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  1. 56Sierra

    snake id

    If I had the slightest inkling one of those was on my property I'd bulldoze, then burn then call in a nuke strike. Just in case.
  2. I know personally one soldier killed in combat. He was three years ahead of me in high school. The sort of person I looked up to. He enlisted right out after graduation. KIA shortly afterwards To honor him I named my son after him.
  3. Here's one with two galaxies. M81 & M82. 4 minutes exposure at around 23 power. It was taken right after dark. Clouds started covering as I was taking this picture.
  4. At that price you get out of the toy telescopes and have something you can start to see things. Beautiful day here with zero clouds, nice breeze and low humidity. I'll set mine up tonight and try some long exposure shots through the eyepiece.
  5. Playing around last night. Both were taken through the eyepiece before dark.
  6. 56Sierra


    Drier sheets and fabric softener are how a wife marks her territory.
  7. I was thinking more like a 289 or 327.
  8. 56Sierra


    Trick I learned to reduce Deer Flies. Need: any type of plastic jug i.e. 1/2 gallon milk jug. Blue paint, Tanglefoot and some type of rod to mount and elevate the sticky blue milk jug on your mower, atv whatever. Paint the jug blue and apply the sticky Tanglefoot. Works best if mounted close to your head but slightly higher. Ride the yard at the edges of the trees nice and slow. Have contests to see who catches the most Deer flies. Fun for the entire family. Some have used a hardhat but seems like a way to get the sticky stuff all over yourself.
  9. 56Sierra


    I built one just like that from plans most likely from Popular Science. I was still in school when I built it. A Johnson 9.9 pushing that Pumpkin Seed got your attention. It was the most unstable boat I've ever been in. Like skipping a rock across a pond. On top of that it had a bad habit of allowing water over the transom if you stopped too quick. Fast? Oh yeah. I operated on a lake with a 10HP limit and was told never to bring it back since too many pontoon boat operating old geezers complained about how fast it was.
  10. 56Sierra


    !. Are you sure that wasn't 36 kg?
  11. 56Sierra


    That's clearly not me. My fish are never that big.
  12. A little something sent to keep the lights on. We take for granted that we enjoy this site at others expense. With NO ADS. Thanks for letting us play here.
  13. 56Sierra


    If I were to have had one like that as a kid and misplaced it, the chances are real good it ended up at the bottom of a body of water much like all my guns when I had that unfortunate canoe accident.
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