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  1. Do you have any suggested camping areas that are central to the trails?
  2. Thanks Fish.....looks like very good information. I did some searching yesterday before asking for help and discovered some of these areas but your suggested site is better.....thanks. I'm looking for someone that's been there a time or two and can advise me based on their experience.
  3. I plan on riding Moab Utah this October 2022. Dirt bikes and wheelers. I've never been there so I'm looking for Maps and advise. We will be taking a toy hauler so suggestions for camping spots with central locations for riding areas. Thanks
  4. It's a quick method to get a "Ballpark" measurement.
  5. It's impossible to say what happened but I do know that the sounds coming from the valve train etc. are alarming. A quick method to check piston to cylinder clearance is to insert a feeler gauge between the piston skirt and the middle of the stroke on the cylinder start with .002 and move up. shouldn't be more that .003 in my estimation. Shadetree, Fish....what's your opinion?
  6. Great story Fish. i did the same thing as your rabbit hunting but it was rats instead. I had 30 acres north of Lufkin Texas. I had a pond built and the grass would grow 6 or 7 feet tall behind the dam. While mowing the rats would cluster up in the rapidly reducing tall grass. I'd sic my dog on them.......he loved it! Had friend over once with a 22 rifle..........he loved it too.
  7. Wonder Monkey, I wouldn't trust that one because the range is too wide. Go to a motorcycle shop and get a Motion Pro brand or another that is quality. I.prefer the ones that come stock with the TRX420. Small and very accurate. Probably around 10 bucks?
  8. I just got caught up on the thread. I will pray for all involved. What's the latest news bro?
  9. I get it. Some people have a special gift for extreme acts. I've never done anything like that but back when i was younger and much faster on my YZ 250, I had a few friends remark that they have never seen anyone do some of the things i did.
  10. I have found that cheap pressure gauges are usually incorrect by several pounds. The low pressure gauge that came with my 420 is very accurate. Frankly a half pound makes a noticable difference so precision psi readings are very important to me. 3 psi to 3.5 psi is my range......3 psi for very rough terrain 3.5 for average terrain. Perhaps a few psi higher for acceleration and speed once a year.
  11. This reminds me of my younger days when I'd be at Spring Creek for hours in the hot summer and forget to bring water to drink. You didn't want to drink from Spring Creek ........trust me. Water, water ever where but not a drop to drink.
  12. Misterclean


    I saw this late, looks like Ya'll got the rain. The center moved south of us instead or north of us. We got some gusty winds and 1 or 2 inches of rain.
  13. If i remember correctly the Road Runner could run thru the tunnel but the Coyote couldn't.
  14. Isn't that the truth. The Bible predicted. I've been curious how it was going to happen........now I know.
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