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  1. Hey Sled, try the rotary part # 31-8786 for ignition problems on those old saws. It replaces points on breaker ignitions and it replaced the external capacitor on that type as well. It also makes many solid state modules spark again if the internal capacitor is bad. Just wire it inline on the kill wire. It's been many many years since I've even held one in my hands so hope the info is correct. It is still available.
  2. I like me a new Stihl!! I've only bought two new Stihls in my life.
  3. Those are great saws. I've been in the repair business since June of 1983 and they were popular back then. They weren't the fastest cutting saw but reliable. You probably won't get much for it so just hang on to it and enjoy it for what it is. Hint.......that stumble may be the metering lever too high or the high speed screw too rich. Also the Idle mixture sounds a little lean and a little too fast. Adjust the high speed screw so the engine "four cycles" at full throttle no load and smooths out to "two cycling" under a moderate load.
  4. I think he wants you to hit the electric starter. I have a suggestion.....when it's hot and won't start, pull the spark plug and stick a screw driver in the cap and make the spark jump to a fin. It should be at least 3/8" to an 1/2". If not you have weak spark. Then unscrew the plastic cap off the coil wire and cut about 3'8" off and screw into fresh wire....I had this happen only once or twice but worth a try.
  5. toodeep, good suggestion! It does seem to come and go a little but the loud metal tin tapping sound would be something else correct?
  6. I appreciate your cander Jeep. Me too, just not this time. LOL
  7. It sounded like the chain was slapping. I shouldn't be able to hear it that loudly regardless of the idle speed. In fact a loping idle helps identify a loose chain. Again, I can't be sure of anything. I'm just giving my opinion after 37.5 years of professional experience. Hope this helps.
  8. LOL, didn't see the post date. I am getting caught up on this site. I haven't been here much because all the covid talk mixed up with dooms days predictions turned me off quite a bit. I'm very conservative but I've learned to not get scared and allow the worst case scenarios get in my head. They did several times thru the decades and I've learned one thing.......most if not all the bad predictions are just plain false.........it gives me a stomach ache to hear my conservative friends get all worked up. Sorry for venting but I felt it needed to be said.
  9. This examination via you tube is getting interesting. I hope too many worms don't get out of the can. It is important to strongly consider that two or three things are happening here. The running problem is almost certainly a carb problem. I would do the total carb job as already suggested but I would also drain the fuel tank and inspect it just to be absolutely sure. Disassemble the petcock too. The intermittent sound may be some sheet metal on the heat shield or something similar. I can't imagine what it could be on the inside that could make an intermittent sound like that. Obviously we aren't there in person so our intuition is limited. I'm almost certain I heard cam chain slap. Slap can vary in it's sounds because of the harmonics involved and with the thump of the engine. I'm almost certain it's harmonics causing the tin sound coming and going too. We are anxiously waiting for your next action.......well I am/ LOL
  10. My brother in law just bought a 2009 TRX 420, for $3,200. Very clean, power steering, electric shift, 2wd, very nice wheels and tires. I'd do that any day over a new chinese wheeler for the same price.
  11. Those valves are way too loose. I can see the gap. I think you made a mistake. Make sure you are looking at thousanths not metric. I had a professional mechanic replace a head gasket on a Honda Accord and he set the valves using the metric number but looked at the wrong number on the gauge. I think you made a mistake somewhere.....that's all that makes sense to me right now.
  12. I think your response was translated poorly. I don't think the combustion chamber was dirty. Please try another translation. We want to know the answer to your problem. Thanks.
  13. Run a synthetic oil at 32 to 1. That's an old saw and you are running a worn cylinder.......it's gonna need all the help you can give it. Also run bar chain lube only!!!!!!!! It is very thick and tacky. You will wear out your bar, chain and both sprockets prematurely.
  14. I thought it just added air on deceleration or at least that's what is does on street bikes. It stopped the popping from unburned fuel exploding in the exhaust system.
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