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  1. Misterclean


    I saw this late, looks like Ya'll got the rain. The center moved south of us instead or north of us. We got some gusty winds and 1 or 2 inches of rain.
  2. If i remember correctly the Road Runner could run thru the tunnel but the Coyote couldn't.
  3. Isn't that the truth. The Bible predicted. I've been curious how it was going to happen........now I know.
  4. Some of us are praying for you and your family.
  5. How are things this morning? If the roads allow travel in your area I can bring you some supplies. Do you need help? I have barrels of gas, chain saws, generator, supplies are plentiful here. Also the owner of Gallery Furniture here in Houston is loading trucks right now to deliver to your area. Supposedly you just ask them and they will help. Call Gallery Furniture I guess and take it from there. Fish, I'm just six hours away? Me and my 16 foot flat bed can be headed your way....just ask.
  6. Two eye walls? The only other time that happened was in the late 80's! Hit the unpopulated area in South Texas. About 180 mph winds if memory serves me right.
  7. Cat 5!!!!!!. I'm at church right now so I missed that info. Your storm surge may be 10 feet now?
  8. Fish, they live on the south shore........can't remember the name of the small town. I just saw on the weather that it shifted to the east which increased your surge about one foot Hang tight bro.
  9. Hey Fish, what are your plans for the hurricane. We have some friends that live around lake Ponchetrain (spelling?) and they left at 5am this morning for Conroe. We may host them a few days.
  10. Sounds like a great invention but how do you filter or remove the crap that is removed? I wouldn't want that circulating around waiting to give me a stroke .
  11. Twist throttles are better than thumb throttles and Mobil One oil is best!!!!! Take that too.
  12. Me too Jeep. I don't eat fast food much but I must admit when I cook for myself there is a lot of salt and butter in it!!!! Then later on I get out the Blue Bell. .....Well that was up until about six months ago. I'm 62 now and started feeling poorly. My diet change made me feel much better.
  13. Increased pressure LOWERS the boiling point. It would also push fuel to the carb thru the pump to the carb. Unless there is important information missing or some of the information is incorrect then my theory holds the high ground. I've been doing this since June of 1983 professionally. I'm not going to argue this any longer.
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