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  1. 660catman


    Here’s a walleye
  2. 660catman


    It’s a pike. Excellent table fare when they’re big enough to de-bone. They’re the slimiest things in summer especially in warmer waters. I prefer to keep them when ice fishing.
  3. 660catman


    Northern Manitoba at the end of March
  4. This is quite the “how to” post on the ES system. I currently have issues with a 99 450ES shift buttons not working. This will be on my list of to do items once I go through the test procedures.
  5. As my wife would tell me, open your big cow eyes! I do have the printed copy of the service manual. One should have looked into it a little deeper first. I won’t have time until beginning of August as I’m leaving on vacation in a couple of days. Thanks for the “kick” to look in the service manual. If I have testing issues I’ll be sure to post more questions.
  6. Working on a 99 450ES. When I first got it the electric shift did not work. I sprayed WD40 in the buttons and let it sit for a day. It worked for a couple of weeks showing all gears on screen. Now it does not work at all. Shifting manually now shows when in R, 1 and 5 on the display. It will manually shift into all the gears but 2,3, and 4 show - - - on the screen. Any ideas what it may be?
  7. I was recommended to this site by AKATV for some questions to a 450ES I’m working on for a friend. Not new to atv’s as I have two Cat quads. So far it’s been a learning curve working on a Honda. I’ll post my questions in the proper section.
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