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  1. Wow Shade, the wheeler looks almost new!
  2. The biggest concern I have with this method is that the hydraulic effect is great enough to crack that thin aluminum bearing housing before the bearing pushes out. I have used grease.to push the pilot bearing from a flywheel on a car but that is a heavy steel part.
  3. I agree with you Jeep. $200 extra is cheap compared to your time investment.
  4. Misterclean


    Us too here in SE Texas. Going to be a record hot month if true.
  5. Gotcha. I thought they were basically the same
  6. I thought it was 4th gear instead of 1st gear?
  7. Hey Jeep I haven't forgotten this is a bore gauge subject. Ha ha
  8. So you believe in a flat earth?
  9. Ok. The theory of relativity is the most proven equation in the world. Every physicist relies on it being true.
  10. The most important reason that a piston/ring to cylinder measurement is a small as possible is to eliminate piston slap. Cylinder, piston and ring wear wear at a exponential rate as slap increases. E = MC squared.
  11. Ok. I get it now. I thought it was cylinder wear measurements. I feel better for you now. That's not bad if measuring ring gap. Ring gap is about a 3 or 4 multipler ratio to cylinder measurents.
  12. You should measure in the middle of the stroke where it is worn the most. It can be 5 to 7 thousandths difference in ring gap measurements between the top and middle.....I've seen more but not usually.
  13. Are you sure? I've heard contrary stories. I hope.not.......he plays a good character. We anxiously await the Sunday night release of 1923. It's almost as good.
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