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  1. Bighanded


    hey ya'll...checking in this morning after Sally has made landfall..hope all are well?
  2. Bighanded


    soninlaw with my daughter and grandaughter were stationed at the SeaBee base there in Gulf Port for a few years...so glad they are back home near me now...not much to stop the water from coming in there...flat flat flat.
  3. the family knows that Dad will be up very late on the 11th... I typically watch a few clips, but then turn on the "real time" and watch it as it unfolded..lessons to be learned listening to the various callers, eye witnesses, newscasters...folks getting it wrong, not able to conceive of what they were watching, etc...no longer am I naivete about the reality that this kind of thing can happen. so the annual refresh of my memory is very important to me.
  4. yep...the ol honda trail bikes...it's a love/enslavement thing... when they work well, it'll bring a smile to your face and can amaze you with it's offroad trail prowest for such a small engine. on the pavement, you feel like an underpowered moped and drivers treat you as such. when it decides to cough out on you and you're still a handful of miles from your driveway out on some back country road...yeah..you start speaking in tongues and swear that as soon as you get it running right again, you'll sell it to the first sucker who comes along...and then you fix the problem, take it for a spin, and come back with that same stupid smile on your face..and the bike remains with you for another year, and another. right now, my carb is leaking gas..sometimes (needle sticking I guess), when I put it up..not always.. and it's been sitting for months..but if I pulled it out, had any kind of charge on the battery, I could kick it a couple times and she'd be ready to go. we've not gone on any camping trips this year with the covid thing...so there's been no bumper rides for the lil honda.. I love to have it to tour around back country roads, or into small tourist trap cities where the posted speed might be 25 and traffic is so dense that even doing that 25 isn't always possible...tourist shop hopping and cruising..that's where that little bike shines..and around here on my trails..it's a lot of fun...have even gone on the area ATV park trails with it.asked it to do more than I should have ever...and yet it brought me home...so whatdaya do?...you keep it, toss in some love every now and then and go ride... man that 250 reminds me of those Yamaha big wheel deals.. I really wanted one of those when they came out...
  5. Bighanded


    had to jump on the board (sorry, don't do it much I know), but just watching the weather again.. was thinking about some of ya'll that continue to catch it from ol Mom Nature I know we have a month yet ahead of us, but I've been very surprised that my lower South CArolina side of things has not had a worry yet this year. Gotta say it's a huge relief to have sold the house down there a couple years back...to not have to worry about that when these monsters starting aiming for our coast. My Mom rents a place down there, so she does have belongings, but she understands when the forecast says it's coming her way, that I'm going to be running down to pick her up and bring her inland...that said.. we've been surprised more than once to have a storm still at near cat 1 levels when it comes this far in...enough to still drop trees, cause flooding...so even though I'm no longer a coastal dweller, I do still keep the generators and other supplies at the ready. ya'll stay safe and hope you get through this next one without any major problems.... Ed
  6. Bighanded


    yep...consistency is my challenge..and it's on me, cause I just don't take the time to go out back and practice..cooler weather is coming and I'll see if the grandkids will rekindle their interest...2 grandaughters were all about bows when a couple movies had come out..but when they realized how much work it was and that it wasn't going to be like the movies...they kinda faded on their interest. I don't currently hunt, so there's not been motivation to make sure my shots are going to be true..and I sold the jon boat last year so I don't have a gigging/bowfishing rig at the moment..so that bow is also living in the closet along with my hunting compound and my old recurve. I do enjoy targe fun, but just haven't dedicated the time to it..maybe this Fall.
  7. got too dang hot to be out working on the property much..other than riding the lawn tractor around in circles...most play toy focus has been on the old boat... and have been enjoying some good lake cruising time for sure. now that cooler weather is heading in.. I've got some chain sawing to do, winching etc...so my poor neglected Fourtrax will get to come out n play. one more week down to the coast and some beach time coming up starting this weekend..then I'll get back in the saddle here..just had to do the last days of summer for my grandkids out on the water... the new 350 in my 22ft boat has been a blast this year...big roar of power...have a parasitic drawing down the battery though...can't quite figure it out yet...dangit...18watt solar charger keeps the battery ok..but take that off for 2 days and I'm down to 10 volts that aren't going to turn the motor over when it's time to go play...so I've had to watch that, and of course I carry a booster pack in the boat..which has been a help a couple times now. just a frustrating part of having old toys...
  8. Bighanded


