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  1. New pulley installed yesterday and grass cut before the rains. I really believe this pulley was designed to protect the transaxle. The Honda engine being 11 HP and using only a short 28" belt may proven to be hard on the transaxle. At least the pulley was worn and not the input shaft.
  2. 56Sierra


    Just heard about the soybean shortages today. What's next?
  3. It comes right back to you. I started back in '76 with an OS Max .35 on a Sig Kadet. A guy from church taught me and I got away from in after ten years. Started back up with electrics in '05 and started building again. The electrics are capable of very slow flight since they can be built lightweight.
  4. I made a RC airplane carrier today. Foam padding with velcro straps. There are two places I like to fly my hand-launch electrics both accessed only by ATV. The transmitter and battery case is strapped to the back. The plane has been with me for about 12 years now. It was a Herr Manufacturing rubber powered 30" wingspan free-flight kit. These types of kits convert easily to brushless outrunner CD rom drive type motors and with 4 channel radio and a 500mah lipo battery weights around 7oz. It flies nice and slow if throttled back but will climb straight up and accelerate at less than full throttle. The motor is larger than required but I needed nose weight to balance and in the words of my father, "If you need to add weight in the nose it may as well be in cubic inches. You can always throttle back." Dad worked on Corsairs in the Korean war.
  5. That is one impressive mod.
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    My pool is 86*F.
  7. 56Sierra

    weed wacker

    Now that's slick. I started using canned premix on the Craftsman 2 stroke I keep at Mom's place. 4 bucks for 40:1 does her yard all season.
  8. 56Sierra

    weed wacker

    I pleased how well these elcheapo carbs and kits work. I've done an old Craftsman 2 stoke weed whacker and a 4 stroke mini tiller with these. Both run great now.
  9. It's a 93 Honda H1011 rider. Here's a good video showing the Spicer transaxle. There are two grease fittings underneath for the axle. I pump in more than I should since grease comes out the axles and the brake shaft but what the heck. I bought this used in 2007 and it gets used on a very sloped and uneven yard. I keep my eyes open for another one for parts.
  10. I had a cracked frame and a chattering and some spare time so apart it came. The ID of the pulley is worn but the input shaft and keyway are good shape. I was wondering about a one way clutch but still don't understand why if it was. Plus the bearing is smooth in both directions.
  11. Help! I am stumped why this pulley is made the way it is. This is on a 1993ish Honda H1011 rider input shaft on the transaxle. Only the top half of the pulley is fixed to the keyed shaft. The bottom half rotates freely with a ball bearing. This rider never has been able to climb steep hills in higher gears without the drive belt slipping. I now see why. But what was Honda thinking when the designed this? In the picture the pulley is upside down.
  12. We looked at cellular too but their data caps if you watched TV were so low it wasn't feasible. Spectrum would have been the way to go but one person told me installation would be free, the next said $4,000. I even offered to run the cable myself but they would have none of that. My county is considered Appalachia due to the poor economy so the government paid for a fixed wireless system to be installed here. Like any .gov plan the overall cost was millions to the tax payers and very few actually benefited from it. I got lucky enough to be in range.
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