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  1. some pics of maple syrup boil down, ran 4 weekends and made 73 pints in total for this year!
  2. History on the 1968 Charger I have had since 1999, Started life with a 383 and 2 barrel from what previous owener told me was also a dark Metallic Green Color. He dropped in a 440 and 4 barrel from a 72 wagon and has the 727 Auto. Re painted the car to the sublime green color which was not a color option till 1969 Mopar came out with the 4 High Impact Color, Banna Yellow, Sublime Green, Plum Crazy Purple, Hemi Red. Also added the R/T Bumble Bee strip on the back and the R/T Badges but its not a true R/T. Been a fun car to have. It needs a good tune up and the choke settings are all messed at the moment. But each time I go in the garge and look at the car it puts a smile on my face! Nice fun story. Took the car for the first date I went on with the Wife. Back in 2001 I was going on a trip with the car to Bristol Tenn "year one was putting on a car show and if you had a classic car you could run hot laps at the race track there" I had Bias Ply tires on the car and didn't want to drive that far on tires like that so part of the date was tire shopping at walmart to compare prices and I park the car down at the bottom of the lot away from other car's and we come out of the store and the Girl goes where's your car? Oh there it is it stick out like a sore thumb! So we get down to the car and I open the door for her and all that and when I get in she says thanks for opening the door, My response was the Car "Charger" heard what you said and it dosent' want you molesting it anymore! Rest is History 3 kids and 18 years of marrige later.
  3. Thanks all for thoughts and comments!
  4. Tires wont be for riding in Mud thats what the over size Mudlight tires I have are for. These would just be for winter time snow plowing if I really really need to get as much traction as I can. The Recon woudl be my backup In-town snow plowing rig if my in town unit goes down and what ever ATV I have in town will need as much traction as I can muster as its the only snow removal tool I have intown. I have a Rancher 350ES that I plow with in town but it has a dodgy ES shifter and would rather have a foot shift ATV in town to plow with. I have a 300 4x4 that is going to be my intown plow Quad but want to have the recon in the bull pen so to speak if my 300 4x4 goes down. If the recon gets pressed into intown plow duty the tires will get swapped over to the stockers with chains. I just need to have the stockers with chains set and ready to swap on if the recon has to become the intown plowing quad. Plan is to keep the Rancher at home and Plow my driveway with it as I have a 50" County plow and the driveway passes I have to make at home the rancher and county plow will shine there vs having that unit in town. Thinking I'll get a set of tubes and give them a try. I have access to a manual tire machine so breaking the bead and putting a tube in the tire should not be to hard to get done. Just didn't know if anybody here had used TireJet and would say its great and would seal them holes right up. I may go the TireJet route yet to. Have to price out TireJet vs Tubs and price compare. Or get the tire size these are and due some CL shopping for a good used pair.
  5. Have a set of Stock tires for a Honda Recon got them cheap from a guy a year ago. I got a set of chains put on the rear tires to help with winter time snow traction as the summer mud tires are over size mudlights for the Recon and they plow just fine but the stockers with chains dig a bit better. Any way Kid took the ATV out for a ride in the bean field next to the hous and now the stock tires have a bunch of holes in them from the frozen been stems I'm guessing? The Fronts are fine but the rear are like a pin cushion I stop counting when I got to 4 holes. Thinking could I get Tire Jet and put into these and air em up and would they hold? Or due I just put a set of inner tubes in the rears and just run them that way? Any other great tire fix it products not worth the hassle of putting plugs in all the holes as that would take alot of plugs im guessing. Not a huge deal as I put the summer tires back on and they are a little tougher. Hole at the end of the zip tie .
  6. Next day temp in the low 40s and my 450S ATV with 26 Mudzilla tires and it floats right on threw the same spot but the snow acted totally different it just packed down and this ATV is probally 300 pounds lighter than the Logging ATV. Plus the Mudzilla tires are wider than the 589 which provided more float.
  7. Had some of the ATV's out for the weekend and was trying to get threw some deep snow. 450ES my logging ATV with 26" ITP 589 and temp in the teens makes the snow like sugar and spun it down and set the ATV on the frame and done in the snow. The Extra chainsaws/log chains/Log Arch on the back dosn'et help this atv out in the snow though.
  8. Jeep thanks for the information! like I said I'll put the bigger tires on and see how that does before I even get worried about shocks but then again if I see a 420 come up as a parts bike in my area I may just grap the shocks for it then.
  9. Are there upgraded shocks out on the market for these 300's that would lift the ATV like 1" or so? I have the Gen 1 Moose plate on this and the plow does not lift more than like 1" I don't want to put a lift kit on this at all as the Vampire tires would then look super small with the ATV lifted. I plan to run some old stock 450 foreman tires with chains for winter plowing and that should provide some more height for the atv which will give me more blade lift height. I know I could go to a Gen 2 Moose mounting plate but I'm just trying to use what I have. Just wondering if there still shocks out there for these at all I looked on Highlifter but didn't find anything. Im gonna due some more looking and see what I can find but thougth I'd ask the brain trust here. Though I'll be putting the 25" tires on and testing how my plow lift height is with those tires on the 300 before I even by shocks but thought Id start looking at what my options would be if I decide to go that route.
  10. Fish, if you look in my Pics your can see a U bolts that is for my front tow point that I have on it. 2 u bolts some angle iron with a loop welded in the middle and then a clevis on the loop easy to hook onto for pulling ATV out of a Mud hole and I like having the Winch fairlead up higher on mine as when its the rescue ATV pulling out a stuck ATV I want to be pulling up/out and not pulling said stuck ATV down/out. thanks for posting up the Pics of how you did yours. I know for the Recon/Rancher/Foreman I have the 2 u bolts flat steel between the braces on the bumper and the fairlead bolted to that as well. the braces on the 300 just lined up with the fairlead so it was a quick and easy install.
  11. Jeep I have the bike side of the ACC plug and for right now i have the Heated grip wires just jammed in there on spade connector and it works. Till they fall back out. If I could find the male and plug for say $20 I'd go that route but the $50 for it is pricey. I'm thinking I'll need power for the Heated Grips/ Mini Rocker for winch and want to add some extra lighting for the Plowing snow as well. Long term plans is I want to get a mini rocker switch to run the Warn Winch on the quad for the left thumb to run. I have the big old Rotary switch bolted to the front rack that is running the winch right now. But I want to put a winch down on the push tubes of the plow and use it to be able to change blade angle from the seat of the ATV. Thats probaly this summer still need to find a 50" First Gen Moose Plow that I can put on this. Mini rocker is alot nicer for plowing can go up/down and still have hand on handlebar where its warm. its a slow process but hoping by next winter I have this all setup and ready to go. Gonna run Stock 25" tires with chains from a 450 Foreman as well to give me a bit more ground clearance and I dont' wanna burn the Vamp tires up spinning on pavement with them.
  12. Thanks Fishfiles I just may due the JB weld trick. I really don't have anything to loose on this ATV Like I said its a beater quad that starts and runs and just works. Its had a hard life before I got it and I don't have the time to restore it back to its former glory. I just want to make it Mechanially sound and usable. It'll be used for snow plowing and Pulling logs in the woods threw the brush and letting the kids ride around on it. Its a fun ATV to ride around on. Not the lumbering beast's that my 450 foremans are.
  13. also when I had the rear end up off the ground the right rear wheel was loose thinking the Hup is loose on the axle is that a common problem on these? Due you just order a new one from ebay? or is there a fix like take a pop can cut it up wrap it around the splines and put the hub back on so it takes up some of the slop? This old 300 is never gonna be a show queen its a beater quad at this point but want to try and get it back to good working order.
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