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  1. I rode it...the end. grin ok...front tires do tend to get low...but quick pump up ...amazing that you just touch the start button on this 27yr old beastie and it jumps to life...gawd I love this old 300 !! rode out back to pull trail cam cards, and just did some laps around the property on my trails...mid 60s temp...just felt so great...good therapy.
  2. don't know about the other honda models, but my decade old inverter model has long been noted on forums as having super sensitive carbs (small jets, etc) more than once I've gotten into a couple of my honda engines with guitar strings as "pipe cleaners" into the jet ports... lesson learned recently...I thought my carb was in trouble on my lil honda eu2000..even ordered a chinese replacement..turned out the fuel line had a crack and was sucking air instead of gas...so try the simple stuff first.
  3. 13 acres here that the house sits on. We deal on a regular basis with folks who think my trails are for their personal enjoyment to walk their dogs off leash, or for them to just go for a stroll on. The local high school cross country team has showed up more than once, climbing over the fence (that has the no tresspass sign on it) ATV/Dirt bike riders several times a year, hunters this time of year really ! me off the most I think...I know where some of them come from..neighborhood way back on the back side of my property..they choose to live on a 1/4 acre lot in a subdivision, but think that my property is supposed to be their own personal hunt lodge..and they don't necessarily know which way to point their rifles..so it's possible that a 308 or 30-06 etc could come slicing through my home.. and I am often out in various places on my spread.. I keep the travel trailer, or the boats, or my work utility trailers out back..they don't know I'm out there working they just see a deer and get all excited and I might be in line of fire. my grandkids play on a playground or in the woods...etc. so I don't consider a hunter on my property as a "hunter" I consider them a dangerous armed stranger intruder. I've even got video and pics of a couple guys who have more than once gone up in my personal 2 seater tree stand just to sit and dump their beer cans out on the ground..amazing!! I've had 4 trail cams stolen over the years..violently busting into the metal security housing etc.. We keep post signs fresh, I keep my trails maintained so there's no doubt that it's not just raw woods and game trails, but rather a property and trail system that is constantly looked after by the owner. We file reports with pictures with county and DNR when our cameras catch a tresspasser..and if we could ever catch them, we will prosecute. if I happen to ever come up on someone ..it'll be an uncomfortable 30 mins while they lick the dirt and wait on their belly for the deputy to arrive while I hold them at gunpoint. I'm not a bridge troll...if the neighbors want to come ride, or their kids want to play in my creek... I'm all about it..but that's people I know and love. not like the guy and his teen son that live in the 40 home subdivision behind us that just had to go hunting on my property and take a late evening shot..so that I have 2 adult males, armed, walking around my property looking for the deer they hit but lost track of...that's when i get ! and in that case, that bad example father caught ! from me and they've not come back.
  4. well, yesterday made it official end of summer...good cleaning of the big boat..and man was it tempting when I hauled it down to the gas station to top off the tank and put the stabil in it..it was the last 72 degree day we'll see for a while and my mind was thinking...one more spin on the lake..but I knew I needed the day to wash and winterize instead..down into the low 30s this week... at least I've got my old hondas to still get my throttle thrills on..but I am gonna miss the boating for the next several months..
  5. we have a great Farmers exchange...local folks, like me, will always go to them before we try the big box stores.. Lowes, Home Depot, etc...much rather spend money with our local boys...I'm even good to wait a couple days for them to order stuff rather than go big box. I've got two nice echo units in regular service right now..the chain saw and the brush cutter...I'm 2 full years into the brush cutter and have worked it hard for a non-commercial user..it has been flawless.. the new chain saw has enabled me to go a lot longer and get a lot more done than the lesser units...that's all I can ask of a tool. speaking of tools...major flooding this past week from the Eta storm..have videos on trail cams of deer doing their best to keep their heads up as the current swept through the woods...crazy...water is back in the creek, tons of sand on the trails and plenty of mud..was out n about Sunday afternoon...and once again my ol blue 93 fourtrax did me proud...amazing old ATV.
  6. i tend to clip the "person" end of mine up high on the fishfinder mount or somehwere that the various law enforcement can see that I have it...but we're on a 22ft so it's not a requirement to have it physically attached to my body all the time. story about that kill switch...we were on our way back in from a scuba dive about 7 miles out from shore key largo area and the engine dies..could not figure out what was wrong..finally had to call Sea Tow to haul our butts in...after he got us back to dock he was curious too, so we opened the hatch again and poked around..finally he said...let's pop the kill switch from the dash...I hot wired it and engine kicked right over..darn switch had gone bad..couldn't find a replacement that day, so left it hot wired for the next 3 years (grin)...put a new one on when I had the new motor installed.
