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  1. Yeah, you're right and I'm as guilty as the next guy. [Holds head low in shame]. I promise to behave.
  2. 56Sierra


    I spent some time with Native Islanders on Molokai Hawaii and the have Axis Deer there. I inquired what caliber they use thing 223 would be adequate. 22Mag was what they use. The baffled look on my face got him that add that they shoot them between the eyes at night. I told him spotlighting was illegal on the Mainland and he said it was there too but the game warden holds the flashlight.
  3. Is anyone here really surprised?
  4. Railroad sometimes contract out the tie replacement and the contractor get to old ties. Some are too bad and they pay to have them disposed of and some are good enough to be sold for landscape timbers. Now, if there is a tie replacement program going on in your area the going price for a decent tie is a 6 pack to the right guy.
  5. 56Sierra


    They would freak if they saw the 6,000+- .224 bullets. Add to that the .177, 6mm and 30 cal boxes on top of boxes stashed. My weakness is only 6k small rifle primers and 2k large rifle primers. Of course that was the count before the unfortunate boating accident.
  6. 56Sierra


    I almost bought an AR from Brownells that was a close replica to the original M16A1 but wanted a heavier barrel in the 1/12 or 1/14 twist since I mostly shoot lighter bullets. This was December 1999 and while waiting on one to come in stock the flipped pandemic hit. Wisely, in February 2000 I spent my money on reloading components instead. Ever see CNN or MSNBC talk about the "Crazies" with enough ammo to start and finish WWIII? Well, that's about what I now have on hand.
  7. 56Sierra


    45 here two mornings in a row. The strong north winds are brutal coming across the bay but the warmer water does add a few degrees. Winds shifting to the east today and warmer temps coming soon.
  8. Last year I heard a guy on the beach got fined for throwing the remains of a fish back in the water. Never gave it thought doing so would attract sharks I usually keep a sturdy kitchen sized garbage bag on the pier for the usual beer cans etc. I'll now casually mention to fisherman that they can put their fish remains in there and I'll make sure it gets dumped on a regular basis. If I had my druthers that gator would be made into shoes.
  9. I had a good discussion with the Alabama Dist. 5 large carnivore specialist yesterday. We came to the conclusion that fisherman throwing entrails into the water are attracting the gators and they are losing their fear of humans. I am guilty of this too since I'm assuming that if the fishing charter captains do this it must be legal and accepted practice. Turns out is is illegal and unacceptable to throw the remain of fish back into the water. Too much is considered pollution and it attracts sharks and gators. He added that if this gator exhibits similar behavior in the future he wanted to know about it and something would be done.
  10. It appears an Alligator needs enough depth of water in order to use his tail to thrust upward. Shallow water may force him to make more of a horizontal lunge which is what my wife describes as happening.
  11. Quiet night on the fishing pier with my wife pulling in the White Trout faster than I could fillet them when she spots the big Alligator about 50' out swimming toward a Trout carcass which it quietly ate. A few minutes later the Gator surfaces about 8' away and quickly leaves. She then started jigging for the Trout right off the pier when the Gator jumps up out of the water within a few feet of her. Water depth was about 3' and the floor of the pier about 32" above the water. I didn't see it since my back was turned but Marvin the Herron sure made some racket. My concern is that this Gator which by judging the distance between his eyes and nose bump is around 12 feet long is lunging for humans and not the Trout gathering around the lighted pier. @fishfiles What is your opinion?
  12. Often we are sold inferior quality at the same price of something made in America. I once saw two Christmas tree stands, very similar in design but the one made in America was actually cheaper than the one made in China.
  13. Who knows what company made mine. I do have a Sarsilmaz CZ-75 clone and I'm very impressed with it. The Turks generally make some pretty reliable firearms. When we took or CCW class the instructor never heard of the CZ-75 let alone any of the many clones. I shoot the Tanfoglio Witness in 9mm and my wive shoots the slightly smaller Sar. Guess who got first and second at the range?
  14. Chuckle that a 1/4" threaded nut is called a 1/4" nut but a 6mm threaded nut is called a 10mm nut by many. You call it a 6mm nut and they look at you like you're crazy.
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