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  1. thanks Jeep good to know, Bike has brakes just not the best of brakes and this is a hill that I will be going down alot with said bike but if I know that the free wheel will happen I'll just run down in first gear at high idle enough to keep the auto clutch engaged and doing its job. just wanted to know if I can keep driving it that way and not due any more damage than already done.
  2. so have had a new battery in it for a few weeks and it starts up just fine and runs good for the most part. I have a small oil leak at the top of the engine that'll need to be fixed as well. need to get a pic of that to get some advice. been 2 weeks sitting and it started up no problems. I was going down a steep hill with the 300 and just along at idle and after about 10 yards or so it will free wheel down the hill while in first or second gear. Is that a major problem looming or can I just run it acting that way? A quick blimp of the throttle and it slows right back down but if you don't know that its gonna release on you it can be a OMG moment and your praying that there are enough brakes to hold you. I can go down the hill at fast idle in 1st and be okay, which I would rather due vs riding the brakes down the whole way. I have several other ATV and non of them due that going down this hill. Most time's its idle down the hill in 1st or 2nd gear and let the engine hold you back. 86 200sx 2000 Recon 2002 Rancher 2002 Foreman 2003 Foreman
  3. so put the meter inline and set to read the amp draw. with it all off the meter reads 0.02 mA and with the meter not hooked to anything it also reads the same. "its a 20 year old Fluke Multimeter III 87" so the calibration might be off some on the old girl. turn the key on and I get 233 mA for a few seconds when oil light goes out it drops to 129 mA so that's where im at with the amp draw thinking its all looking good on that side of things. Battery Voltage is at 12.79 so that holding steady and I've turned key on/off half a dozen times or so. any way just logging my progress as I try and work through breathing life back into this old 300 again.
  4. Battery stills says 12.8 if it get time I'll put my meter in line and find out if I can get a reading on it.
  5. Checked tonight battery still at 12.8! so that a good sign I think just wonder how many days due I leave this test goe on for?
  6. Welcome from a fellow wi resident! i have a 02 foreman 450s and a 03 foreman 450es they are great bikes.
  7. Got new Orem switch in and she's hooked up to car battery and my inline test light is not lit up at all and when I turn key on I get neutral light and oil temp light for 3 seconds then oil light goes off, battery voltage is 12.8 for now. so maybe the ad hock toggle switch was my drain problem, or just a crappie battery that was in it? time will tell if my car battery starts to show a drain in the next few days
  8. Battery at 12.82 today just battery sitting on its own not hooked to anything, i thnk that that is what it was at when I checked it yesterday but don't remember so for today I'll now have a record of what it is at. maybe tomorrow if it still at the 12.82 I'll hook into the atv system and then look for the draw down rate after a day.
  9. Parts on order from partzilla, thanks for the link for my notes car battery is at 12.92 volts off the charger and just sittin by atv on a bucket. Want to hook said battery up to atv and try and find the battery draw that happens when atv is off. This is a older car battery and want to make sure it's note self discharging hence my note thati it's at 12.92 tonight will see what it's says in morning then and if at 12.92 will hook into atv and system and check voltage every day or so and then start unplug things to try and find the drain on the battery. thats my plan! i had 2 beers tonight and last ate at noon so plan may be under the influence! i was only gonna have 1 but daughter had already opened the 2nd! new glarus spotted cows! Thanks for viewing!
  10. This is my kids 2000 recon with home made firewood carry rack on the back for small limbs, extra riding seat. And small trailer behind. kid has named the atv Beaver, with a beaver stick on the front! we are working on a beaver dam removal in out wood lands between firewood cutting trips. also a maple sap gathering pic, and moving some rocks out of the yard.
  11. switch not going to work it will only connect 2 wires when in the on position! the other 2 are then open and then in the off position the 2 wire are connected not really gonna Help me get what I need. so Back to ebay for a OEM part or due you guys have a place to recommend or I can call my nearest Honda Dealer which is a 40 min drive away. thanks for all your help.
  12. thank you retro I think I can make it work with what you posted. shadetree I'm gonna need to due better when ordering parts off of ebay and they often don't mesh up and be what I was thinking they should be! Lesson learned!
  13. ebay link to the key switch that I bought. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Ignition-Key-Switch-FourTrax-300-TRX300FW-4x4-TRX300-2x4-1988-2000/362948491289?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  14. so then for the key switch I have a 1 Red, 1 Black, 1 Red/Black Stripe, and 1 Orange. just wondering if anybody can tell me what should be hooked to what or point me in the direction of a wiring schematic?
  15. now I'm on to the key switch, looking at the wires on the ATV I have 1 red 1 black and then 2 that are white or faded pink that was not hooked up to anything. There was just a toggle switch for the key. the red and black was on the toggle switch.
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