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  1. for my part in stirring the pot, apologies. My thanks, one last time, to Fish for his great advice on keeping me healthy through the past year. Plenty of forums to wax long on politics, etc...so I'm happy to stay on topic on ATVs here with this great group of guys. now, if i can just make time to change that flat tire on the front of my '79 CT90 (grin)..got some ridin to do !!
  2. I like that.. "billboard miles"...grin. yeah, friend of mine has a 6cycl eco ford 150..and he was worried about pulling his new 22ft pontoon. well under the advertised capacity, but still he says it really seems to work that motor. my 2004 silverado 1500 was also a king cab (suicide back doors thing..)my 3500 is full 4 door crew. but that lil 327 in the 1500 was a hard working motor..made many many trips pulling the camper with it and that old Nash 26ft is a heavy box..nothing "lite" in the name on that model. Full H-beam under body and old materials make it a chunk. I of course used load leveler bars on the 1500 and it sat nice and straight.
  3. Bighanded

    july 4th

    happy 4th gents! monday now, and happy to have the day off from work...but enjoyed a lot of family time over the weekend...was good to hear the various boat radios on the lake last night all playing their favorite patriotics while the air filled with color and bang.
  4. circling back. just got back from holiday weekend...visited with the wife's family..sorta family reunion that they do each year. anyway...the old 1996Nash TT made it through another run...as it gets older, I get more nervous about trips. If I were taking a long one, I'd go ahead and put all new tires and repack the bearings. it pulled nice n quiet and with a lot of road construction, I basically wasn't holding folks up, keeping my speed around the 62mph mark. trip average was around 12mpg...hwy was running around 15. I like that I can put the 3500 on cruise control and I'm not nearly as tired pulling with the big truck as I used to get with just a 1500...the camper would wag the truck...with the larger truck, it's pretty much near like driving without a load. you guys running 1980s campers give me hope. I know my roof is beyond age..and all I've done to date with it is keep making sure to put silicone around the edges. with Elsa promising to bring us some rain, and the summer heat to bake the roof, I will go ahead and retarp it later today...just too dang hot right now we actually got in around 4pm yesterday..but that gave us just enough time to park it, unload it, and then hitch the boat and pick up kids/grands for some fireworks on the lake last night..so both toys are parked, and I've got everything clean and ready to be out of the heat for a bit. I did vacuum the pool just now, so the wife and I can enjoy a swim later, but I'll let the sun get down to tree line, cause man, summer is here!
  5. next door neighbor (we go camping together) still has his old motorhome (no slide) big long beast though...454 in it. He also pulls his jeep behind it. Our regular runs to the mountains includes a pretty nasty long climb that has all the semi's in the right climb lane and they are working hard to do about 30-35...he has to do the same and that engine is puffin when he reaches the top. used to be about that way for me when I had my silverado 1500 327 gasser pulling my old 26ft (heavey H-beam full body) travel trailer. We would both be happy to stay far right and reach the top. When I upgraded to my chevy 3500 duramax.. I put it cruise on 65 and it climbs that hill like almost nothing on the bumper. Eventually we have plans to a larger TT with triple slides, so I expect even my duramax will be working hard, but what a difference in that low end torque.
  6. yep..that's what they are...but we really do feel like we've gotten a lot of our money's worth out of it...it's a 1999 model, bought it new in Feb of 2000. it made multiple trips down to key largo area for scuba on the reef, central florida and my second home on the coast of carolina. but most of it's use has been on the lake..ramp just 7 miles from the house. 4 kids growing up, with all their friends, meant lots of tubing time. 2years back it got a much needed upholstry job and had a new build from block up, of a 350 that replaced the 305 that was in there, and a lot of pain rewiring and cabling...years definitely deteriorated most everything. I'm too old to take it to the keys again...we just charter for scuba now, so I've got folks to help me with tanks and be sure they are there when I surface. But it was a lot of great adventures over the past 20 years. The 350 really roars.. I can't say it needed that extra hp, but it is fun. now I'm enjoying grand kids, so it feels even more special to have the next generation creating memories on it. I can't imagine the debt to take out a loan on similar size boat at today's prices...ouch! so while my ol gal has plenty of dings and scratches, she's mine and I hope the upfit will last til I'm too old to be the captain.
  7. put the fourtrax in neutral, pushed it out of the garage so I could get to the boat cushions , life jackets, and dock bumpers. Finally! it's end of June and I'm just now dropping the boat on the lake. I swear, there's been something every week here. Large family, so birthdays, holidays, family reunion, chores. anyway...had a really nice cruise on Sunday evening...and we always try to be on the lake for fireworks on the 4th, so that's probably the next time it'll see water. I did take the lil Trail 90 for a quick spin before I realized that the front tire was going flat...put some air to it, but it's leaking just as fast...so time for a tube patch, but likely it's failed at the stem, they seem to do that...and more tubes on the way..so work before play again.
  8. one of the things I learned early on in my business exec career, was that the Asian is a patient person. they think in terms of generations. Whereas Americans think in terms of the next commercial break, the next fad/trend, the latest model. I had always postulated that China could embed firmware code into the chips that they sell us..waiting over time for multiple generations of product to be distributed and then simply by an encoded date routine , simple shutdown. our infrastructure, our communications, our transport, etc...all simply going dark on a specific date...not just the latest, stuff, but chips dating back to say, 2010 chevy trucks and laptop computers etc. There would be no backup system, like we do with hacker hostage today, even our backups, even our older products, would have already been loaded in the firmware and go dark. but that conspiracy sci-fi stuff aside, they simply can choose not to send us the good stuff..build their own superior products and sell us the cheap low prices that we seem to crave. topic of radios has come up before.. Baeofeng is a good exampl.. we'd rather buy 2 hams at $39 than one good japan built or us built radio at $120. Great aunt is still using a vacuum cleaner that looks like it fell off of the Rocket Man's backpack...70 years that vacuum has been there for her.. I changed out the contact brushes once about 20 years ago...that's the only service it's had. but we are on our 7th cheap plastic vacuum cleaner...when something breaks, it's not worth the repair and parts cost..you just run to walmart and buy another piece of junk. we've been screwed for a long time....now it's coming due.
  9. happy dad's day gents. I'm an anti-Hallmark guy, so i try to run low key on this "holiday".. I do make sure to over do it for mom's day etc... anyway...rain from this storm system came through today, so even less than normal...had one grandkid that is crazy as me, so even though it was raining, she and i spent about an hour in the swimming pool, various family units (I have 4 kids, all grown and grands) ..made a point to stop in at various times.....just nice to feel the love.
  10. nuttin special, but any day that includes Hondas is a good day...wife's family reunion - we decided to host it at our place this year. Pool, pond fishing, etc. with only 2 4wheelers, I knew they'd stay in use, but I'd want to go out back on the trails and supervise a bit, so for the first time since last October, I pulled out my 79 CT90. Was very surprised that the battery still had enough charge to light the headlamp and provide the needed juice to allow me to kick it over...the tank/carb had been drained, so it did take a dozen kicks to get it going, but she purred to life and I went for a spin saturday morning before parking it among the Fourtrax. I have names for the other hondas, but as this was my first machine, it's always just been called "the honda"...but I think I'll rename it to "Therapy" cause as underpowered and undersized as it is, the thing just makes you smile when you twist the throttle. anyway..3 generations of riders out on the trails this past Saturday..all having great fun on machines aged anywhere from 10yrs to 40 yrs old.
  11. Bighanded


