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  1. Yup, the G/Y wire is negative ground, Bl/R is positive. It sounds like the battery may be weak. Resting voltage should be 12.6 minimum, but 10.4 volts at the coil while cranking should be enough to make spark. At this point unless you have a peak voltage adaptor ya can't trust your work. So it becomes a guessing game... which usually results in costing a bunch of money buying parts that aren't needed. If you have a good multimeter (10 megohm per DC volt or better impedance) with a Peak/Max button on it you may be able to capture the peak voltage pulses at the coil and the CKP sensor. Adding a 1 micro-farad 200-250 volts electrolytic capacitor between your red meter lead and the test connector would insure that ya capture them. Someday I am going to build a few PVAs to lend out to members.... its frustrating working without one. Here is the ignition diagram, the coil PV test and the CKP PV test from the ignition section in the 2004-2016 Honda Foreman service manual.
  2. Done FF! Thanks for your entry... nice pic!
  3. Just one photo allowed per entry FF, tough choice eh?
  4. Well it looks like your partitions are valid on the NVMe SSD. You have installed GRUB2 on the /dev/sda hard disk though... so the SSD is configured as your secondary drive rather than your primary drive. As I mentioned, the easiest way to fix it is to disconnect the hard disk (ya don't want to risk nuking your hard disk OSes if ya make a mistake) and reinstall your choice of distros on the SSD. The installer will make the SSD bootable automatically. After you're done installing on the SSD then shut down and reconnect the hard disk and add those OSes to the GRUB2 boot menu. After disconnecting the hard disk (and before you boot from a DVD to install your first distro on the SSD) go into BIOS setup and make sure that your SSD has been detected. Set the boot order to try one of your DVD drives (/dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1) first, then set the SSD as the 2nd choice. Then put an installer DVD disk into your DVD drive, save your changes and reboot to begin your 1st install. You'll be provided the option to repartition the SSD during the install if you wish to change anything. You may be able to use GRUB Customizer GUI to add your /dev/sda hard disk OSes to the boot menu after you're all done with your installs. Here is the PPA install process to get that program: https://tipsonubuntu.com/2018/03/11/install-grub-customizer-ubuntu-18-04-lts/ But beware! Messing around with GRUB can leave ya with an unbootable system if ya don't understand what you're doing and make a mistake! I recommend using the command line to configure GRUB instead.... since a GUI app like GRUB Customizer makes it too easy for amateurs to poke around and break stuff! Hollar at me for help with those commands when its time to do the deed. 🙂
  5. For sure, the newer Honda ATVs are more difficult to diagnose ignition faults since the factory stopped publishing coil resistance values way back and only publish peak voltage values nowadays. So if ya don't have a peak voltage adaptor handy ya won't get very far.. An OEM Honda ignition coil might fix it. Just don't plug in a china knockoff part as china parts on Hondas do more harm (primary coil resistance is overly low which can overheat and fry the ECU) than good. While you are waiting on the new coil you can unplug the ECU grey harness connector very carefully (the pins are tiny and bend easily), put some dielectric grease inside the connector and carefully plug it back in until it snaps completely together. Honda does not weatherproof/oxygen-proof their connectors at the factory so over time water/moisture may enter connectors and oxygen begins to corrode them which can lead to connector failures.
  6. They look great Freedomflyer! But ya posted your photos in a thread where ya can't win any money! 🙂
  7. To save time also measure the primary voltage while the Ign coil is plugged in.... since that was gonna be my next question. You do have a new NGK spark plug right? Inspect the spark plug cable for rub-throughs and push & twist the plug boot into the cable 1/4 turn to make sure the boot has not pulled off of the cable.
  8. retro

    Forum Hunters?

    You saw plenty of action in both archery & firearm seasons this year wheelsquad. Congrats man!
  9. Hi David, welcome to ATVHonda! There should be battery voltage across the Black/Red stripe wire and the Green/Yellow stripe wire that connect to the ignition coil while the key is turned on (not cranking the motor over). You can check the primary voltage using a multimeter. Turn the key off, unplug the Bl/R wire and the G/Y wire from the Ign coil. Set your multimeter to DC volts and with the red lead from your meter probe the coil connector on the end of that Bl/R wire while you probe the G/Y wire connector with your black meter lead. Turn the key on... you should measure battery voltage (12.6 volts DC or higher) across those two ignition coil wires. Then press the starter button and make note of the voltage drop while cranking... let us know what you measure in both tests.
  10. Thanks for pic! Once ya get your Rubi all dolled up snap a pic & enter our ATV of the Year contest. 🙂
  11. It sounds like you may have fixed the flickering lights issue. Its possible that the pilot screw (idle mixture) needs readjusted though @FishinDawg, its easy you can adjust it by ear, no need for a tachometer. From the service manual: Have ya got a pic of your '04 Rubi that you can share? We all love pics...!
  12. Break out your camera @ATC4ever you're still in it!
  13. We made a thread for your 1st photo Pip.
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