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  1. TJA


    What a fine group of people on this site. I wasn't a honda fan when I bought my Foreman, I bought it because it was cheap and honda has a decent reputation. But the Honda community is unreal. Hey Fish, I hope you are doing well.
  2. Welcome to the forum Matt.
  3. TJA

    New member

    Welcome to the forum, lots of good people and good information to be found here.
  4. TJA


    Be careful FF, stay positive.
  5. That's good to know. Thanks.
  6. Welcome, this place is a wealth of information and good people.
  7. I did some digging on them and they seem to offer replacement pads which is good. Thanks
  8. I figured that the extra grease outside the seals would help protect them from water or mud intrusion. From reading here, that seems to be the problem.
  9. That makes sense. The only problem is not too many vintage machines for sale in my area, (rural Pa, very rural). And if you find a "parts" atv they still want $1000 for it. For $240 the kit seems affordable. I read a bunch of threads on it, poor customer service is the chief complaint. I was just wondering if they improved. I still have engine work to do, I'm just looking at future improvements as these drum brakes are so lacking. Thanks for the reply.
  10. I'm looking at replacing the front brakes on my 99 Foreman 450. The factory drums had brand new pads on them when I bought it. I adjusted them tight and they are still vague and unresponsive. I personally hate drum brakes anyways. The Super Atv kit seems affordable. Has anyone else had better luck with them lately? Thanks.
  11. Was the kit an improvement? How do they feel? Good stopping power? I was just looking at this kit for my 450 foreman. Thanks.
  12. I just got done with that job myself. I had to slow down and look at them for a while before I figured it out. BTW, what bearings did you go with? Sealed or open? I used sealed bearings and repacked them with waterproof synthetic green grease, and then I packed the spindles like they were regular bearings.
  13. I always get a service manual for anything I buy, never been able to trust anyone else to do things correctly just for money.
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