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  1. That would be just the ticket for Mole Crabs.
  2. 56Sierra


    It's 40*F here this morning and I'm COLD. I know, not one degree of sympathy from any of you.😬🤣
  3. 56Sierra


    You post gives me the chills. Ever see a human hibernate? Drag me into that weather and your going to see it.
  4. Anyone else notice the lack of the rear door on the driver's side?
  5. 56Sierra


    Another swing and a miss for the peninsula. The NOAA alarm woke me up at 1:30 and a few minutes later some rains hit. A Tstorm capable of producing a twister was over the bay just north about 5 miles headed N-N/E but I never saw any lighting from it. It continued on the same path as they all do headed toward Loxley and Roberstdale. By 2:30 it was all over. I did get a free camper and truck wash.
  6. Speaking of Markie Post...
  7. Hopefully they have fair insurance there. We call no fault insurance "Your fault" because that's essentially how it works out.
  8. I hope you don't live in a no fault insurance state.
  9. Brother that was one scary accident. The outcome wasn't far away from being one with serious injuries or worse. Good news that you are still here and able to tell us about it. It will be even better news when you report of a full recovery.
  10. I had to look at it 3 times before I saw anything to read.
  11. me too. Someone put that together (poorly) trying to get clicks based on a very sad tragedy. That isn't the first murder/suicide by airliner. Even before Sept 11th IIRC. What a screwed up world we live in today. It's amazing what a one hour ATV ride can do for your mental health.
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