    prayers for ya'll down that way....put some extra air in those honda tires, so the bikes will float...and better and check the seals on the snorkles. been through many a hurricane...lots of strength needed for the cleanup afterwards... Ed
  9. Bighanded


    I keep procrastinating on buying a second larger genny..my old old (over 20 yr old 5500) really needs some work, my lil camper honda eu2000 is getting a carb replacement next week when I get back home. but I really keep meaning to install a transfer switch into the house and get a 7500-ish watts unit ...then these storms come along andd supply/orice gets impacted..for now it's quiet over here in the southeast..but I'm expecting that can change...and while Iv'e got enough power generation to keep the fridge and freezer cycling so I don't loose food, it'd still be nice to have the extra backup umph. ..
  10. Bighanded


    been too hot to really enjoy much outdoors.. I think I've cranked the honda 3 times in the last month! normally it sees some sort of ride/work almost daily. I get off work around 5:30...by then the mid 90s day has generated popup severe storms, and it's still just sweltering..so I wind up skipping my outdoor chores and play. had a bit of abreeze last Sunday so it was bearable out on the lake...had one of our family units.. my daughter, her hubby and her 3 kids, plus they grabbed another of my grandaughters to come along..we cruised a bit, tubed, and beached at the side of a shady island annd took a swim.. last Saturday, a couple of the other family units brought their kids over to our pool..and we stayed in the water for about 3 hours.. I put a 10x10 pupup out over the steps corner area of the pool so we could a some shade escape... but I'm behind on my outdoor play and work..other than riding the lawn tractor in circles to keep things cut, there's a lot of other work I want to do..just not liking the heat/heat index. I've got some maintenance that really needs to happen...with covid we cancelled a couple camping trips/vacation stuff, so the travel trailer has been sitting more than normal... I need to charge up the batteries, sanitize the water system, etc. there's an older honda eu2000 that needs carb work.. I am cheating.. I bought a replacement carb..swap it out and add it to my bench of stuff, to work on later...there's still an old 1979 CT90 carb sitting there needing to be done...who knows when.
  11. Bighanded


    I bought one of the ruger 10/22 takedowns a few years back...it's in a cool blue kryptek finish...stainless. fun plinker and not ammo picky at all... it tends to go on every travel trailer road trip cause it's just nice n compact and I like the idea of that many rounds on hand..no, it's not a zombie war firearm, and yet, might could help deter some bad actors. here's an old pic of the 22s out for some target fun.
  12. that's very fast on the water....180hp!! crud, no wonder I have a hard time keeping up with the kids out there...they'll come zipping along to enjoy my boat wake..and when I see them throttled, i'll push my 5.7 to WOT...it's a big heavy 22ft..but she'll hit the low 50s with the best of them...can only imagine how fun 180hp must feel in the config. glad you got some lake time! we had a storm pop up and chase us off the other evening...one of the grandkids gets scared..other than that, this heat wave! just too hot to enjoy a whole day..so we've been waiting til bout sundown to be out.
  13. NFL, Nascar, etc... realized I really don't need it...love the sports...but they've let just a couple people muck it all up...so I know where the 'off' switch is on my remote...and have enjoyed taking my family out for weekday evening boat rides, swimming in the back yard pool, etc...real.
  14. nice....yeah...there are some serious money folks that live on the lake here..and as we cruised during the day, we could see some major parties setting up...when it came time to light em up...they spent some serious money...made it a lot of fun to see from the boat...really didn't miss anything this year compared to years past in terms of family experience.
  15. rest well fiddle man...yeah, only had the oppty to work a stage for him one time...very gracious, truly cared about what he was doing.
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