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  1. I deleted all of your political and alternative "medias" links @F250 guy. Those were off-subject hopium materials, for entertainment purposes only. This thread is limited to discussion of covid & its treatment + harmful jabs subjects. Thanks for your understanding.
  2. The sheep are easy pickin's, but the rest of us are impossible... so in their luciferian cult way of thinking it will take them a bit longer is all. They want ALL of us, "the uninitiated" - "the profane", in their own words) dead. The geno-jabs are just their opening act.
  3. All of the above plus a Leatherman multi-tool knife, a roll of toilet paper stuffed inside a ziplock bag, gloves, a clean rag, bandages and tape and a long & strong tow rope to yank burning polaris' junkers out of my way. 🙂
  4. They want the shooting to start.... they are engineering a civil war that WILL begin soon among the ignorant and hungry amongst us. They'll jab our kids and get their wish if we sit back and wait too long!
  5. Thats great! But if you believe that your grand daughter won't be held down for a jab at school at some point in the near future, then you haven't been paying enough attention to reality! The responsibility is on you and her parents to protect her, which may require that she be removed from school by her parents.
  6. Heads up y'all, geno-jabs centers are being set up at public schools in many/most cities in america. They intend to jab your kids without your permission in surprise, coordinated attacks at those jab centers. Don't allow your families to get caught out unawares... you'll need to act on this reality a lot sooner than you might think. Your primary purpose of your gift of existence on this planet is to look after each other. Look after, protect and nurture each and every one of our children. All children. Get off your butts and perform your duties in service to your god and universe!
  7. I said that I would post only one video... and It's my hope that y'all will pay more attention to (and study) the evolving protocol recommendations than videos, but I wanna share one more older vid that I shared with my daughter a while back. "THIS INTERVIEW COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE" PART TWO: THE DANGERS OF THE INJECTIONS
  8. Only over my cold, dead body... rest assured this one is here to stay and grow. 💀 I'm tickled that you found it useful! Please protect our children y'all!
  9. retro


    ... are not vaccines and are insidiously dangerous to health. The most likely outcome for those people who have been injected will be death unless discoveries can be made soon to defeat/reverse them inside the body and subsequently find ways to remove those harmful toxins from the body. Researchers are working on treating/reversing as many of the geno-jabs harmful effects as they find, however. They just don't have very much success to report at this date, as every idea, every trial is experimental and so it will be a very long time before enough data can be attained to demonstrate any progress. The facts are that the many researchers taking on geno-jabs are faced with ingredients formulated to be horrific killers. The Japanese have assayed vials and found metallic nano-particles in them, believed to be Graphene Oxide as many other sources have reported, so the japanese have banned those jabs in their country. But everyone else in the world is still injecting GO laden jabs. No one knows how to remove GO, and most researchers believe that it will prove to be impossible to help people injected with GO. The spike proteins production inside the body along with blood platelets clumping together and capillaries clotting in the organs seems to be irreversible too, since the proteins are being produced biologically following DNA alteration. They don't know how to stop those processes yet but they are trying to. There is some tiny bit of hope.... So if you've been jabbed you can only work on your immune system health and hang in there as long as you can. You'll need to prevent exposure to all viruses within the coronavirus family, including the seasonal flu and the common cold, as your immune system has been weakened by 35% minimum and you may likely have ADE now. All of those conditions can be fatal. An influenza injection might kill you too, so learn your lessons and stop injecting yourself with poisons. You'll probably require the same immune system supplementation support as is currently recommended for Covid prevention and treatment, at a minimum, until more can be discovered. You should schedule a D-Dimer blood test with your doctor immediately to learn the extent of clotting that is in your organs and flesh. Ask your doctor to scan your lungs for micro-clots and of course if your D-Dimer test comes back positive you'll need to get on blood thinner medication, or take aspirin daily to thin your blood, at the very least. Ask your doctor for help... I am not one, I just happen to read 8-10 hours per day is all. Do everything you can to strengthen your immunity against the spike so that you might stay out of hospitals, as your jabbed populace are dying in them because they are not receiving appropriate treatments. You'll either die in there or leave with crippled organs..... So little has been published so far on treatment strategies for the jabs, but there are a few tactics discussions trickling out. This one was published June 5th and as you will see it is just a collection of ideas at this point. If any of you find any materials on the studies involving geno-jabs please share them with us. I will do the same. Protect our children!
