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  1. Found a pic of bcs's house.
  2. You’ve got the right guys helping but a thought....How about the choke. Is it functioning properly?
  3. No worries man. I will say I have avoided craigslist for years due to scams and early problems. Facebook has market cornered on sales these days among masses. CL is where I think you find deals. If you can learn to spot scams like what I’ve seen you guys mention tonight.
  4. More from same barn sale... Gonna go down tomorrow and look at them...guessing anythign 300 or bigger might be worth thinking about for the right price? Has no idea the years, but said he knows there's a 250 and a 350 in the mix. Guess there are parts of 5 old Honda's there.
  5. There was a 200X or some such King Quad for sale like yesterday in my area. I laughed because it had the same 80s speedometer as my friends 87. See if I can find it. Up in Cedar lake. So 3 hrs north of me even...
  6. 87Iroc

    Old man shifter

    shade. For you if it doesn’t look the way it did in 1986 it’s trash. Lol. I may try removing them. But for now they were free.
  7. messed up foot this past weekend and it’s slowly doing something. Hopefully getting better. Foot shifter has been whacked a bit since I got it on the road. Found out it isn’t factory. Folding one off motorcycle. Pins were wore out and made part foot contacted loose. inspecting RMATV I realized Foreman’s is a solid piece. Put one on order along with a shifter extension(15” moose). Really like both. Foot is thanking me(and wife will let me ride atv while foot heals) shifter extension fits perfect with plastic. Had to persuade it outboard a bit but it’s just the right length.
  8. As those in chat know. I intend to put my 450 to work. Picked up a 40 dollar blade this morning. Light enough to not beat up front end but heavy enough for snow and light loose dirt leveling. Has mount beam that sits nicely under engine. Just gotta figure out a mount. and remember how to use my welder. the latter is likely the challenge.
  9. Yep...he knew it was as soon as they said 'Its my mom's here's her email'.... Its not hard to spot. One's that have 4 ads with the same ATV in different orientations(Gleaned several pics from different ad and re-use them). Anyway, no one got scammed...just frustrating how many are on Craigslist.
  10. There’s a Foreman for 800 my friend looked at. Yellow with snow blade. Newer than mine. Sweet deal. But unfortunately they had to relocate to Idaho. Never fear though for 800. It includes delivery and just send them the cash.
  11. listen to the guy. And don’t buy Chinese parts. It’s an unforgivable sin
  12. 3000. All need work but 2 have titles. Seems too expensive. Maybe 2000-2500 for set.
  13. I say casting flaws as well. These are made from Die Castings. The alumimum forms that type of feature when it cools in the mold. I had that fear on mine in a few places but looked and they looked like flaws. Do you see the same mark in the same spot on the back to say they are a thru crack(I don't think they are cracks). I just looked at my 450 rebuild thread this summer. I have flaws but not as many as you. I'd say it was cooling too quick in their mold but I'm not an expert. I'd put it back together and be careful of the clutch cover. It should go together lovingly but not need a hammer.
  14. Looks like there might be 3 Honda Take off Carbs on Ebay. 70 dollar range.
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