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  1. here's the latest duffuses...yeah, two of them are obviously brothers..but in this instance, they stopped before they messed up the cable fence when they spotted the camera..the fresh signs, the overbuilt cable/fence and the cameras all let them know that we are actively watching and we really do mean 'no' you can hear one of them talking...about how he thinks easements are for his public enjoyment..not that it matters if he was right, which he isn't cause they also come off the easement and ride on our trails..so they know dang well they are abusing even what they think is legal.. I'm going to print the law on a lamenated signg I guess...it's their ignorance and I shouldn't have to have them arrested after the fact just cause they think they are smarter...but the code is clear and I know the county commissioner who introduced it originally for this very kind of thing that was happening on his property.
  2. we upgraded the one cabled area where the locals keep coming through..made it too much of a hassle for them to tear it apart..but what really turned them back was they spotted one of 3 trail cams pointed at that spot to catch them in the act..it was funny to see them back/moon walk in hopes that we didn't have their faces..but got good views of 3 of them...coming in this week are a pair of the coveted Reveal Tacticam cell units...this will add , hopefully, better alerting for activity way back there.. the wife has talked to the sherif's office and they said that they would come out... I doubt it, but we will call and see what response looks like...it may still come down to an in person encounter at some point to properly explain how serious we are about trespassers.
  3. my electric pressure washer came with a foamer unit..might not be as good as this one...not sure..but for my purposes it does a good job .. I didn't know about the simply green... and yes, I've used it and purple on my honda and golf cart...not that there's any chrome on the fourtrax, but there is on my cart...but foam, soak, rag hand clean and rinse...and this time of year, they don't even get that...we are so wet n muddy...a single trip out back to check on trail cams will leave us totally covered.
  4. what a wet year!! I was still axle deep in water in several places in my back woods yesterday...and the ground is so muddy/slushy...the wife got spun stuck in the golf cart despite some aggressive tread on that rig....had to tow her out...she was embarrassed, but it happens....love my ol Fourtrax
  5. The wife caught this one as we were pulling into dock last October down in Beaufort SC...our second home
  6. jeez...you guys been busy... all I did was add a bit of air to the rear left tire, fire up the engine after it sitting for a month..and head out back for some chores and a spin on the property (grin)...glad to have a sunny day...more rain on the way, so this lunch time spin today was good for the soul
  7. yep...the honda eu series all do that...there's a switch..you can select to have it run WOT all the time, or it can go on efficient mode...where it idles down nice n low..very quiet...doesn't even budge off idle when I have it running the TV and fan in the camper, but fire up the microwave and that puppy throttles up til the demand is off...better gas run time, quiet as possible, etc...
  8. I was going to ask that same question but I got the impression that it's a unit they've used in the past... it was something that caught me by surprise with my latest genny...I'd crank it and a couple mins later it would die...had me cussing for a couple times, til it dawned on me that it might want a load... plugged a small light into it and it ran happy for 30 mins.....my old honda eu2000 doesn't care...you crank it, let it run...the end.
  9. had a problem with my honda this past season...just couldn't keep it running..even replaced the carb...turned out...fuel line had a slit in it..sucking are...bad when cold on choke, worse/complete kill once things got warmed up...I'd check all those old fuel lines before digging too deep into the machine itself.
  10. Bighanded


    that's nuts.. I don't care if it's in C or F...that's just cold..like planet Mars cold!!
  11. Bighanded


    we are so wet...just stepping on the lawn, the water squishes up around your shoes...I don't dare drive the golf cart across any grass, lest I leave deep ruts..mudders would love it out back by the creek..plenty to slip n spin in...and the big truck..3500HD has needed the 4x4 to get up out of the drive a few times...we are soggy! and looks like cold weather coming in time for valentines
  12. Bighanded