  10. An Urgent Message From Dr. Pierre Kory - FLCCC Alliance The FDA have attempted a bait and switch on everyone. The FDA "approved" Comornaty jabs are not available and won't ever be, although the approved jabs are the exact same product as the emergency authorized jabs that are being pumped into arms. The reason why this fraud is important to understand is so you won't cave into their "oh but this jab is FDA approved to be safe and effective" lies. Look up the legal difference for yourself if you don't believe me. Executive branch and/or legislative branch mandates for geno-jabs should be ignored as they have no authority to enforce them on anyone. Articles I and II of the Constitution provide limited powers outlines for the Executive and Legislative and so of course, contain no mention of personal health authority. Mandates, either stated or implied are tyranny. Mandates are unconstitutional so they must be ignored by all. It's your duty as a 14th amendment citizen... and if you are one of the People (a living man or woman) then the Constitution and the claims of Government it instructs and limits does not apply to you anyway. The government is nothing more than your clerk and servant. Protect our children!
  11. Propylaxis and Treatment The FLCCC Alliance website has become the single best source for up to date information. You can find their general FAQ here: https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/faq-on-ivermectin/ And their i-mask protocols FAQ is here: https://covid19criticalcare.com/new-i-mask-faqs/ Guide for Patients & Relatives: https://covid19criticalcare.com/guide-for-this-website/ How to Get Ivermectin (find a doctor in your state or a tele-medicine doctor that will provide you with Ivermectin): https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/how-to-get-ivermectin/ I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/i-mask-plus-protocol/ In the event that you are stuck on a cell phone or cannot read PDF files on your internet capable device, I have converted each of the I-Mask protocols pages to PNG images so you can view them here: Americas Frontline Doctors website is another good source for protocols info. Here is their "How do I get Covid-19 medication?" page: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/treatments/how-do-i-get-covid-19-medication/ Good luck to y'all and happy learnin'!
  12. This is a covid reboot thread for current vital information. Covid research, treatment trials and studies have evolved quite a bit and so there are lots of published stuff available now, compared to the bits and pieces of information we had available to us just a few months ago. I am going to start with a Dr Peter McCullough covid/jabs overview, as this presentation is one of the best single-source informational videos that I have watched in these last 18 months or so. If you only have time for one great overview this is the one you are looking for. However, I urge you to continue your education on your own because the info contained in this vid provides only a small portion of all that we each should learn. I have many hundreds more saved.... but I'm only sharing one and y'all know why. Share this with your family if you can. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NT1V5OtuHbbG/
  13. I was on the job at the company where I retired from that morning. I had finished my morning backups and updates routines in the servers room lockup and was walking back to my office to refill my coffee mug, when one of the early arriving teachers met me in the hallway. We chatted for a bit then he asked for the big screen TV that we kept locked up inside the servers room, so I went back to the lockup and switched the cable TV on for his classroom on the distribution rack and rolled the TV stand to his room where I fired it up. We continued to chat while his students were arriving when suddenly the TV broadcast he had chosen was interrupted by the news media coverage in New York. As we watched the show the CEO & faculty from the front office, the other teachers and most of their students, all began to crowd into the classroom and hallway to watch the events. So I opened a dividing wall that separated that classroom from a second large classroom which allowed most that wanted to watch some standing room at least. I was sorta prepared for those events since I had been reading up about a planned false flag attack on the dark web for a while. What I wasn't prepared for was to keep my mouth shut about it. I messed up when I told a faculty member standing next to me (that was a close friend) that they were going to demo those two buildings next... less than 30 seconds later they dropped the first one and she looked at me and began to cry. I felt pretty bad that I had been so insensitive and apologized to her. I never said another word about it that day, lesson learned.
  14. @Stonethrower , Hi welcome to the forums. Your email host is sending complaints to our mail server so I must ask you to change your email address. I am resetting your registered email in order to stop the complaints.
  15. retro


    Steve Hunter & Dick Wagner on guitars, extra long intro
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