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  1. I like the old style Rubicon Rims better than this style but that is just my own personal opinion. keep a eye out on FB or CL they show up from time to time. What was the plan for them if you got them? Just a spare set?
  2. did you get these? That is a good deal on them for sure. they will fit just fine like was said. Heck I'd be putting chains on them and then have a killer winter set of tires and then swamp out for your other set for summer riding. or vise versa.
  3. this last weekend hauling in some pumpkins from the Garden,
  4. also pic of my other atv firewood trailer and ATV and this trailer level loaded I dont make the hill either. its just know the limits of how much to load to make the hill when by your self, Heck I just used my 300 4x4 and this trailer last week and pulled the hill I only had 2 rows of blocks across the front of the trailer to give it a try. I did okay but was pretty much the limit of what the 300 4x4 would due.
  5. on the back a have a Logging arch that is on 3 point system on the ATV the logging arch wheels float up/down. More Arch Build and pictures are here https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/threads/the-start-of-my-atv-logging-arch.294895/ This trailer the axle is balanced that is why I use this trailer behind the ATV with skidder as I can get it hooked up when loaded. I have a firewood cutting deck that I skid the logs to and then block them up and split then load trailer and up the hill I go. I like this trailer as I can part next to fire wood cutting deck and skid logs cut them up load/split until trailer is full and then take to wood shed to stack till it gets put into the boiler. Pic of a firewood cutting deck I have another trailer just a bit bigger and its heavy on the front when loaded and I with just the ATV and no logging arch I still dont make the hill unless its loaded light.
  6. Thanks Jeep, I'll probably go with that one then. want to get the winch on and Heated Grips and then put the front fenders back on the ATV, I have a Gen 1 Moose plow mount plate for the bottom and a set up Push tubes and the a V Blade I want to put on the push tubes then get small Hydro Pump and some light duty Hydro cylinders I have a 3 way valve setup from a old Garden Tractor and want to make it so I can change blade angle from the seat from V to either way Wing or scoop. I want to use this as my intown ATV Plowing. Also gonna due a 3rd cylinder that I can put down pressure on for back dragging snow away from garage doors but most the time the winch will due the up/down on the plow as I don't know how fast the hydro will work and want the plow to float for plowing the driveway approach's from the street. Have alot to get done to have this ready for winter plowing.
  7. The Most the winch will be for is pulling the 300 out of a hole when stuck, or lifting snow Plow up/down. I have a 02 Honda Foreman with a Warn A2000 winch on the front rack and has never given me problems. I like that winch up there for watching if the wire birds nest on the spool. I have rope winch's on a rancher and a Recon and that is under the front fender and I don't worry so much about the rope getting bird nested. I have a Warn A 2000 on my 03 Foreman that is my logging ATV and I hardley use that winch. I'm just on the fence on what to due on the 300. if I due go with under the front fender what is the best mounting kit to get for it? I already have a Warn A2000 wire winch that will be going on it regardless if I go front rack or under the fender's. thanks for any and all thoughts or comments
  8. been using this 300 some around the house, I did end up taking it into a shop to have the clutch looked and some carb work but its been fine since I got it back. now looking at putting a winch on the old girl and having the debate of due I get a bracket and put it up under the front fender or put the winch up on top of the front rack?
  9. I thought I had read someplace that the newer 500 foremans vs the older 450 is like the step up from a Honda Rancher 350 to a Foreman 450 in brute pulling power. I don't have the extra $10,000.oo to go and get a New foreman regard less. At my usage rate the old 450 will last me for many years this foreman only has like 3,500 miles and still going strong and foremans if treated right can go up to 10,000 miles from what I have read. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.
  10. Its a moot point for now I'll keep running the setup that I have, I just know my limits of what I can make up the hill, If I wanted to haul more I'd take my 78 Ford F150 down there and fill the back up and go up that hill with out any problems. Id rather load my little ATV trailer 3-5 times vs the truck 1 time. It gets me more seat time on the ATV and the trailer is easier to unload as well. The truck take forever to get full and then a long time to unload as well. I save that for when I have to move the firewood down the paved roads. I have other area's where I get wood from and the trailer gets heaped full and have no problems going where I want to its just coming up this hill that I run into problems.
  11. Fishfiles all good idea's, I have thought about a gear reduction for the old foreman but I'm not for sure if It would get me up the hill any better, I can spin myself out in 1st gear no problem as the ATV just dosn't weigh enough. I have loaded the rear rack up with block wood to get me some weight on the rear tires and still spin it out at a mid hill, its the first 20 seconds is the killer part of the hill after that I can scratch and claw the rest of it but that first section has alway's been a bear to get up. The 589 tire don't like the small rocks but they are great when I'm in woods pulling logs with the Logging arch on the back. Plus they dont puncture at all so I can drive right threw brush without any worries. Im in a no man's land not enough power in 2nd and can't go fast enough in 1st. I would like to try different tires maybe Big Horns would due better but I like the looks of the 589's and they don't wear down at all. Plus due I want to put $ into a almost 20 year old ATV or save up and buy something Bigger and better? Foreman 500 with Power Steering and Diff Lock would make this hill with out problems with the trailer behind it. I could then just use this old foreman as the log puller. I know I loose some pulling power by having the trailer hooked to the logging arch farther behind the quad but that trailer is balanced and I can hook it up when loaded which is nice. I can head out early and start cutting up wood for a trailer load and when I get full I can either go ride around till the wife gets there to pull me up the hill. This way I get some ride time in!
  12. hill is steep enough If I let off the gas its stops her right now. Hard to judged by the video but with the trailer level full or better I have no chance of making the climb up the hill, Just to many small rocks that act like marbles when going up and they each take some of your momentum and I end up spining out in 1st gear. I don't have the power to make the climb in 2nd and there are washout speed bumps at the run up to the hill that I can't get a high speed run at it in say 3rd gear or even 2nd gear Wide open throttle. I have tried 2nd gear wide open at the bottom and by 1/2 way up I'm down shifting to 1st and then spin out. and stuck middle of the hill. This has worked the best or I only load 1/2 to 3/4 of trailer of wood to bring up. if I'm by myself. I would like to get a Honda Rubicon 500 and find out what it can due for this hill climb with the trailer of wood behind it. Heck even a Foreman 500 with the Locking front diff as well. For now I have the 450 Foreman and it is a brute just not enough to make this on its own.
  13. Me getting pulled up a hill with the firewood trailer behind me, Wife is on a 350 Rancher, I have a 450 Foreman
  14. my firewood machine 03 Foreman 450ES, with trailer full of wood and then the front bungee cord in the storage location.
  15. Then a Pic of my tow strap all wound up on the front of ATV and then the trailer load of wood behind.
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