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  1. Those high revving small bore two strokes are maintenance heavy. They are easy to work on tho. My wife had a KX 125 and the top end needed refreshing often.
  2. Thanks for the update. I'm installing a new carb for my YZ 250 tomorrow. JD Jetting supplied me with extra needles and jets. Guess I will be tuning tomorrow.
  3. I would spend the extra money and get the cylinder plated again. They last much much much longer, run cooler and you will save money in the long run due to boring, pistons and even rings. These 80cc cr's eat rings. Probably about 3 hours at race pace per set. New piston after the 4th or fifth set of rings. With a cast iron cylinder the bore will be worn out of spec after the piston is worn out.
  4. I agree with you Fish.......if it a job that is too complicated to estimate then I explain how it works. In my business the repairs are easily diagnosed and easily estimated.....with a range that is comfortable. I found that if the customer knows something about the price and how i came to that price then they understand and trust me. This process also helps me "Weed out" the customers that dont have the money or are just looking for some kind of a deal.
  5. I use Stabil 360 Marine formula in my shop and at home. It doesn't fix all ethanol related problems but I'm sticking with it.
  6. I don't do anything for free. A broken bolt is more work than estimated. On all jobs i give a price range not an actual price. If the range is big enough then no problem if everything else works out as planned.
  7. Does anyone know what the solution was? I have two 420's and want to know.
  8. I had two new trx 420's in my garage and one day neither of them would start. The same rat chewed almost the exact same wires on each. Fortunately the damage was away from the connectors. Just a few hours of my time, wire , solder and shrink wrap and both were like new again. Six years later the wiring is still perfect..........I do put out traps now at the first sign of rats tho! ha ha
  9. Flip it upside down......does it say anything?
  10. I have something like that on my 420. If i remember correctly it's in the area of the battery. Fuse box cover or solenoid cover?
  11. Those prices seem very reasonable to me. I've had my shop for 37 years now and wouldn't work that for that. No disrespect intended........just saying your customer should be ashamed of himself!
  12. Interesting......I've done the filing a few times but the hammering effect is so bad it wears much faster now. Filing the tabs is something I've never thought of. I would be careful because rounding the edge also narrows the footprint of the tab which increases the psi on the basket causing even more rapid wear..
  13. Welcome DT! Lots of common interests here.
  14. I'm very happy you got the kinks worked out! See if an aftermarket fuel screw is available. I know on high performance four stroke dirt bikes the after market came up with two different ones. One was just a very long screw that could be access by hand but still a little tight. Another was a screw that had a cable attached with a knob on the end. The knob was secured to one of the float bowl screws if i remember correctly. You could just turn the knob for fine tuning......it was easy.
  15. I've seen this several times in my life. This is most definitely a heat issue! I would insulate/wrap my petcock with something that blocks heat, As discussed already the high altitude significantly reduces the boiling point of fuel which is very low at sea level. Alcohol blends lower the BP even more. Heat is the only problem. The first two times I saw fuel boiling was back in the late seventies or early eighties when we had 100% gas. It was very hot in Texas and my fuel was boiling in my 1952 Ford 8n tractor. Several other times it happened to my Mc Collough chain saw. I had it adjusted a little lean for higher RPM's and was running it very hard........one long cut after another. Turned it off and a few minutes later it wouldn't start. Thinking it was boiling fuel I pulled the rope many many times on full choke to force liquid fuel into the carb and it started relunctantly but it started. This happened a few other times as well. Then about 15 years ago I bought a new Stihl 290 and worked the crap out of it the first day. I cut down one tree after another with out stopping. Occasionally it would die for no reason. A few pulls with and without choke it would start and run again. The stihl dealer said to use stihl oil because it runs cooler........they were correct.! The problem went away.
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