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  1. My wife had a 97 kx125. It wouldn't idle one day. Noticed very little resistance while kicking. New rings and it was ready to go!
  2. For just a moment I thought, nah I put it in there. But then reality hit. LOL
  3. Yes, I blame it on a lazy brain. LOL I did have a friend here and we were talking so that probably distracted me but it's my fault.
  4. I put a new piston in my YZ 250 yesterday. As I was putting the plastics back on I saw a circlip on the table. Don't tell me I didn't put the second circlip in the piston!!!! After looking around for too many circlips and searching my memory I determined I just forgot. Without throwing tools and saying bad words I just told myself I'm glad to have caught the mistake. Two hours later it runs fine. Whew, I'm glad that's over.
  5. We are here to help you. Thank you for expressing appreciation . ps. it is a good idea to let it drain with the fuel cap on for a minute or two. This procedure will determine if the vent is working properly.
  6. Did you have the fuel cap on when testing fuel flow? sometimes the vent in the cap will restrict enough to cause problems. Also, do you have ethanol? We do. All fuels are viscous enough to have a "dragging" effect on fuel flow. Ethanol drags more than 100% gasoline. I have witnessed fuel flow coming to a stop if a long fuel hose gets within about 1/2 inch of the fuel level in the tank. In other words you may have to reroute your hose if it rises before it drops again to the nipple on the carb. Hope this helps. We admire your perseverance in this matter. ps. clean the threads on the petcock screws and lube them with grease or anti seize.
  7. I doubt it is a carburetor problem because it runs good for a few minutes which indicates a clean carb. It is most likely a fuel flow problem. It almost keeps up with demand but not quite enough. A quick method to check fuel is to disconnect the hose from the carburetor and let it drain into a container. Allow it to drain for about one minute. You may notice it drain good at first and then slow down to a dribble.I am not sure if this machine has a fuel pump. The fuel should flow thru the pump if the end of the the hose is well below the fuel level in the tank. If that is the problem then you will have to remove the petcock and clean or replace it at a minimum. If you can break the filter off the petcock somehow and recover fuel flow you can add an external fuel filter in line as a substitute. I would suggest cleaning the carburetor at the same time for surety.
  8. I don't know of any procedure to remove the screws in a plastic tank. I gave you a diagnostic procedure early in this thread.. You may have missed it somehow. Read it please. It should help so you don't have to guess what the problem is.
  9. You should check spark immediately after it dies. If it sparks then very quickly spray starter fluid or something flammable in the intake under the air filter..
  10. I don't know much about how to determine if a turbo was blown but I do know I heard the turbo spool up .
  11. I installed the Ram mounts yesterday and they work great! I discovered they clamp on the seat of my tractor too! Thanks every one for suggestions. ps. I started getting weird e mails that were almost scams or maybe they were. I e mailed "Fish Brain" (the seller of the Ram mounts) and asked them if they sold my e mail address because this started after ordering from them. They promptly sent a link to their "agreement" section and there it was! Yes, they sold it. They installed trackers etc. so beware of "Fish Brain"!!!!!
  12. If it "didn't hit" with starting fluid then it's not a fueling issue. Probably spark then. This happened to two of my trx 420's at the same time. I found out that a rat chewed the same wires on both......9 wires on one and 11 wires on the other one. A friend came over and it took a few hours to solder and heat shrink the wires.
  13. Wow! You could mount those on a tank! Sturdy!!
  14. I am finishing up an overhaul on both axles on my 16 foot flat bed trailer. I am replacing the bushings and bolts on the springs and equalizers. My thinking is to "Not" grease the bushings because there are no seals. If it were a sealed unit then I would absolutely grease them. What your advice?
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