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  1. didn't really have an "eye" by the time it came over us...winds were in the 20s-30s...only a few trees down, the rain was so desperately needed but still less than a third of what is needed to restore from the drought. family in Tampa, Friends on the Carolina coast...knee deep in water, bit of a mess but nothing like the devastation further south. I did tour the property next morning..so my ol Blue Fourtrax did see some trail time, but no, not in the midst of the storm.
  2. Bighanded


    the wife and I took a quick ride at lunch...just for perspective before we hopefully get some rain from Ian. never been quite this dry. the pond boats are usually wet except for their nose up on the bank. The creek (25-40ft across) is usually knee deep normal levels with great flow.
  3. Bighanded


    yep.. I've got large limbs coming down from a couple trees that have just been dying of thirst.
  4. Bighanded


    hate this for our coastal brethren.. but I gotta say, the dump of rain will be welcome here. pond is over 6 ft off bank normal, creek has been dry and it will take nothing short of a storm like this to even begin to replenish our water table. if we were even close to normal levels here, then this would be a flooding event for us...as it is, we have plenty of room for it. I'll be sure to top off the vehicals today as I expect the platforms in the gulf will get shuttered for a couple days and that can mean some bags on pumps for us here at the butt-end of the Colonial
  5. that tire serpentine belt will sure be expensive to replace and I don't know that I'd want to get sand into that rig. but it'd sure get the looks and attract the babes (maybe)
  6. I love seeing guys come up with concepts that are this much out of the box.
  7. Bighanded


    I was surprised earlier this week with 91 degrees the kids enjoyed some pool time ...but looks like Fall has finally sunk in permanently now. never want damaged for others, but I'm sure hoping to see some inches of rain from this next storm. pond is about 6 feet off bank, creek is all but dry.
  8. went to visit some of my family on Sunday. they've moved out to a country home..grandson (15) now has a short trail he can ride on... son-in-law, has a cheap chinese made ATV (brand name not important). anyway, I trailed my 300 over there, hopped on, and with the tap of the start button the 1993 SNAPPED to life as always. then I had to wait 10 mins while they struggled to get the chinese junk to start and run...and then to run consistently enough to take a spin. my son-in-law, still learning his lesson, said he's going to go shopping for any old older honda. (smil)
  9. sorry for the late reply guys...was off busy having fun (grin)....old college buddy and his wife were up to stay with us over the weekend.. The wife suggested us boys go ride the hondas for a bit and he got this big grin on his face...so I went out and opened the garage..told him to give me a minute and I'd pull the 300 around for him...I hadn't started my old CT90 in about a month, so figured i might need a minute..anyway..he was anxious..he followed me out and hopped on the old blue beast...so i handed him the keys, refreshed his knowledge on operation and off he ran...leaving me behind at the garage... I chuckled to myself and quietly encouraged my lil red wonder that she needed to fire up so we could go catch up with him and keep him out of trouble...took a half dozen kicks but she came to life and off we ran...I tend to not ride that ol bike that often and then my mind wanders to thoughts of selling it..then I do hop on it and remember how fun that small underpowered lil wonder can be....guess I should keep it til I'm too old to kick start it
  10. Bighanded


    we are sure due..it's been a very quiet season so far. I certainly don't want any damage for folks, but we could use some inches of water from a storm at this point to get us even part way back to normal.
  11. Bighanded


    LOL...yeah, that was probably me you saw running down the road...I'll get out to it this weekend and see what I'm looking at in detail..what repairs/patching might be possible..but in the end, we've had many many great trips and good years out of this box...just not worth the cost of a new roof.
  12. Bighanded


    the water just gets too stagnant and hot and the thermocline flips...first you really know about it is when your prize large mouth bass are all floating dead on the surface the temps are cooling at least a bit..that'll help but I'm real close to renting or buying a displacement pump so I can aerate
  13. Bighanded


    Rick Hill SC...just below Charlotte...when there have been afternoon pop-up storms, the rain has been north and south of us and we seem to miss it...so even though the entire area is in drought, my particular area has been even worse...saving on gas not mowing the lawn (grin), but I do worry about the pond turning...smaller ponds have turned several years back when it was this bad and a number of folks reported their wells running dry. We've gone through this before...we switch the paper plates, etc to reduce washing dishes, that sort of thing. one good hurricane bringing rain inland will make all the difference..just seems like a very quiet NOAA season
  14. Bighanded


    we drove back from Florida Sunday...got caught in 3 separate really heavy downpours...that plus the 60mph travel speed and sure nuff, water found a way into my camper roof...ceiling over my bathroom area is soaked...long over due for a new roof...but had been keeping it patched...guess it's time to look at some major work, or sell it to a deer hunt club. touring around my property last night...our area hasn't seen any rain.. i've not cut the grass in over 6 weeks and our creek (40feet wide and normally a good 2-4 ft deep is a dry bed. pond is about 7 feet off bank and really starting to worry about well water levels around our area. I'm hoping for a decent tropical system to bring the 4-8 inches of water we badly need....send us some of your rain please!!
  15. gawd that's some beautiful land out there !! thanks for sharing those pics.
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