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  1. Did a few hours of wood cutting with the 03 Honda Foreman 450 today.
  2. Got to due some snow plowing over the weekend. 2002 Honda Rancher 350 and John Deere 1032 snowblower on lowboy trailer that I pull behind the ATV when I need to take snow blower to other driveways. First time using the John Deere in 2 years and started on the 3rd pull. I have back up Electric start on it if needed.
  3. used the 200sx to pull little trailer down to my wood land wood cutting spot and made some improvements to my wood cutting deck. Having chains on the back is a must for winter traction.
  4. Plowed some snow this morning with the Foreman 450S and 60" Moose blade 21 years and counting it has been on Snow removal duty.
  5. The Trx 125 once again runs out of traction. Just pushed it back and then walked beside it and it powered itself right threw.
  6. They are nice I have a 2000 Honda Recon that has a Moose utilities bolt on Hand shifter on it.
  7. It is cool and fun to drive in. But has its limit's as to much become not fun at all! This was the limit of the 125 but fun to try the drift regardless.
  8. Honda TRX 125 in the deep snow had to get off and push along side but made it threw just fine having chains on the rear tires helps alot though!
  9. My John Deere stuff can be found over here https://www.wfmachines.com/threads/1969-h1-with-sleeve-hitch-now-with-oem-3point.130542/ I have 3.5 140's at the moment. Have had them for 3 years I think. Wish I would have gotten a 140 like 15 years ago they are handy and fun to have
  10. Got the 200 SX into the wood hauling stuff as well. The trailer hold a bit more than the 200 like but was able to get the job done.
  11. Its wood cutting season for me so I been busy with my loggint ATV setup getting wood cut for this winter. This Beast has pulled alot of wood around and hauled alot as well.
  12. Used my 300 4x4 to help the Old John Deere 140 pull my Sugar Shack up closer to the winter setup location. This is the first year Ill be cooking inside a little shed and may build a bigger shed next year but for this year I'll be boiling inside vs outside. Still have to finish off the entry side of the shack and get a door put in.
  13. some pics of maple syrup boil down, ran 4 weekends and made 73 pints in total for this year!
  14. History on the 1968 Charger I have had since 1999, Started life with a 383 and 2 barrel from what previous owener told me was also a dark Metallic Green Color. He dropped in a 440 and 4 barrel from a 72 wagon and has the 727 Auto. Re painted the car to the sublime green color which was not a color option till 1969 Mopar came out with the 4 High Impact Color, Banna Yellow, Sublime Green, Plum Crazy Purple, Hemi Red. Also added the R/T Bumble Bee strip on the back and the R/T Badges but its not a true R/T. Been a fun car to have. It needs a good tune up and the choke settings are all messed at the moment. But each time I go in the garge and look at the car it puts a smile on my face! Nice fun story. Took the car for the first date I went on with the Wife. Back in 2001 I was going on a trip with the car to Bristol Tenn "year one was putting on a car show and if you had a classic car you could run hot laps at the race track there" I had Bias Ply tires on the car and didn't want to drive that far on tires like that so part of the date was tire shopping at walmart to compare prices and I park the car down at the bottom of the lot away from other car's and we come out of the store and the Girl goes where's your car? Oh there it is it stick out like a sore thumb! So we get down to the car and I open the door for her and all that and when I get in she says thanks for opening the door, My response was the Car "Charger" heard what you said and it dosent' want you molesting it anymore! Rest is History 3 kids and 18 years of marrige later.
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