    yep..plenty of options in my tool box..although pretty much all ammo is gone these days, but I don't need to buy so it's a wash 380 is my every day carry...lil 1989 colt mustang that has been on my side for the last 17years when I've had my concert biz 45 is my primary pistol..so when I want to "dress up" a bit, then there's a springfield and a kimber 1911s in ultra platforms as well as some fullsize 1911s and I like the 10rd Chip McCormick mags..they work reliably. 9mm stays in stock here cause my wife likes her M&P9 but she also has a colt govt 380 for purse carry as well as her own ruger sr-22 which she loves. all my adult kids seemed to wind up with 9mm, so that cal is no stranger here at the house.. I did move into a Sig M17 in 2019 basically cause I was curious about a strikerfire platform and I wanted a pistol with that evil 21rd magazine capacity just to ! off the gun grabbers. That pistol quickly got migrated into a FluxDefense MP17 brace...look it up..you'll be cranked at what they created. anyway...that took the normal 9mm inventory level up a few thousand clicks as the new platform is a ton of fun to run..so I'm very happy to have a healthy inventory of 9mm ammo now that was purchased at 2019 prices.. (whew!) there is still that one old duty S&W 4006 boat anchor metal gun, but solid reliable and I tended to keep a dozen mags for it (have those LEO only 11 rd...remember this was Clinton era gun ban times when only cops could have 11rounds..the same pistol had 10rd mags for civilian purchase...makes a lot of sense right?)...there's probably about 800rds of range brass and maybe a 100rds of quality defense loads still here for that gun although it's not been out to play in a long while the S&W airweight 38spl snubby is my yard working tool..keep it loaded with snake shot and it's so light on the belt..probably only a couple hundred rds of that ammo..never intended to have a lot of that on hand. long guns include the usual assortment of 12ga, Dad's old 16ga, with bird, buck in various, and rifled slugs..more than enough to survive zombie days 30/30 lever for deer ..around here, they are small and our woods tend to be thick..so 100yards is all we need..Lever-evolution rounds tend to help that little rifle get out to 150yds, but no real need. 5.56 on hand for both the ruger mini 14 and a decent AR15 and 7.62 for the AR10 when I want to reach a bit further out. 22s are for fun plinking..the wife has her own 10/22 and SR22 and I enjoy my ruger takedown and a couple near antique Mark 1 pistols..and try as I might to burn through the rounds on that, I know I still have at least 3 boxes of the old winchester 550rd you used be able to pull right off the shelf at a walmart..they have $11.97 price tags on them...it'll e a long while before I have to crack the seal on the 2,000rd plastic case stuff ..but again, that's about all I'm shooting for fun right now.
  13. Bighanded


    agreed.. I actually did a blended course , mostly from NRA material, of basic handgun safety, basic CWP law, personal defense inside and personal defense outside the home, oh, and the Refuse to be a Victim (which does not focus on firearms).. rolled all this into a Saturday at the house for what started out as a god daughter who had her home robbed and was just getting her first handgun. Sent her to a good LGS where they could help her size her hand. Wound up being her mom, her brother, and his wife for an informal class and then some back yard range time..and yes, sharing my 9mm and 22 to get them started. I don't pretend to be an instructor, just family sharing knowledge and trying to get them up to speed..pointed them towards reference material..online state laws, Massad's legal advise, etc. and gave them couple names of long time close friends who are credentialed with the state to provide the CWP.
  14. Bighanded


    yeah Jeep...even my wife doesn't know how much is on hand..she has never asked...only on occassion throughout the years when there's a panic, would she ask me "do we have enough ammo?" I just smile softly and say "yes, we're fine" and that's the end of it. one of her sisters married a yank and they live up in Conn...so they have "never needed a gun" mindset...then last November as they watch all the news and riots..now they want a gun..first time in their lives..ok..that's fine...but she gets the phone call... "ask your husband what kind of gun we should buy and where can we get bullets!!!" I just sigh..they expect a full gun class training and getting up to speed on the firearms industry and current panic in a 5 minute phone call..oh and they also wanted me to help them understand solar generator systems as they were looking at some emergency gimick web advertisement...again..this is the state of unpreparedness of so many folks..sorry..don't meant to turn this into a zombie prepper forum thread...there's other forums for that I know...but short is, I'm still enjoying my firearms shooting sports hobby, still training, just running a lot fewer rounds...all the toys are fully accessorized where I wanted them to be, all have many extra mags and full capacity mags where applicable, parts and knowledge to maintain and repair, etc
  15. Bighanded


    me, one of my soninlaws, and 3 of my close buds went to the public range last saturday..mostly cause we just hadn't all gotten together for a long while..did some lunch etc..anyway..it was just 22lr day and we had the place to ourselves..freaky..but not unexpected.between pistols and rifles I think my SIL helped me chew through about 160rds of various leftover partial boxes.. CCI, remmington gold, browning, ...nothing special, just nice time to visit. I'm satisfied with my inventory level for all of my various tools/calibers...just mostly hybernating my range time for now...have certainly gotten calls from friends and inlaws that know I'm a gun guy...or they call my wife... "hey....where can we find a gun and ammo?!!!" I just sigh, at this stage in the game.. I can't even remind them that I had tried months and years back to set an example, tried to warn...no..gently advise...them to get a firearm for their home and a few boxes of ammo. can't lie, all this panic around me does give me that lil urge to want to go buy a bit more...even at these stupid prices.. I can imagine 2 years from now we'll be saying "man I wish I had bought more ammo when it was only a $1 a round"..but for now, I'll take comfort in what's in the closet..and pray that there's never a need to have bought what I did.
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