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  1. Find a way to check spark at the spark plug while it is running. This procedure will determine spark. Also you can spray some Carburetor cleaner in the throttle body when it is running poorly. If it runs better then it is a fuel problem. I seriously doubt it is a compression problem however there is a very small chance that a valve is sticking at higher engine speeds.
  2. I had a very enjoyable evening yesterday because I listened to E.L.P. "Triology", Steely Dan "Aja" and Super Tramp "Breakfast in America" on my old direct drive turntable for the first time in about 25 years. I was at my oldest daughter's house with her great husband, laying on the floor with my six month old grand daughter. Need I say more?!!!
  3. RubiDan....yes it can be addictive. We got the turntable going last night. Took us day to figure out that the turn table required a pre amp to function so we got out an old Akai receiver and used it's "Phono" connections as the pre amp and redirected it back to the other amp. Now we are discussing building speaker from scratch or just putting better speakers in existing speaker boxes. I want to go with a big 15" woofer setup but that will require a special build. It's gonna be fun what ever we do.
  4. It still sounds like the IACV to me. Clean it better a second time.
  5. I received the needle today. I was expecting the cartridge! False advertising.........I will let Y'all know how it turns out.
  6. "JC Whitney Crap" LOL.....you got that right.
  7. That's an interesting combo....... CB, am,fm with push button selector. Probably worth mucho for the Jeep crowd.
  8. That is a great mod for the 290. Please remove the limiters from the carb adjustment screws. The main jet needs more fuel than the limiter allows. Do it soon or it will wear it out plus there's more power with it adjusted richer too.
  9. In 1976 I had a 1970 Chevelle. Immediately I put a Craig am fm stereo with a built in 8 track in it......it had a power booster in it as they called it back then. Jenson triaxial speakers in the doors and a pair of wedge mount speakers on the rear panel. I think they were Craig 9 inch ovals. It only put out about 30 or 40 total watts but without the power robbing base it was plenty loud. The Jensons were very efficient on power requirements.
  10. Never heard about the dog house shape. I did consider closing the exhaust valve and blending the exhaust port from the outside..
  11. Jeep....I still have my Pioneer SX950 (or something like that) Tuner. Back in the day I also had Cerwin Vega speakers. 15inch woofers and twin horn tweeters .
  12. My daughter and Son in law are getting interested in vinyl albums lately so I refurbished my old Toshiba direct drive turn table these last few days so I can give it to them for Christmas.. I have a new cartridge ordered......should be here shortly. How many of you had the 'High End" stereo equipment back in the seventies? This was my pride and joy when I was 18 (1977). It has the strobe light so you can set the rpm's perfectly, a counterweight to adjust the needle weight and the drag adjustment. I can't wait to clean some old albums and hear them again!!.....Oh by the way do any of you know how to clean these vinyl albums? Some have the paper sleeve stuck. Soaking in water may lift it off?
  13. I don't post much about my own wheelers because I don't break them or modify them much but I am happy to say that I've had a blast modifying the used Honda CFR150F I bought my wife. It had the chinese carb on it so i cleaned the original given to me by the seller. I jetted it a few times to make it run the best. I also removed the intake snorkel and the triple layered back fire screen under the air filter. I also removed the header pipe and ground down the weld inside the pipe. Wow.....this thing perked up! It's been fun. I used to do this stuff years ago........kinda fun doing it again.
  14. I'm concerned about your spark plug being black and sooty after a few hours of running. If it's wet then it's oil and ready for rings at a minimum. If it's dry then that's too much fuel. I'd check the air filter first. That's probably not the problem. I would clean and rebuild the carb replacing the jets. Please get a replacement needle too because they wear to a smaller diameter after many hours of use. People here say the aftermarket brand "Shindy" is the only good aftermarket brand to use. I would trust their opinion in the matter. If the needle isn't included then buy one from Honda........find out the correct clip position too. This will probably fix the soot problem, give you better economy and better power!!!! Cant lose.
  15. I've always wanted to know the truth about the cheap Chinese carbs for wheelers and dirt bikes. I've heard many people....even here say it worked good for them. I always wondered if it worked good to someone who knows how to define "Good". I able to correctly define "good" because I've done over ten thousand carb jobs in my career. Case in point..........I bought my wife a Honda CRF150F two days ago. It was in excellent condition but the seller put a cheap carb on it for $20 because the last time the dealer charged over $200 to repair the carb. He said it worked good. I told him I would buy the bike if it came with the original carb......he still had it!!!!!!!. So I drive several hours to buy it . During the test drive the carb was rich at low speed and lean at high speed.......This was good by his definition. The next day I cleaned the original carb. and now it works as designed!!!!!" "Good" LOL . While doing some online research for stock jet sizes and clips position I found out that they benefit greatly by removing the baffle and intake snorkel. They came jetted too lean from the factory...so "they say". I agree because the baffle was already removed and I could tell after my cleaning it needed a bigger main jet. Online gurus said increase the main from 98 to115! !!!! I drilled mine out and it works very good! Maybe another horsepower? So that's my experience with Chinese dirt bike carbs........they're good.......or are they? LOL
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