts and that extra bit of hp. still if I want a dual sport these days, at a minimum it would be 350cc
  4. still have my first love bike..it's the lil red wonder here in the pic...1979. Had it out of the garage just last week in fact...
  5. I am "technically prepared" for another round of lockdowns, etc...but I don't know that i've got the strength , energy, stamina, for it...of course I'll man-up and make it happen, but I'm thinking that , if I feel this way, I gotta believe that many other folks out there do as well. Will a mass of people simply surrender this time around? As I type this morning.. I'm actually working from home. During covid, I was 100% remote...now, the company is back to a rotation and a loose/informal one at that. As a Senior level person, I get an actual office..and people with real offices, vs. cubicles are expected to be in office every day. But my role no longer is a people manager, so it's not quite the same as it was a couple years ago. So I quietly checked in with my VP and he doesn't care either way..so about 2-3 days a week I'm in office..rest of time, at home. zombie supplies are full-on and finances are/were set for retirement here next year...but not sure what to expect from the wreck that this govt is determined to make of our country. I had said, even back when covid first hit...that it wasn't the bug that scared me, it was what those in power would do to us as they leveraged a "pandemic". The govt proved my concerns, just as sure as my preps proved their value. but I'm definitely seeing the effects of the reluctant workforce. Whether it's the pizza joint, gas station, etc. I can't imagine working a job that pays maybe $10/hr and having to dump $75/$100 in the gas tank each week.
  6. I don't know...hope so...back first of the year when I finally had my turn of covid, there is a doctor that will take you as an online patient..you fill out a form describing your symptoms and then he submits a script with proper dosage. most pharmacies in our area were refusing to fill it, but the doctor had a local shop that he recommended...pricey, but since they work together frequently it made things easy..and the pharmacy was very friendly to work with. I live just across the state line so they could not mail it to me, I had to drive to town to pick it up...no problem..my daughter in law was happy to make the 20 min run for us...so I'm just mentioning this since you are KY and asking about Tenn...might be that you'd have to drive to get it.
  7. this kid needs to be hired as a top exec of ANY US motorcycle or automotive company. Anyone with enough spunk to put that together, is ready to change the world.
  8. jeeez guys !!! I think my first 3 wheel experience was a Kawi or yamaha...can't remember...200 or 250cc? friend got one for his cattle farm...did adjust the lower back verts a few times jumping the tiered pasture levels but I could tell first moment on it, that a tricycle would be happy to nose dive me...so I was very cautious.... I think I still prefer the feeling of a single wheel up front for a ride, than the 4 but I guess uncle sam knew better than to let us kids keep riding them.
  9. I miss my old sparkle zodiac naugha fabric banana seat. some of those bikes are serious builds !! nice
  10. man the bikes that were coming out in the late 60s...ie 1968-69...the rich neighbor kids were getting the super cool Schwinn stringrays...hard the 5 speed shifter mounted on the center cross bar, etc... I was more poor boy...so I took my old single speed coaster brake full frame bike, added a banana seat and a set of high rise ram's horn handlebars and called it done. but that was a rad as things got in my hood...if a kid had pulled up in that Orange County rig.. I'm not sure how we would have reacted back then...perspective of a 12yr old...mighta thought it was crazy cool, or might have laughed him down the road... but it is a heckuva rig love it or list it...either way.
  11. somehow this one is very disturbing...just wrong !!
  12. thanks for the confirmation Fish...yeah, the cost of batteries is still painful and has kept me away from dabbling in the market. as I've gotten older, I sure wouldn't mind a little assist on occasion climbing a hill but for now....can't justify it.
  13. Bighanded


    yep.. I remember the 380 thing as well, as that is my primary "every day" carry gun...old 1980s Colt Mustang. but keeping a couple hundred rounds of it is enough since it's not a range gun.. I might run 50 rds through it in a year...whereas any given saturday on 9mm is seeing a couple hundred. I made sure a few years back to grab those items that tend to disappear...16ga for my Dad's old winchester model12 and some Lever-evolution 30-30 for the old model 94. other than some 39spl for my yard work snake gun... I standardized so I'm able to get 9mm, 5.56, 7.62x51, 12ga, 45acp. I sat on it for a year or so until I could start seeing prices getting closer to reasonable. but I've been able to buy Blazer 9mm for $15 (no tax or shipping) and PMC X-tax 5.56 for $9.99/box of 20...not the most accurate, but good enough for zombie plinkin. most stores still want 30% more than these prices for the same exact brand...and some places are more like 40% more...they can keep it. As for "hoarding".. i guess... when I used to train a lot...a 500rd saturday was normal...so having a thousand rds in the closet wasn't hoarding. but over the years...different politicals etc gave me cause to buy more ammo...little at a time...so it wasn't an impact on market availability. I'm not saying I've got 5k rounds of 9mm for example... but if I do...most of it was bought when it was $10/box not $22 in panic times. I buy now, for what I want to shoot at the range...not to stock for zombie times...that supply was long ago stacked deep.
  14. I handed the keys to my son-in-law and enjoyed watching him ride off down the trail with my grandaughter. Feels good to see the next two generations enjoying my 30 yr old machine.
  15. Bighanded


    man you guys really get it down that way ! expecting some rough stuff here today in the carolinas...worried more about family up near Pigeon Forge TN....the winds will really move that fire across the hill. family can see it from their house...likely not impacted, but still, to be able to know it's just a few miles over the next hilltop.
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