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  1. This might be helpful info at some point:
  2. Welcome Hemi21712! Let us know if a Genuine Honda angle sensor does not fix it.
  3. Hi mquattlebaum, welcome to ATV Honda! DTC 6 generally indicates one of three possibilities. Either the battery voltage supplying the shift ECU is low, there is a poor ground somewhere, or the ECU have failed. Running the ATV without a battery in it or running with a bad battery in it can cause a code 6 and/or cause the ECU to fry. So first make sure that the battery is in good condition and is fully charged. Make sure that the regulator/rectifier is charging the battery at the proper voltage too. Also poor/dirty/corroded/wet electrical connectors can lead to ECU problems, as can a chewed up or hacked up/spliced wiring harness or high friction/drag in mechanical electric shift components. Refer to the factory service manual for the charging system output spec, linked on our site from here. If the battery is in good condition and fully charged, begin by taking both fenders off, disconnect every electrical connector on the ATV and clean the contacts with an electrical contact cleaning spray. Look closely for corrosion inside connectors as you work. After cleaning each connector pair apply dielectric grease generously inside them before snapping them back together. Remove the negative battery cable ground bolts from the motor case and the frame and shine those connections up too. All grounds must be clean and tight. Dielectric grease them to prevent them from corroding. You will need to insure that every electrical part is a Genuine Honda part as well. If you have any china knockoffs on your Foreman you'll never fix it. Let us know what you find... here is a guide for ES system prep you should follow after the code 6 issue is fixed.
  4. You'll have to fix that speed sensor issue to get it to shift. The first step though, before any further diagnosis or work, should be unplugging every electrical connector on the ATV, cleaning them with electrical/contacts spray and dielectric greasing every one generously before snapping them back together. You'll have to take both fenders off in order to access them all. Be careful with the ECM connector while unplugging it and plugging it back in (don't bend any pins on the ECM), but do not skip cleaning the pins & connector sockets and dielectric greasing. Odds are that dielectric greasing of every connector will fix the speed sensor and possibly the angle sensor issue too. Next thing I gotta warn about before diagnosis is that all electrical parts must be Genuine Honda parts. If you have any china knockoffs on your Rubicon you'll have to replace them with OEM parts, else you'll never fix anything. So if your new Angle sensor is not a Genuine Honda part then take it off and throw it in the garbage. Put the OEM angle sensor back on it (with connector dielectric greased) for the initialization and diagnosis steps. Once ya got every electrical connector prepared and have OEM Honda parts on it you'll need to initialize the system. Follow the initialization guide below exactly, the list of DTCs are included for reference. Let us know if there are any issues remaining after....
  5. Yeah, I want to make copies of the fan connector plug and the accessory connector plug for all of the air-cooled models. So once I learn how to design parts in Freecad I will be asking for donors. I'll pay for the parts + shipping costs, but I don't need them yet... got my hands full with outdoor work right now.
  6. Yup! I was thinking about sending you a couple FCUs anyway, because I will need beta testers to help me refine those gizmos. I can't tell ya when you might expect them though... turns out that in reality I am not retired after all. So hang onto your good parts until ya get what you need from our gizmos projects. EDIT: Hang onto your old wiring harness, I am going to be looking for a donor OEM FCU plastic connector plug because I want to create a copy and print them.
  7. ... Walgreens, Walmart. (keep scrolling) Significant contributors Adobe, American Medical Association, American Heart Association, AHIP (America's Health Insurance Plans), Business Roundtable, BNY Mellon, Citi Bank, Ford Motor Company, Honeywell, JP Morgan & Chase, New York Life Foundation, Stanley Black & Decker, Synchrony, Target, Unilever, Viacom CBS, Wells Fargo. So all of the bigtech censors/internet scrubbers are in, the auto industry, big box retailers, big banks, drug store chains, life insurance industry, big network news medias and major medical association lobbyists as well are sponsors. EDIT: Ad Council is owned & operated by US govcorp, Washington DC.
  8. Here are several more companies to shun (scroll down to bottom of page) https://www.adcouncil.org/covid-vaccine Here is govcorp's Wokian Racism campaign, we're the target https://www.adcouncil.org/our-commitment
  9. We can turn all of their psyops against them. Their attempts to whip up and divide us with their BS racism pysops can be easily countered too. Just point fingers and SHOUT to them. Like roaches they will scurry for cover.
  10. No fear of retribution because everyone of "authority" is ALL IN on the social engineering psyops. Each follow the scripts & play out their roles in the shows provided to them. You can say that again! The most avoided persons on this planet are those that counter false belief systems with facts & logic. If ya refuse to acknowledge BS then yer considered to be a nutter! Stockholm Syndrome is a self-inflicted mental illness that must be defended at all costs... by those whom live in fantasy and denial.
  11. Was this volts DC measured with the key on? Or was it Ohms resistance (Continuity) measured with the key off? Please explain.... 8 Ohms resistance while depressing the shift switches, measured while the switches assembly were unplugged from the main harness? I am confused here as well. Where/how are you measuring voltage when you say "at the ECU end"? This test (unplug the angle sensor and measure voltage inside the angle sensor main harness connector with the key on) is all that is required: When you provide measurements please include whether those numbers are volts DC, or Ohms resistance? Did you forget to include this test....? With the ignition key off, the angle sensor plugged in, unplug the ECU and measure resistance through the angle sensor like this and report back:
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