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  1. 56Sierra


    We had a piece of Live Oak land on the camper last night. No injuries. 😉
  2. 56Sierra


    Just started raining here but the nasty stuff is around Gulfport now. Tornado watch for Baldwin Co. Tonight if my campers a rockin, it's now me and the Mrs.
  3. 56Sierra


    40 minutes later....Fish...Report in.
  4. 56Sierra


    That's supposed to hit me later today. Get out there and beat the living snot out of this storm before it hits me. You're used to this. I'm not. Plus, I'm on vacation. 😉
  5. 56Sierra


    I would LoL of I saw a Lets go Brandon banner.
  6. 56Sierra


    50 yards off the south end of Mobile bay I'm at 52 right now. Strong cold front started coming in yesterday morning and gave us 30 MPH winds most of the day tapering a little at night. Down to about 15 now. The banner tug boys were flying about a 30-40 degree angle to stay parallel to the beach.
  7. I don't have insurance but I should since it's fairly cheap in Ohio with Progressive. $75.00/yr for full coverage less medical for a declared value of $2K IIRC. But then I don't ride on the roads with mine. I've seen other states loosen the regs but they might add DOT approved tires to the requirements too. That one I believe is mostly ignored by riders.
  8. 56Sierra


    You can blame me for bringing that cold with me.
  9. The President of the company I worked for and I were having a discussion on dealing with government agencies and he told me it was our job to make money and the governments job to spend it. How true that advice is. Normal thinking doesn't apply to .gov.
  10. Glad to hear you're happy with Silverscript. That's the one I signed up for. One month shy of 65 and I take no RX drugs. Keeping a Fishfiles type diet keeps my cholesterol, blood pressure and A1C all in check.
  11. By pair I meant right and left sides. The torsion axles I'm thinking of anyway. https://www.truckspring.com/products/FlexiRide-Torsion-Half-Axles-Non-Adjustable-5-45-Inch-Bolt-Circle-Hubs-550-lbs-Capacity__FF-55-2.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAjwkvWKBhB4EiwA-GHjFntpqKgm9zIosF9ypKRcrDoSGvveEbp9yHjPJvXUWLvHQMa5bw8L9xoC6UQQAvD_BwE&ppcsclkid=CjwKCAjwkvWKBhB4EiwA-GHjFntpqKgm9zIosF9ypKRcrDoSGvveEbp9yHjPJvXUWLvHQMa5bw8L9xoC6UQQAvD_BwE&ppcstrkid=1336097140&ppcsu=xhg7f5djqkazerawe
  12. Is the other side marked the same? Way I understand torsion axles is they are normally marketed and sold in pairs with the weight rating on each side being the total of both. So, your torsion axle marked 2000 pounds means the pair is rated for 2000 pounds. I looked into building a small travel trailer using torsion axles some years back.
  13. That's good. And truthful.
  14. 56Sierra


    How did NO fare? Did the brunt of Ida miss them or did the post-Katrina preparations work?
  15. You might try mixing an old pesticide called Sevin with something sweet. I know it's deadly to Honey Bees so be aware of that. Or put some on pieces of ground chicken. They take that back to the nest.
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