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  1. I was really hoping to see some bloated dead rats.
  2. See the threaded hole on the top right of the carb? That's where the end of the cable goes. Unscrew the bottom nut on the cable and allow it to drop away a bit. Now lift the throttle arm to full throttle and slip the barrel end of cable into the slot. Put the cable inner through the slot on the top right and screw the throttle adjuster down into the carb. put the nut back on under the piece on the carb. Now mind you this is all done aftet correctly routing the cable.
  3. I find this picture interesting. How is the throttle cable outer sheath held from sliding?
  4. OK. Who's next? We should offer up a more reasonable sacrifice so they don't suspect anything. Somebody enter a decent looking ride this time. If we go this route we can keep winning this "award" for months.
  5. I've owned so may different Hondas over the years. From the QA50 to the Goldwing. All the inline fours. A few that really gave me the most joy were the CB350Four, CB360 because of the extra gear and the FT500 Ascot. Love thumpers in general but the Ascot was such a fun little thing to flog about town. Always wanted a pristine VT500 Ascot. Funny that the bike I had the longest and put 60,000 + miles on was the 89 Pacific Coast. Funny relationship with that bike. Ultra comfortable and reliable as granite but it just didn't spark the emotions that some others did. Kind of like a Buick.
  6. The only mountain around here is a crest of a small hill where section 8 housing was built. We call it Welfare Mtn.
  7. Got an early start on the day and got a lot more accomplished than a old retired fart should so took Roxie the Lab for a ride on the wife's TRX300FW looking for arrow heads. Found more slivers and then went to the pond for a while. Even less luck there. Still good to get out and the old Honda is just the right tool for the job.
  8. Beautiful day here yesterday. Loaded up the dog and spent a few hours out exploring the flooding. River up about 10 feet and starting to flood the lower farmlands. Soil in the floodplain drains well so 24 hour after the rains I was arrowhead hunting without getting muddy. Wife and dog got bored watching me pick up chips so that didn't last long. May go over alone and spend a few hours alone looking. Thousands of years of Native American history here. One reason I'm have such strong beliefs about being a good steward of the land.
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