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  1. Well guys I am a sucker for vintage Honda's. My buddy has a couple bikes and he has been trying to get me on a bike for awhile. So I actually bought a vtx 1800 off a guy at work. He gave me a good deal on it. I knew it was too big for a first bike. So I sold it and bought this 1985 Nighthawk 450. I am really enjoying it.
  2. Well guys the 350d is dripping fuel out of the vent hose from the carb bowl. It is only doing this while running. Do you think there could be an issue with the carb float valve?
  3. I like the way you mounted the gun boot. I haven't had a lot of good luck with my guns staying zeroed do to the rough ride on a quad.
  4. I have a bunch split up already but need to get splitting again soon. I have a bunch of dead ash trees that I need to deal with.
  5. Well I think it is time to change the cam chain on my 88 Foreman 350. This thing sounds great but under load I can hear it slapping. The starter isn't always engaging as well. Being so busy with work I dread having to do it but deer season is approaching.
  6. I have been super busy with work lately. I get one here daily and see what's going on. I did put the Foreman to work the past few days while clearing some honeysuckle. I used it to haul my tools around.
  7. Finally had a day off where I could put the 88 350d to work. I still have a lot of wood to stack and split.
  8. Well guys I ended up finding a matching set of red oem side panels. My plan is to paint the right side cover blue. So I was looking out the kitchen window the other morning waiting for these to arrive and the mail truck rolls up. Then I about faint when I see the mail lady trying to stuff the covers in my mailbox. I watched her make two attempts to get the package in the mailbox and on the third attempt she gets the package stuffed in. It took me a few attempts but I finally got the package out. Luckily they were intact.
  9. There is a Kimpex bolt on available for the Foreman. Check fleabay.
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