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  1. I sold my 2001 YZ 250 a few days ago. It wasn't the best bike for me at my age. This 2013 KTM 200 XCW should be more appropriate. Light as a 125, much newer design, made for offroad and much better steering. Has a stator that supports aftermarket lights. Six speed etc...
  2. They are good machines. I almost became a dealer for them back in 1984ish? Many parts were interchangeable between different models. I ended up buying a T20 trimmer. It still runs good today! 38.5 years!
  3. I sold that bike about a year ago. I have a set of standard rings for free. Just Pay shipping
  4. Is there a quality problem with the original parts?
  5. Also a clogged exhaust system can act like that. Try loosening the exhaust flange until it leaks and see if that helps. Otherwise it sounds like a timing curve problem.
  6. Have you checked for tight valves? I had a four valve XR 250L years ago that did something like that. It would heat up and lift the exhaust valves a little to loose some compression.
  7. I thought I read something about the rev limiter for reverse being enabled in forward too. That would do it correct?
  8. Black spark plug. Intake obstruction in the snorkel? Have you run it with the air filter removed?
  9. Thank you for the personal touch. Does the Rubicon come in 2 wd? We dont plan on deep mud or ice......our 2wd seems adequate.
  10. You are correct that yamaha is in the same gene pool. I've owned yamaha yz 250 dirt bikes for 30 years and a few old four wheelers. They are great quality. Too bad the Rincon doesn't have power steering.
  11. That was what i was thinking. I've heard Polaris has outstanding suspension on their utility quads.
  12. Thanks, we don't want an auto shift either. DCT does that stand for dual clutch transmission?
  13. I'm looking for the easiest steering and plushest riding Honda four wheeler for my wife. She has a shoulder injury that can't take all the bouncing and pushing and pulling on the bars. I know Honda has four wheel independent suspension and power steering but I have no personal opinions about them because I've never rode one. We currently have a pair of entry level TRX 420's that are perfect for me and her when no bouncing on rocks etc. Does anyone know if Honda makes a four wheel independent suspended, power steering ,manual shift 420 and how does it compare with other brands and models with premium suspension? Thanks in advance.
  14. Here are a few videos and pics. Some of the best aren't available for some reason.
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