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  1. Seems to good to be true. 94 bucks?
  2. Fish, is the Taiwan stuff any good? I wouldn't know where to start looking for used oem. I plan on just ordering the crank, it's listed at $239 on Mr Crankshafts site, then I'll need a jug and piston. I've been watching craigslist for local parts, no Honda foremans for sale. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  3. Thanks for the information guys, I'm going to have the engine out in a week or so. I'll post more pictures then, it destroyed the piston, jug and rod so far. Chinese junk. I would post more but I have almost no Internet service at home. I have to wait until I'm in town.
  4. So she is not a total loss as far as the engine goes? That's what I was worrying about. Thank you.
  5. I didn't think I had any other choice!
  6. I found an OEM top end on the net for $450, anyone know where to find a crank and a rod. I remember chatting about it here back when I first started posting about the thing blowing up. I did get an answer to my question on niche parts though! Thanks Fish.
  7. It has a quarter inch of play in the connecting rod. Is this worth saving? Is the crank case separate from the transmission? All that Chinese aluminum went somewhere. Thanks guys.
  8. But the rings look almost new.
  9. Yep, carbon build up on the top of the piston, wait a minute...
  10. $83! Dang! I'll stick with the one Fish have me!
  11. I haven't done anything yet except to push it into the free stall! My wife is going to staples or somewhere to print out the service manual in a high quality and spiral bound format. Right now it is still flintlock season in Pa and I have 1 more tag to fill. Once I read the service manual a couple times, I'll yank the engine and see what I have to work with. Something inside let go as she is seized.
  12. JRB, mine was running loud also. No smoke. I haven't had the time to tear it down yet. I'm happy to hear that your build came out well.
  13. TJA


    64 in Pennsylvania.
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