    made this investment 2 christmas's ago. Flux Defense MP17. it meant purchasing the Sig M17, the flux brace system, the Delta optics and a Streamlight. also meant buying a fist full of spare 21rd mags and a couple cases of 9mm, since my primary pistol cal has always been 45 for my 1911s. no regrets at having gotten into this incredible system the market has started to calm down a bit and last month I was able to grab the Sig M18 as the sidearm to this rig, so the mags are common.
  12. yep..the lil hondas can be very handy and a lot of fun to ride. while I know you're talking scooters, I do have to give my usual shout out to Honda for having done it right for so many years. here's a pic of my 1979 CT90. It is tagged and is a legal motorcycle, albeit an around town bike cause with this big ol boy on it, she'll struggles to get over 45mph. most of the 8k miles were grown in Key West Fla, putting around. The last decade or so, it's been here on my property for some trail fun, and down our country blacktops where cars are rare. it has made camper bumper rides across about 15 states and I always enjoy taking jaunts to explore after we get camp setup. with the dual range 4 speed transmission, it's amazing what a little 90cc can do. there's a couple Rukus guys in town that I see on the street. They have their moped tags and seem to be keeping up just fine in traffic.
  13. Bighanded


    yeah...those doves can be hard to hit !! LOL
  14. the big 47cc brush cutter is their largest unit..and yeah, it's heavy. I need to remind myself to start at the back of the 2 acre pond and work my way towards the house, cause when I do it backwards, i'm tired and it's a long hoof with that unit on my shoulder back to the garage. the smaller PAS system is a little 20 something cc rig...nice and lightweight...works surprisingly hard on tall grass and the pole saw..just have to go a little slower, but it gets it done with a lot less weight. but being honest, everything seems heavier these days..gettin old.
  15. just arrived yesterday...an item that I ordered first of March!
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