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  1. Wow Shade, the wheeler looks almost new!
  2. The biggest concern I have with this method is that the hydraulic effect is great enough to crack that thin aluminum bearing housing before the bearing pushes out. I have used grease.to push the pilot bearing from a flywheel on a car but that is a heavy steel part.
  3. I agree with you Jeep. $200 extra is cheap compared to your time investment.
  4. Misterclean


    Us too here in SE Texas. Going to be a record hot month if true.
  5. Gotcha. I thought they were basically the same
  6. I thought it was 4th gear instead of 1st gear?
  7. Hey Jeep I haven't forgotten this is a bore gauge subject. Ha ha
  8. So you believe in a flat earth?
  9. Ok. The theory of relativity is the most proven equation in the world. Every physicist relies on it being true.
  10. The most important reason that a piston/ring to cylinder measurement is a small as possible is to eliminate piston slap. Cylinder, piston and ring wear wear at a exponential rate as slap increases. E = MC squared.
  11. Ok. I get it now. I thought it was cylinder wear measurements. I feel better for you now. That's not bad if measuring ring gap. Ring gap is about a 3 or 4 multipler ratio to cylinder measurents.
  12. You should measure in the middle of the stroke where it is worn the most. It can be 5 to 7 thousandths difference in ring gap measurements between the top and middle.....I've seen more but not usually.
  13. Are you sure? I've heard contrary stories. I hope.not.......he plays a good character. We anxiously await the Sunday night release of 1923. It's almost as good.
  14. Yes, just because it doesn't smoke doesn't mean all is good because we all know there is quite a bit of wear and taper that drastically reduces the longevity of the build.
  15. I just spend a long time getting caught up on this build. I always like Shade's builds. Can't wait for the pics. It's kinda like ordering the whole Yellowstone series and watching it all at the same time! LOL
  16. I've never used a bore gauge but from what i have seen, it is subjective. Finding the perfect halfway point seems to be difficult at first until you get the feel for it. The top measurement is extremely important for me because that is the factory bore with no wear. I am like you......when in doubt just bore it.. Just a few more bucks and the waiting time....ugh
  17. Misterclean


    Me and the wife went snow skiing in Crested Butte one morning when the temps. were 30 below. Wind chills 70 below. We bought extra gear and went skiing. I almost got frost bite in my fingers.
  18. Misterclean


    Those may not be Lady Bugs. We have Japanese Beetles that were just introduced to my part of Texas a few years ago. They gather in large pods in my barn.
  19. Misterclean


    Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs reminds me of the first time I got stitches
  20. Misterclean


    I was gonna say something similar ha ha. something like "long sleeves" etc.......
  21. Hey Farmer, did a new spark plug fix it? You left us with a "cliff hanger"! LOL
  22. I thought the dual point distributor had two rotor cams so the points would operate better at ultra high RPM's so the points controlled four cylinders each.?
  23. Good idea.......when in doubt, replace the spark plug. I would trim off some of the coil wire for insurance.
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