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  1. I saw a 300 2wd up here for sale a few weeks ago. It was tan. 1/8" hose might be able to be crammed over that 3.5 mm nipple. 1/8 is 3.175 mm. Good Luck!
  2. Interesting. In 20 yrs when my factory pads go bad...I'll look in to it. 🙂
  3. I own 3 acres but don't have much issues. i have gathered that the guys around me are very protectice of their property as they have casually pointed out property lines and such.
  4. Looks like their inventory of 450 parts has been cleaned out a bit. They've also split the 'gears for transmission' up. Sheesh. 6 bucks for the oil filter spring? Really? That's all shipping. Gotta be. That's more than RMATV wants for new I bet. Still can't believe they want 50 bucks a rim when you can buy new for 45.
  5. The battery life is truly impressive I agree. The saw has its place and I would own one if I was looking for a small light duty saw.
  6. My brother has one of those(20V one...not sure what yours is). I have used it. Its plumb scary. No 'burble' of a 2 stroke to warn you of the danger. He leaves it laying in the bed of his UTV when he's out on his property to cut limbs/deadfall back to clear trails. I have used it to try to trim some vines. May still buy one for very small work. Brother did say he got carried away one day and started cutting some larger log with it. I think he was cutting it to length to split it. Said it took forever and he said 'f-it' and went to the garage and got his monster Stihl....it gnawed through everything in the time it took the little dewalt to do one cut. So they are good, just gotta know their place.
  7. Finally got the winch installed in my 450. Took about 4 weeks with 2 weeks of being off due to a nasty sinus infection(which mimic'd covid symptoms). Have 4 short M8 bolts that I'll be darned if I remember where I removed them from. lol. Maybe if the front fenders fall off I'll realize what I took off. Foreman is back together now and ready to rock. Drilled out the one broken bolt on the front skidplate and put a new factory one in its place. Old one was beat to heck.
  8. I have seen 2 sub-1000 recon's go through here recently. Tempting to go take a look but still not the right time.
  9. 87Iroc


    Good luck Fish
  10. That does look to be a problem! Cheaper fix than a ECM.
  11. Welcome. Good chatting with you the other night.
  12. I put this on mine... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B006JMKC7O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Yep, it was called a pro-hauler. Googled it and got hits. It looks lie they made some variant of that for a while. The early ones looked like a slightly stretched ATV with a tiny bed instead of a rear rack.
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