  7. There are no echo dealers near me. I would have to drive far (150 mile round trip) or mail order. that's the same reason I couldn't go with a Stihl...long drive to get to a good dealer...but my local farmers exchange just 3 miles up the road..with people I like and trust...are Echo and service right there...so I gave Echo a try 2 years ago with a straight shaft brush cutter..good hard working unit...and that led me to trust the new chain saw purchase this year..and very happy with that so far.
  8. any love for the Echo.. I have gone through a couple of the poulan pro series..my Echo 490 20" really isn't that much heavier when you get out there and are working..and wow do I enjoy the extra power...and being an old fart, I appreciate that compression button that makes pulling the start cord easier...probably my only complaint is the thing floods really easy...so have to be careful on first starts of the day. i have a cheapo Lowes (Craftsman - many other brands made by the same chinese kid, I know) weed eater 4 stroke for light duty weed trimming and limb saw work..it's fine and I appreciate the lighter weight.
  9. it actually does say "JapAn" on the body. I'm figuring that maybe that part comes from supply and then China builds it out and uses maybe some other parts from there..ie gaskets, etc... I don't know...the bike is 41 years old, and I'm about to turn 64.. I'm grateful when either of us can crank...and I only need it to keep going for a couple more years, then I'll sell and settle down into being an old fart i guess...collectors are standing by with cash in hand to grab it.. I told one guy $1500..he said I'm on the way... had to re-state that I was just saying that's what I would sell it for "IF" I were selling...having one of those old barn bikes with a clean title is huge... I have it tagged so I can legally ride it on the road..and often do enjoy a jaunt out on the back country roads...as well as dropping down into the dirt....
  10. I'm not expecting much, but I did put a chinese carb on my CT90 last year.. I kept the original and Lord knows when I'll make time to do a proper rebuild of it...this new cheapo works "okay"...can't seem to dial in the magic...so it takes a few extra kicks sometimes to get it started..but idles well, runs WOT fine, no sag/lag on acceleration...I'm not unhappy with it, but i never expected it will last me the 40 years that the original has (grin) interestingly...bought it fully expecting it was a chinese unit...but the housing says "Japan"..but for the $35 I still assume chinese made.
  11. whew...had gotten in after dark last night..so just left the rig on the bumper of the truck/..went to Flying J to use their dump station...and then unhitched back at the house...at which point I pulled the CT90 off the rack...everything felt and looked straight..not visible damage...turned the key..3 kicks as usual when she's cold..and cranked right up..rode it back to the garage and put it under lock n key..all my "toys" are tucked in tight tonight..next couple days might get a bit sketchy...so don't want to leave any targets out for folks to run off with.
  12. almost lost my old 79 Trail 90 yesterday...!!! OMG...fears almost realized....had traveled 6 hrs drive up into Virginia on for the weekend...fossil digging for the wife...so as usual the lil red wonder was mounted on the rack on the back of the camper..has ridden there many times across about 14 states..enjoyed riding while I was up there and it came in handy a couple times for transport logistics...part way home...guy rolls up next to me honking his horn... I quickly pull to the shoulder...one of the straps had broke (old I guess) and had allowed the bike to bounce and the front wheel to come out of the rack and down to the ground..literally was dragging on the highway! new straps and made it home no problem...but it was well after dark last night..so today I'll check to see if any actual damage..but nothing looked bent yesterday.
  13. Bighanded


    hey Fish...good to hear from you on the other side of this!!..I think everyone was surprised at how it strengthened...it met up with the cold front here in the Carolinas...hit us with some 40-mid 50s winds...plenty of work for the power crews today....
  14. Bighanded


    might need to pull one of my gennies out before this morning is done..these ol mid-lands trees don't take as kindly to this bluster..have heard several cracks this morning..so at least some large limbs coming down..we'll see later when i have time to ride out back. I had thought about, and watched a good friend, do the whole home genset thing..he likes the peace of mind, but he's actually used it i think once in the past 10 years.. honestly, I've only pressed a small gen into service twice in the same time frame..but knowing i can keep the freezer going..that's worth the spend. and we do get a decent amount of use out of a genny as we do some off-grid camping several times a year (non covid years)..the wife is a rock hound...so gems, fossils, etc..dragging me out to God knows where so she and her club can dig around in the dirt...I usually get a nice Honda trail 90 ride out of the trip though... this weekend is an example..we'll be offgrid..so power will come from a lil honda eu2000..enough to run the microwave, TV etc...don't need air conditioning this time of year..else I'd have to take the larger genny..which still is only a 4700 (less when running on propane) but enough to turn over the HVAC...both are good to have in-case and are small enough to sip the fuel...unlike a big house rig.
  15. I do worry about parts availability at some point...I treat my old 300 pretty easy..no mudding, no hard riding..pulls a small utility trailer are times and occassionally a larger landscape trailer full of limbs etc...we don't have hills here, so trail riding is flat and easy. for now, I've got an old Honda..built to run..and I hope it will last me the next 3-5 years at which point I'll be just old enough that I should consider giving it to the kids anyway.
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