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  1. yes that is normal while shifting manually. the gear position switch does not provide 2nd, 3rd, and 4th indication, just reverse, 1st and 5th. the es system determines that 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears are active by counting the es shifts.
  2. Actually Android is a google product so getting rid of google services can be pretty difficult on some models and impossible on some others, depending on whether the bootloader is unlock-able or not. In order to get rid of google entirely the phone operating system either has to be replaced with a custom ROM, or the stock ROM modded to remove all google services and apps. On phones that have an unlockable bootloader the order of hacks is generally as follows: Unlock bootloader - Voids your warranty Root the device - Magisk is generally used to accomplish that Replace the stock recovery with TWRP Use Magisk Manager to replace google services with hacked versions - Magisk accomplishes that without inhibiting your option of installation of apps from the google play store Optional: Strip out all OEM bloatware apps Install apps that replace each of the google apps that you use to eliminate google surveillance and theft of your personal data Or: Unlock bootloader Replace the stock ROM with a custom ROM Replace the stock recovery with TWRP Install any non-google apps that you want in order to extend capabilities Both methods require the bootloader to be unlocked which voids your warranty. Both methods also require that you be prepared to reinstall the stock ROM if anything goes wrong or if you make a mistake somewhere that leaves the phone inoperable. Some phones can be bricked (useless junk, unbootable) by unsuccessful hacking so be 100% sure of your skills and be prepared beforehand to solve every possible problem that might arise while performing the hacks that you've chosen. XDADevelopers is the best source of info, how-tos, ROMs, TWRP, kernels and hacked apps for phones. Make sure your phone model matches the material you are reading there. https://forum.xda-developers.com/c/samsung.11975/
  3. Might just be low on hydraulic oil, pump cavitating air...?
  4. You have a great attitude. 😀 If you decide to put a manual shift lever on it remove the reduction gears from the ES so your shifts won't be turning the armature shaft of the shift motor.
  5. The 1st step, since the issue is a mechanical one is to remove the front cover as the guys have mentioned. You'll need to determine whether the issue is with the shifting linkage/ratchet mechanism parts on the end of the shift drum, or with the shift drum itself. Often times when the transmission fails to shift manually the bolt in the center of the shift drum is found to have loosened up. As Jeepwm69 mentioned you can stand the Foreman up to make the work easier on your back and hands, or you can drain the motor oil and remove the cover as it sits. The work is generally not difficult, but finding easy access to everything and keeping dirt out of your work can become a challenge... I recommend that you begin with a thorough pressure wash of the bike. In order to remove the front driveshaft you'll need to remove the bolts and bracket holding the front differential onto the frame and then slide the diff all of the way forward in the frame as far as it will go. Then pull the driveshaft off of the motor (the coupler is spring loaded) and set it aside.
  6. Hi Bossdaddy, I spent a few hours reading this thread again last night and I still cannot figure out why we did not find the issue. Your work is excellent. Every circuit and every relevant part were tested more than once and each one tests out to be good, beyond all doubt. I still feel that the issue may be a minor one, but I just do not know how to test those circuits any better than we already have. I feel helpless at this point... I apologize for chewing through your valuable time then only providing you with failures in the end. I still want to help. I just don't know what to do.
  7. If it is not an inconvenience Bossdaddy, I'd like to study a bit more, perhaps until Wednesday? You can start another thread on your other shifting issue anytime though.
  8. Ok I see... your browser is treating the video files as if they were file attachments, rather than streaming vids. You should see a player with a play/pause button, volume and full screen controls like so: So your browser settings/file type permissions appears to be the problem 😭
  9. You shouldn't have to download the video, they should appear inside a video player like Youtube vids do, just press the play button.
  10. No tweaking was required... and the videos work fine for me too. Are you using a phone or a computer browser @Fishfiles?
  11. Yup probably a bad oil temp sensor then.
  12. You can test the fan motor and the FCU oil temp light functions by grounding the Light Blue wire that plugs into the oil temp sensor. The spec for an oil temp sensor is: 9.5k ohms to 10.5k ohms at 68 degrees F. A room temperature sensor resistance measurement is close enough to 68 degrees to be a trustworthy test.
  13. Yeah someday but not anytime soon. Got no time for a project this year.
  14. Welcome to ATVHonda Ian!
  15. We can host videos here like youtube does. We just have those options disabled, because video files are very large compared to images and other file types that we allow. If we opened up video uploads for members our storage, delivery and backups costs for those vids would quickly eclipse our budget. In other words we don't receive enough in donations to cover what might eventually quadruple our current monthly expense figures. But whenever something important comes along that serves a need for a member I feel like we should do our best to accommodate them. We can do that by allowing a video upload here and there. Of course, since videos have never been tried yet, we'd have to test a bit to insure they can be viewed on all devices as we'd expect. It all starts with a PM....
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