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  1. As for the ground hornets. Dad would dump diesel fuel down next and light it if I recall correctly.
  2. They are the labrador retreiver of the wasp world. Very non-aggressive. I saw some of them at my first house and ahve seen 1 or 2 at this one. They are scary but I just leave them alone.
  3. How old is the trailer? Assume fairly new. Hope they work it out for you.
  4. 87Iroc


    Glad to hear you weathered it OK Fish. Stay Safe.
  5. Have about 60 miles on mine and they work good....will throw you forward on the bike.
  6. Is that the washer that goes on the end of the shift 'rod' that goes from front to back through the engine? or
  7. See link at top of page for the service manual. I downloaded it and have large sections printed out from my troubleshooting and rebuild I did last year.
  8. welcome to the group! You've come to the forum with the most knowledgeable misfits on the 'net.
  9. Yep., I saw it and I am laughing. Been around castings a LONG time...almost as long as Shade has worked on ATVs and their brake calipers(Wilwood so 2nd source of course) scream 'china casting' to me...but trusted their website. I don't doubt that they are machined in the US...but castings from China with their non-existent environmental laws are a LOT cheaper to keep costs down. That said...High Lifter, as a hat tip to Shade....may have a few parts made in China...but I 'think' their brake pads still last longer. 🙂 Not that I'd notice(62 miles after 9 months of riding)....but well, you know. Fish
  10. I've seen a Cummins belt tension measurement tool that we probably sell for 800 bucks that uses a similar principal.
  11. Used it to track down our dog in neighbors field after it took off from deck like a bullet from a gun. Dog chased a rabbit across 300 yds of farm field and woods. Was able to locate her but I need to adjust light on front of atv. The led pods and factory headlight didn’t quite cut it When on flat terrain. If nose was going over a ridge in field it reached out nicely
  12. I like blue too...but I am seeing blue spots after looking at that pic
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