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  1. About shipping the Vega. https://chevyvega.fandom.com/wiki/Vert-A-Pac
  2. Cutting plastic can be a bit of a challenge to get the speed of the cut right to avoid melting the plastic. Generally the more agressive cut the less of a problem melting will be but the difficulty in controlling the tool increases. Tools I've used include a sabre saw if room permits, carbide bits in a die grinder, small sanding drums on a dremel and drilling multiple small holes side by side then cutting between them with a razor knife. The last method works well for removing large sections but the sanding drums at a low speed is required to clean up the cut.
  3. 56Sierra


    The worst thing about Ohio winters is the lack of sunshine. If gray is your favorite color, Ohio is the place to be. And dummy me buying acreage on a north facing hill, I get even less. With the leaves down I can see a house on the opposite side of the river valley that's 1.7 miles away. I wish I lived there in the winter. Summers are far better living on the north face. It's much cooler with the shade from the hardwoods.
  4. 10 to 1 odds that's HD powered. Look at the oil streaks.😂
  5. 56Sierra


    43 and mostly sunny yesterday. The little ragtop got a chance to see some sunshine. So did my bald spot.
  6. That sure hits close to home. l learned so much from my Dad just by holding the flashlight while he worked on anything around the house.
  7. That gas tank reminds me of the Mid 70's CB500 T. The brown flop. We had a less than kind name for it when one sat on our dealer's showroom floor for a few months. No one liked the brown seat.
  8. It sure wasn't lack of lube that caused the failure.
  9. My Hondas are so quiet the only tick I hear is the crack of the spark plug😉. What is this tick you type of. At idle? I do have a ticking in both my 300s that only happens when first starting to movr when cold. I think it's the centrifugal clutch weights finding their way.
  10. Looks like my handywork but the welds are much better than mine😳
  11. I found few details about when or where it was stolen. Were they inside a home with it parked in the yard for example. I hate theives. Had a neighbor many years ago that liked to help himself to my tools from a shed. He had already been in prison and out on parole. When he came over offering to sell me a firearm he went right back to prison. Ends up the gun was stolen and I got a nice thank you from the rightful owner of the gun. Stupid %$<] neighbor.
  12. Reading this thread is a wake up call to be more careful to prevent theft on my own bikes. Curious to know more about the circumstances of the OPs 700 surrounding the theft. Maybe sharing info might prevent someone else's loss.
  13. 56Sierra


    This is what I've been using to control heaters, cooling fans etc. The RR crossings with gates have to keep frost off the electrical contacts inside the gate mechanism. I used to install a 25 watt resistance heater controlled by one of these snap switches. Pick one that closes about 35* F and place it in an area that gets the coldest. Wire it in series with a heat tape and the heat tape will last one helluva lot longer. http://senasys.com/34-snap-disc-thermostats
  14. .22 birdshot. Either in a Ruger Bearcat or a bolt rifle. The Hatsan CZ 452 Lux clone.
  15. I make tiny birdhouses with an angled 1/2" hole in the front and a hole in the bottom perfect for screwing in a disposable water bottle. Bees think the front hole is the entrance to their nest and enter. Don't like what they've gotten themselves into and head for the sunlight which happens to be the water bottle gathering light and pumping it in to the bee trap. Once in the bottle they can't climb up or fly since the neck is narrower than their wingspan. I'll guess I get around 100 each spring and the birdshot takes another 50. It keeps from getting too bored.
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