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  1. Merry Christmas riders ! If it'll ever stop raining, I plan to take a spin out back...course that'll mean some mud slinging given the inches of rain that have fallen. oh..ya'll will love this... so we were at one of our kids house..son-in-law grabbed a clean used Polaris 500 (I know)..had the big back seat, chushy arm rests etc. My wife hopped on for a ride with him and as they are pulling back in.. I hear the greatest phrase from her mouth "I want one" Now I'm still a fan of the smaller machines for riding enjoyment, in fact, dumped a larger bike to this same fella couple years back and then he sold it too. But to hear the Mrs. say that...yeah baby! time to go shopping (grin). In earnest, I did take it for a spin just cause he was wanting me to . But I didn't care for the rig. Any new machines come to this yard, it'll still say Honda on it.
  2. only two "authentic" ATV shops in my area (ie not fancy retail with warranty repair) Both of those shops stay backed up on work and it's a hard thing for owners of antiques like mine to roll in and find out that a repair is going to cost more than the bikes bring in marketplace. It's one of the reasons I treat my older machines with a bit of love. I hope they will stay with me a couple more years until I really am too old myself.
  3. as always Jeep....you have my appreciation and support in your policies. thanks! Ed
  4. Bighanded


    son in law has been looking at budget ARs the past couple months too. couple local guys also recommended the Diamond Back products run a couple hundred rounds...make sure you can count on it and , yeah, should serve well for zombie defense. Congrats!
  5. Bighanded


    carolina deer run small compared to the old PA/Ohio breeds we used to hunt. But small or not, we can't use 223. on the rare occasion that I hunt, I still just carry my old Winchester lever 30/30 iron sights. Growing up, Dad always preferred his old shotgun with slugs either way, freezer was always full of meat Get the AR15 for home/backyard defense as these times we're living in are getting crazier by the day. For plinking anything bigger than the yotes out back, I'd still prefer something a little larger. in fact, my coyote gun isn't even one of my ARs..it's my old Ruger mini 14 ranch rifle.
  6. Bighanded


    always a favorite quote (Grin) and yes, the TV news folks consider 3 boxes of bullets and more than one gun to be "an arsenal " !!!! EEEK!
  7. Bighanded


    Jeep is right...nothing wrong with a PSA15..and honestly for civilian light use, an AR15 platform should be in that $600ish range..not the $2200 range I have both ends of the spectrum. A 2011 Colt LE6940 (stamped restricted law enforcement/govt only). It is basically M4 minus the select fire option and at the low end, I have S&W M&P15, which when I bought it a few years ago, was a $600 carbine..now they are priced at $900 as they have gained in popularity as a value gun. The M&P is actually living in my truck since 10/7. Replaceable The Colt stays home and it'll be a bad day when need to press it back into service. 223/5.56 is illegal for deer in my state so there's not pretending that these are "sporting rifles" for me.. They are self defense tools My battle rig, however is an Armalite AR10. I trained and am solid on it out to 600yards offhand prone on the ground. and that 7.62 round will do the job at that distance. Uncle Sam seemed to think the 5.56 was good out to 600 meters, and I still have an original original early 1990s Colt AR15 rifle but I've not had it past 400yards Ammo is back up in price due to the recent Lake City notice and the usual panic run. With the war fronts, I don't expect it to recover too quickly, so get what you can, even at premium prices to match that new carbine. But yeah, it's time for every good man to have one in their home. used to be a 3 round shotgun for hunting, a 22lr ruger 10/22 for plinking, and maybe a revolver bedside was all a household needed.
  8. yep...this ol bike is running tube tires. I have fresh good quality tread and I'm careful not to cut the tube stem when I'm replacing it, etc. just seems like this bike finds stuff. (grin) simple things like carb swap, brakes, electrical, etc...I'm fine grabbing a wrench. anything more involved and I just lack the experience I guess.
  9. Gotta say, I wish one of you guys... ie Jeep, lived in my neck of the woods.. would love to be able to bring my rigs into you for repair and enjoy a visit while I hang over your shoulder and learn more in the process. that said, I likely still wouldn't get much visit time in, as my old 300 just keeps starting and running granted, I'm not asking it to do much, no steep hills, no day-long rides. just some fun spin on my trails and some tree clearing help. We have a couple shops in the area...always busy and pricey, so I try to take care of the basics myself..that includes my golf cart. maybe when I grow up and retire, I'll have more time to tinker. About to turn 67 in a month, plan on one more year at the desk if they don't put me out to pasture sooner. anyway...the 300, other than slow leak on the front tires, continues to crank n go whenever I ask it to. front tire on the 79 CT90 had a worsening slow leak but green slime 2 weeks ago seems to be holding now. I like to go out to the garage and just kick it over when I have the urge to sputter around... I hate that feeling of having to do something to it before I can ride it. I swear if they made solid rubber never flat tires for that bike I'd be interested.
  10. Bighanded


    got roughed up a bit here in the Carolinas yesterday evening. 91 degrees, but the heat index was 104...lots of energy in the air... looks like more of the same later in the week. keeping the solar gen rig handy and reminds me, I need to refil a couple propane tanks for the bigger genny
  11. wife asked me what I wanted for Father's Day. Told her "nothing that resembles Halmark movies" and that I'm looking forward to some time sitting on the back deck for morning coffee, some trail time on a 26year old Honda, and may stop along the trails and dump some ammo out back on my range. Simple man...simple needs (grin)
  12. it was right at $400 for a 24 hr rental and that included the damage insurance. I always get the insurance cause #1) I'm not very experienced, so I know there is a risk of me doing something stupid to a machine and #2) see #1...LOL anyway..I worked it hard...took it to it's limits and beyond several times, but yeah, it was nice to get so much recovered from a decade of neglect and growth.
  13. hadn't heard about the law suit...but yeah, we got em all over town. I've never understood why someone would want to do that to begin with, other than for a lift when parked for show, but to drive with the nose in the air...can't see what's in front of you...just doesn't seem like the brightest idea
  14. decided this was the better way to go...with about 80 stumps from 1 to 3.5 inches, it just made sense to go into battle with something more than my fourtrax and trunk bumper. was a full afternoon but this smaller unit allowed me to get in and around the existing arbors and fencing. Got it done...a month late planting, but that goes in this coming long weekend. just nice to reclaim that area after over a decade of neglect. This year's crop will be about an 1/8th of what we used to put in, but we look forward to fresh green beans, peas,limas, squash& zucchini, tomatoes, and some watermelon as a treat. if next year brings zombies and the great economic crash thingy folks are going on about, then I'll plan to plant the whole plot and our kids can come over and help returning the stump grubber unit.. a near complete fail for more than a one-off bush around the house type of thing. in fact, many of the stumps I dug up, had such deep long roots that even the lil min-ex was hitting it's limits..had to finesse a bit.
  15. well...but disaspointed...finally got some time out back yesterday evening...grabbed hold of some 1.5inch pine stumps...tugging did nothing, couple mild run n jerk did pull the roots up some, but for the most part, just too much to ask of the ol 300 and I'm not going to hoss it and damage a great lil bike. too many stumps to ty and get the pickup back there..so I guess I'll rent a skid steer and get violent.
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