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  1. welcome to the group! You've come to the forum with the most knowledgeable misfits on the 'net.
  2. Yep., I saw it and I am laughing. Been around castings a LONG time...almost as long as Shade has worked on ATVs and their brake calipers(Wilwood so 2nd source of course) scream 'china casting' to me...but trusted their website. I don't doubt that they are machined in the US...but castings from China with their non-existent environmental laws are a LOT cheaper to keep costs down. That said...High Lifter, as a hat tip to Shade....may have a few parts made in China...but I 'think' their brake pads still last longer. 🙂 Not that I'd notice(62 miles after 9 months of riding)....but well, you know. Fish
  3. I've seen a Cummins belt tension measurement tool that we probably sell for 800 bucks that uses a similar principal.
  4. Used it to track down our dog in neighbors field after it took off from deck like a bullet from a gun. Dog chased a rabbit across 300 yds of farm field and woods. Was able to locate her but I need to adjust light on front of atv. The led pods and factory headlight didn’t quite cut it When on flat terrain. If nose was going over a ridge in field it reached out nicely
  5. I like blue too...but I am seeing blue spots after looking at that pic
  6. 87Iroc


    Its sunny today and supposed to be 80 next Tuesday. Slow climb back up out of the cold temps. Time to quit wrenching on toys and start tilling garden and thinking about getting it planted for the year. Might hit that some next week as its supposed to rain Saturday. I suspect this'll be our last super cold snap of the spring.
  7. 87Iroc


    We had about 3/4" of heavy snow overnight. Then at 1 today. It just started snowing. Then it turned in to horizontal snow and white out conditions for 10-15 min...then faded back out. With 30 min it was sunny again. Hasn't hit 40 here today though.
  8. 87Iroc


    Kid cut our grass the first time this past week. Now its supposed to snow flurry here Wed AM I believe. A 5 day dip in temps then it climbs back to the 60s adn 70s.
  9. I have a couple hundred dollar electric smoker. My frustration with it is the temp fluxuates all over hte place. Smoker box didn't work from the factory so I had to buy a smoke box for it. Generally does a good job though. I'd love to get a higher end one but have other stuff I want to spend money on as well. I bought a external temp gauge for it as well. Has a hand held device I can throw on the table beside me to tell me what the temp is. I also use pellets for smoking vs chips due to smoker box being crap on mine from factory(probalby need more air holes or somethign but it won't burn the chips...just heats them up and they never smoke) My brother has a Traeger. Blue tooth thing that will message him on his phone. I think it was a grand. We tried to smoke a turkey at Thanksgiving. It didn't go great. But it does a great job other than that. It was the first time we'd ever tried to smoke a turkey. Likely a technique thing We bought 5 gallon buckets like that a year ago to store dry goods in so we would never be running low on flower again when people panic'd about a pandemic
  10. 87Iroc

    tap & die

    I have an old harbor freight set my paretns gave me years ago...but believe me. ON the small stuff like a M6 or a 1/4"...I think long and hard about what I stick them in. 🙂 Until my rock slider project...I don't do much new cutting of threads. Just clean up..so that really helps to not show the downside to the cheap set I have. I have found that Bauer bits from Harbor Freight do very well. Have a set. Also bought a singular cobalt one from Home Depot to drill out front skid bolt on 450. It was awesome(other than I drilled too large a hole...DOH!). This guy does reviews on different types of bits along with a lot of other stuff(Step bits I watched his review on before purchasing as well). I do wonder if the 20 dollar bauer set I have holds up as long as the higher end ones that are comparable in his test. The bauer set has cut and come back for more...never had one I didn't abuse go dull yet with limited use) This guy is very regimented in his approach. I also experimented with step bits on a rock slider project I did to drill 3/4" holes. Was surprised how well they worked. I'd drill a pilot hole and then they cut like butter. at least until my drill speed didn't match up with what a hole of that size wanted. About 1/2-5/8" it got a bit testy.
  11. Needed a third hand getting the lower contol arm/ball joint separated on my Xterra. Nissan uses a pinch bolt setup on the lower ball joint. Had to holed the spindle away from the vehicle far enough to let the cv joint move inboard to open up clearance(lacked by literally a 1/4". Good job Nissan). So since kid wasn't home and wife was asleep...I used the winch on the 450 to hold the spindle while I got it back together. Worked like a charm.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I think the answers have been covered. Thanksfully, it appears(hopefully), that both are likely not from hard to fix areas. Good Luck!
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