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  1. I hear ya on the braking...pretty much flat country here...and will be going super slow with the kids back there anyway...thanks All
  2. see..that last spec...30lbs on tow ball? that's where I am worried. I"m having one of the son-in-law bring over a slightly smaller landscape trailer...so I'll shed a couple hundred pounds there, and we will only ride the kids and hay bails on it. and I'll center most over axle.. not worried about pull weight...it's the tongue weight the concerns me... just guessing, I'm thinking I've had a good 80lbs on it in the past...based on my effort to lift the trailer up and onto the ball hitch
  3. nope...not legal here. course it does't stop some of the neighbors from scootin around..couple of ATVs, one Razor, and a couple of 2 wheel dirt bikes run up and down the road regularly..so do golf carts and only mine and one other I know actually have the permits and insurance required, not to mention the street legal light upgrades. We are all country and neighbors, so we don't think twice about it.
  4. Halloween is coming up. it's been about 10 years since we did this at the house - and I had a larger ATV back then. what we do is setup a "haunted trail" kid friendly, and we hay ride the kids around the back of the pond to where the trail starts into the woods. the small 5x8 trailer that is used to haul to ATV gets hitched to the ATV so it pulls it and the kids. I've pulled my larger 6x10 landscape trailer with my lil 300 several times..hauling branches from limb work...definitely at weight limit in both tongue and towing, but it works. with the smaller trailer, that's already less weight and I guess I can make sure only the smallest grandkids sit up in the nose of the trailer, to reduce tongue weight, but i can imagine I might have at least one adult on board as well. so, how concerned should I be with tongue weight..when Honda advises only about 60lbs? the plan for the adults is to ride most of them out to the trail head on the golf cart and keep the hay ride for the kids to keep weight down. advise appreciated Ed
  5. oh to be the 3 yr old who owned that one!! boss of the block! course there's an obvious broken collarbone just waiting to happen (grin)
  6. yeah, my CT90, replacement carb, will "surprise" me sometimes. I've found if I use the full jack stand (both sides swing down and the bike stands up straight, then I never get a leak, but if I just use the side kickstand, which has the bike leaning over to the left, that sometimes, she'll leak fuel. I try to remember to play the throttle grip a bit so it hopefully seats well..but can never tell. so might not be the needle? anyway.. I just got into the habit of using the full kickstand
  7. pretty much just followed my Fourtrax around all afternoon as I rode on my lil red honda CT90...my kids took their kids for rides back on the trails...wonderful memories being made for the 8yr old grandkids to be enjoying time with their mom n dad.
  8. pocket change if you're a drug runner skirting out at night to meet an offshore trawler and running for cover into the creeks...(grin) actually , way back when I was in high school, our small town was all a buz as the Feds busted a guy who we thought was just an insurance salesman. But he had a solid 75mph boat and would do just that...he knew the creeks, etc...so if it was just drug enforcement or local cops, he could easily outrun them. Finally coast guard with chopper and a shot across his bow from the guard's boat brought him down. but back in the early 1970s...his boat was a hot item to be able to turn that speed in open water.
  9. October is always a conflict for me and not being able to get my boat time in. we were on the lake 3 weekends ago. but october means Fall festival concert work, a big haunted trailer party here at the house, have a grandbaby shower for the newest soon to arrive, couple of birthday parties, grand kids in soccer , so games to attend, etc...seems like the boat just has to sit on the trailer. when the Fall leaves turn , cruising the lake is something we make a point to do, but after that, it'll be a wash and winterize and cover it all up...so I hate to see the season coming to a close.
  10. I guess it's all relative...to me, $1,500 for an old beater honda is an extravagant spend of the family funds... i tend to treat it like it's a $10,000 item and know that if I tear it up, I might not can justify the cost to repair. other guys just walk into a shop, plop down the cash or low interest credit card for a shiny new toy and then head straight to the mud pits. happy for them...but I'm happy to just to sit and watch.
  11. funny...good stories...thanks for sharing... I like to just ride and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes, when on the public trails I'll follow a group down to the basin and then just park and be enteratined while they go mudding...always amazed at guys that will take $5k-$8k worth of machine down in those mud holes. But it is fun to watch.
  12. wow...you boys play rough... grin.... I'm so easy on my ol bike...actually going easy on my old body.. LOL... there are times I'm on a trail and look down the 5 ft embankment into my creek bed and think...man...that would be fun sloshing through there...but I also know that some of the sand area is so soft that I sink 6 inches when I try to walk the creek bed...and I'm just too lazy to think about getting the bike stuck , having to winch and wrestle it out...etc...so I just keep it on the nice, flat, solid trail.
  13. and this kind of data is the reason I was originally standing at the back of the line.. I wanted to see more information before I made a personal choice. Different topic from forced mandate that has me walking away from the line entirely. yeah, even if under threat of mandate loss of income etc, I'm going to ride this out through flu season to see how it goes for the washed vs the unwashed. my personal habits, strong immune support, hygiene, avoidance of sick, have kept my household 100% healthy this entire time..this includes the fact that my wife and I are in our mid 60s, she is an asthma sufferer, and my mom who was 88-89 yrs of age through this time...no flu, no colds, no covid19. I trust what I know, I need more honest information about what my govt wants to shove into my arm at this point.
  14. oh, I agree...Jeep...when do we continue to move the line, when do we give up so much that we have no choice by to obey when they order us to get in the box cars? Don't misunderstand my vague post.. I'm personally ready for the fight.. I just understand that others have, and will make other choices that leave me in the smaller minority..my one bitty cannon going into a fight.
  15. I no longer look for a reason, nor reasonable thinking from politicians, etc. in this mess. I have no confidence, nor trust in the medical community that has long ago absorbed all private practice and now most 'doctors" are just employees of some large corporation...little more than car salesmen... required to see x number of patients a month, prescribe x number of procedures to drive revenue, etc. I have friends, very conservative, that already folded in order to keep their lifestyle, their jobs, etc. I have others who are saying this is "their hill".. I believe about 10% of those who say that will actually stand under this overwhelming assault on our freedom. I have friends and family now under threat of job loss. I've told them I'm certainly not passing judgement either way... I recognize the current intent to crush this nation, forcing it towards socialism, the pandemic is only part of that. so I see the covid shots as just one major issue in the fight. I can understand how folks standing on "their hill" might see an overwhelming force coming at them on the battle field...sometimes you retreat and reposition for a more tactical win later.
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