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  1. • Not to kick a dead horse here, but misinformation should definitely be called out. What senses are you dulling FF? Pain receptors? Is that why cannabis is used extensively for pain relief? Stay in your lane. You obviously are not informed on the subject. I guess that's the difference in attitudes. I bet you those kids getting high on the side of the mountain didnt run home and talk $×÷t on a forum about you.so who really has a problem in this scenario?they do not need your approval or permission to be there. Unless you own the mountain? If you do, congrats! Wish I owned a mountain. While I agree making excessive noise and littering/destroying natural habitat is not acceptable, if I was on the side of a mountain smoking a joint watching the sunset and someone has a problem with that,it's just that. His problem. You have to be careful when making statements like "legalize anything that dulls the senses", it makes your ignorance on the issue shine through. Not trying to stand on a soapbox or change anyones mind, but foolish statements like "legalize anything the dulls the senses" needs to be addressed.blanket, all encompassing statements like this are very dangerous. I understand its sarcasm, but the premise is that cannabis is comparable to other drugs that "dull the senses". which is absolutely a foolish statement either way.if you truly believe legalizing cannabis is the same as legalizing heroin or cocaine, what can really be said about that? I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but either you are trolling or you are truly, completely uninformed. Maybe it's my situation as well, in canada it is 100% legal both medically and recreationally. There is lots of information out there if you wish to learn instead of just throwing out misguided opinions .if this is deleted, just know I'm not here to ! on anyone. But these old fashioned, uninformed attitudes are hopefully going to go away soon.
  2. Ridiculous you have to have a medical card, even more ridiculous you have to explain to someone why you're smoking. I'm very surprised at the, um, old-fashioned points of view around here.
  3. Which parts did you design on the Cummins B series? I dont design engines for a living but I work for a Cummins dealer, had many B series engines apart.
  4. Dredd


    I bought mine new in 2010, been inside every night since, and there is more rust on my chassis than on this one. But honestly, that 300 has NEVER seen more than 1 or 2 inches of water or mud.
  5. Dredd


    My bike has been inside for over 10 years. I think he does it to ! me off I'm not sure. Lol
  6. Dredd


    Never. That bike has been sitting out in the sun/rain/snow for 20 years. It defies logic. Lol.
  7. Dredd


    I'll have a look at the tag but I'm pretty sure it's a 2000. I thought it was a 2002 so the first 3 numbers check out. Lol.i gave him an atv cover a few years ago, so he could get it out of the rain. I never saw that cover again.
  8. Dredd


    It very well could be a 2000, there was a tag with the date on it but I didnt pay attention. I keep telling him if he leaves it to me I'm going to part it out lol.
  9. Dredd


    Just wanted to show my father's 300FW. Bought brand new in 2002ish. Has spent its entire life outside, and has never left the property. Every mechanical part is original, other than a starter and maybe a battery or 2. With a good wash and paint touch up it would be in showroom condition. Still has the original back tires!
  10. Rare heard of wild hondas.
  11. These were taken in the spring. Majestic canadian maple 🙄😷
  12. My friend bought a Polaris Sportsman. Dumbest thing I ever saw anyone do.
  13. I had the bike for a few years after the repair, and it didnt leak again. Just be careful when installing, I'm not a fan of torque wrenches on an oil plug, just tighten it until its snug.
  14. This is about as big as a tree gets around here. Rifle is for reference I guess. Lol.
  15. I had an old 300 with the plug stripped out. I tapped up to next size (believe it was 12mm up to 14mm) and got a new oil plug to match. Both tap and plug off ebay cost less than $5 at the time.
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