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  1. Hope your season got off to a fun start last weekend @wheelsquad! I am still scouting a bunch, got a real late start and after a couple locals found my two best spots I been scramblin' to find another two, but gonna finally place my stands this weekend. Our deer opener is Oct 1st. We have a fellah from Minnesota & a fellah from Wisconsin in Bear camp this year... got 4 bait stands with cams gettin' hit every day... season opens on Friday for them. Hope you can join us sometime!
  2. retro

    Old man shifter

    Floorboards are a necessity for me too. The woods here cannot be riden through without them. No way to keep from rolling the bike down into ravines. If ya got no floorboards and yer following me through the woods..? Then ya gonna have to park it & walk or wreck it trying.
  3. For $500 Alex, what are human parasites? 🙂
  4. Yup, we talked about some of his thefts on another forum. He stole the source code for DOS from an alcoholic and the poor man ended up homeless and died while living on the street. He's an evil psychopath... has no conscience, no empathy, no concerns at all for his fellows. And he admits those facts. He works for the royal family & their central bankers. He, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated. Vaccines are for cattle and sheep, according to Bill. He's right about that IMO.
  5. I gotta get back on this project too. I keep telling myself "soon"... but I still have crap piled up in my shack that I moved from each room while repainting and that work ain't completely finished yet either. Soon....
  6. I just bumped the kill switch on my Rancher while I was pressure washing it on Monday. Took me 5 minutes to realize what I had done... was thinking the worse possible thought.... I figured that I had forced way too much water into the exhaust outlet while blasting hard red clay off of the muffler and killed it. 🙂 I was about to yank the spark plug and let the water out... But It fired right up after I flipped the kill switch back on.
  7. If I were you I would put a Linux distro on the SSD along with a small Linux swap partition (16 GB max, it'll never be written to or used by Linux so make it small). Let Linux have the entire SSD drive.... standard stuff. Then if you want to run Windows you can either add a cheap hard drive for Windows, or run Windows inside a Linux window using VirtualBox. If you choose to run Windows as a virtual machine in VirtualBox you can create several Windows VMs which will be contained as files inside a folder on Linux.... then you won't need to buy a hard drive and Bill Gates along with his phony WinDOS will be jailed like they both deserve to be. 🙂
  8. I didn't want to go off topic in your intro thread... was hoping that you'd start another thread. But I gotta warn ya, that battery is junk... don't try to run it with that battery in it else ya risk frying the regulator/rectifier or the stator. And if the regulator shorts internally your CDI could get fried by excessive voltage (greater than 16.5 volts fries 'em) as well.
  9. Great diagnostic troubleshooting thread ya put together here! Thanks for sharing!
  10. We have a factory service manual here:
  11. Ooops! Glad ya got it going!
  12. The secondary windings in the ignition coil are burnt & shorted. Its a rare occurrence... but a replacement coil should fix it.
  13. Welcome to ATV Honda! Start a thread on your repairs so we can follow your progress if ya wish?
  14. Pro tip: If ya don't want to see any smoke, combustion carbon on the piston,chamber & exhaust port, or whiff smelly odors, try mixing Red Oil in your Stihl at 32:1. 🙂 https://www.maximausa.com/product/formula-k2/
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