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  1. I will let ya know what I think of them. I have two friends that run the same tires on there's and they like them.
  2. Back to the vin number deal. You can go to Vincheck.info and find out if the bike is clean or not. I have ran both of mine through it and it tells me all the info on the bike and gives you a clean check are tells if it's stolen. Is there any new updates on your bike.
  3. I did a service on it, cleaned the carb and adjusted the brakes, cleaned the water out of the fuel tank and it seems to be a good running little bike. I have a few parts I need to get for it but not anything that stop us from riding it.
  4. Yes it is a 2001 and it's a FA
  5. Yea I think someone put them Foreman decals on it. But the service manual says Rubicon 500FA
  6. Well some people here wanted to see my bike after I go the new tires on it and it's now running and everything is working again, So here ya go.
  7. Well today I did something and I am not sure it was a good move are not. I bought a 2005 Kawasaki Bayou 250. Yea I know it's like a go cart up side my Honda Ruby 500. Got it for what I think was a good price and it's in very good shape. Need a service and the carb needs to be cleaned out. other then that it seem to be ok. I did ride it around the yard for a min to check the gears and rear end on it. But it want stay running at idle have to keep the choke about half way closet to keep it running. No big deal I can handle this. So any of the others here have a Kawasaki and want do you think about it. Good or bad
  8. Did you perform the Initial Setting Procedure after changing the angle sensor?
  9. So Chevymec what did you end up doing about a return spring on yours
  10. well this stinks. I was looking at there website and it says they will not work with Factory alum wheels. And mine has factory alum wheels on it. Just my luck. So I guess I am sticking to the old drum and shoe brakes.
  11. Sounds good Fishfiles that is what I wanted to know before I throw 250 bucks at it.
  12. Ok now that I got the shifting trouble fixed it's time to start on the rear brakes. My brake drum is rusted to the axle so I know it's going to take some doing to get it off. and I am thinking about changing the Honda shoe set up to a disk brake set up. What do you all think about SuperATV set ups. Any good, junk, Ok, Give me some info on them
  13. I will as soon as I get them mounted on it. I will take some pic's of the mountains when we go up there one weekend.
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