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  1. Do you use a 4-way wedge Wilson? If so how do you like it?
  2. https://www.harborfreight.com/electric-chain-saw-sharpener-63803.html
  3. Any of you guys run the Harbor Freight sharpener? The reviews seems to be positive on it.
  4. Guys I will do some trading on any of the above. I am into vintage tools, knives, chainsaws, etc. Don't be afraid to shoot me some offers.
  5. Ditto!!! They were an awesome atv. I've had my eyes out for a clean kingquad 300 for a long time. Put those things in super low and they will pull anything. They are great on trails with the independent suspension. Suzuki could have sold that design for a few more years.
  6. Shipping is not getting any cheaper. I still think the post office is your best bet price wise for shipping.
  7. I just picked up a 028 Super today on the auction site. I have always wanted an 028. I will get some picks of my saws when I get this one gets delivered.
  8. I still have a good bit of wood to split and I'm thinking it is time to upgrade my splitter. I have the old mtd 6hp 22 ton splitter. It is a good splitter. It will split anything I put under it. It is just slow as heck.
  9. That's a bummer. Have you used the ICON tools yet?
  10. Ohio. Would have to figure out shipping. It's as big as the rear rack.
  11. You just re-use the existing holes for the skidplate. I never used it. I bought it awhile back and never got to put it on my machine.
  12. Well I sold the foreman 350. A family member moved down south and wanted something to ride around on. I need the space at the moment. I am still trying to get my garage in order. I wonder what old Honda is in my future?
  13. Up for sale is a rear rack, front bumper with winch plate, floor board assembly, and brand new unopened front decal. The rear rack is solid and straight. It has a few dings. Front bumper is solid and straight as well. Same with the floor board. The decal is brand new in an unopened package. These decals don't come up for sale often. Make me an offer. Thanks
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