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  1. Welcome to ATVHonda FoShua!
  2. retro


    І’vе been ѕellіn’ mу sоul Workin’ аll day Overtimе hours For bullsh*t pay Ѕo I сan sit оut here Аnd waѕte my lіfe аway Drag back homе And drown mу troubles awаy Іt’ѕ a dаmn shame What the world’s gоtten to For pеople like me And peoplе like yоu Wiѕh I could јust wаke up And it not be true Вut іt is Oh it is So many yеars of ignorіng the truth Sо manу tearѕ, I like go on this booth І’m drinking thіs beеr аnd I’m dоing these drügs Јuѕt to numb all this pain I don’t know what to dо It’s not just me Only you and I know thаt І’ve bеen so in debt that I’m ѕuіcidal I’m sо used to being usеd Тhat I don’t use my head аnd inѕtead I just use thе bottle Рut in so many hоurs we’ll never gеt back Juѕt to сollect thіs check that theу turn into tах Мaybe nеxt time our kids shоw up to clasѕ You teaсh them the truth and thеy leаrn about that We carry this country, іt’s hurtin’ оur backs The government fu*ks uѕ, wе’re working for sсrаps No matter what, we’re dеtermined tо crash [?] and eаrn it all back Theу’ll makе you a promіse, then let you down Pluѕ, thesе cоuntries аre run by some pedophilеs And me І refuѕe to just sit around While thеy’re teachіng оur сhildren this sh*t out loud Theу told uѕ to shut up and wеar а mask Just take this vaccіne it’ll they care of thаt On thiѕ highway tо hеll, I’ve been therе and back I сan’t fit аll thіs sh*t in a paragraph Fu*k ’em! I’ve been sеllin’ my soul Workin’ аll day Overtіme hourѕ For bullsh*t paу Sо I can sit out here Аnd wastе my life аway Drag back home And drown my troubles awаy Іt’ѕ a dаmn shame What thе wоrld’s gotten to For people like mе And peоple lіke уou Wish I could just wаke up And it not bе true But it iѕ Oh іt is They supply us the drügs that are killing our kidѕ Тhеn we dо nothіng ’bout it, it is what it іs I’m not sorry, I’m seriоuѕly siсk of this sh*t I јust packed up аnd moved, now І lіvе in the ѕticks Thanks to big pharma we get withdrawаl Then thе whole wоrld іs hooked on this fentanуl Be carеful or yоu might be dead tomorrow Yeah, we’rе working аway and they’re back and саll If they ѕaw this theу’d tеll yоu that thіs is a stretch But why are we letting ‘еm get in our heаdѕ Нow is there vеterans lіvin’ in tents Сause the cyclе haѕ proven to bring us tо death Like, whаt іs the rеason we waited this long to admit thiѕ іs all populаtiоn control Take one loоk around, this !’s taking іtѕ toll But I’m saying fuсk it, I’m brеаking the mold I promise І’m nоt beіng passive-aggrеѕsive I’m actuallу fed up, I’m pаssing a mesѕage I’m tryin’ to say that thеy hаve an agenda, and we just іgnore аll thе facts that they give us Indigenouѕ women gо missing, and what? We supposеd to іgnore it аnd ѕit on оur thumbs? Іt’s not ’bout the left or the right or thе middle I’m gоіng to war, I will not keep it civil Fu*k that! I’ve bеen sellіn’ mу soul Workin’ all day Overtime hоurѕ For bullsh*t pаy So I сan sit out hеre And waste my lіfe away Drаg back home Аnd drоwn mу troublеs away Іt’ѕ a dаmn shame What the world’s gotten to Fоr peoplе like me And people likе you Wish I could just wake up And it nоt be true Вut іt iѕ Oh it is
  3. The first breakdown occurred on my 2000 Rancher 350ES a few days ago. I went out to warm up the bike to run bait refills out to bear stands and it barely cranked over fast enough to start. I checked the battery and it measured 11.74 volts with the key off, but while it was running the charging voltage measured good. So it was just a shorted cell in the battery. Quick and easy fix.... and trust is restored that it'll carry my grand daughter back when she's out having fun on it. I wish I could afford to put together another one just like it, for her.
  4. Piece of cake Led! You'll need to purchase a domain name and a domain mail provider, which is the easiest way to provide private mail for yourself. Alternatively you could buy a domain name and rent a server and run your own email server -- but that is a lot more work and the big three, google, yahoo and microsoft will try to blacklist your mail server IPs constantly, in an effort to force you onto one of their platforms so they can steal/datamine your personal communications. I recommend that you buy a domain name from Namecheap (cheap and they're a top-level dealer, not a reseller) and buy a domain email account from Mxroute. I can help you set those up by PM or email, or phone if you wish. Your cost would amount to about $35-$40 per year for both a domain and unlimited email accounts (POP3, SMTP and/or webmail options), which is a small price to pay for do-it-yourself privacy nowadays.
  5. retro

    Echo Chainsaw

    Echo saws made in Japan are reliable saws. My buddy has one that he uses as his primary firewood cutter and it's old... but still running strong. He has only replaced air filters bars and chains over the many years he's owned it, it's never broke down or failed to start.
  6. You guys are the best! Thanks all!
  7. Electric vehicles are for slaves. Free people shun them and educate their brainwashed buyers. Look up the total cost of manufacturing plus cost of ownership. Then look up the mining costs and the impact on the environment per battery, per vehicle. Then look at the limited range and the centralized recharging requirements and excessive costs. It's incredible how many people there are that can not think critically for themselves. Mock them to wake them up.
  8. The 2019 Rancher models were included in a defective fuel pump recall by Honda that provides a free pump replacement at dealerships. So call your dealer if your Rancher hasn't received the replacement pump. As jeepwm69 suggested bypass the fuel pump relay as that relay may have failed due to the defective pump. Also, in case you hadn't heard, aftermarket parts do not work on Honda ATVs. So stick with OEM parts throughout the life of your Rancher else ya buy twice, cry twice.
  9. Heavy snow loading cracked the display cover on my Rancher while I was away visiting my family this past winter. When I got home I found my Rancher buried under snow and ice. The tarp held up great (marine shrink wrap) and the towel that I had laying across the handlebars to protect everything stayed dry, but the weight of the ice and snow had killed the display cover. I never seen that happen before. Fortunately new display covers are still available for the 2000-2006 Rancher FE/ES models and Honda East Toledo shipped me one $10 cheaper than Rocky Mountain ATV/MC could. 😀
  10. Might be able to upload it here as an attachment. @balljoints , incoming....
  11. Lets talk about motor oil drain plug bolts and oil filters.... every now and then someone will install an oil filter backwards which results in extensive motor damage due to no oil circulation/oil pressure. Another issue I see a bit more often is a missing motor oil drain bolt sealing washer, which generally results in oil seeping out around the drain plug. Those missing washers are noticed right away.... seems like around my community cattle rancher's and farmer's Honda's are always missing that washer when the machine gets to my place needing a repair. Sometimes the washer sticks to the crankcase when the drain plug is removed, then falls into the oil drain pan while they're not looking I guess...? So I keep those washers on hand (lots of oil & filters too) and I change the oil & filter and put a new washer on the drain plug whenever I work on one of those (usually neglected and abused) rancher/farmer machines. The Honda sealing washers are stamped out of a sheet at the factory, so they each are flat on one side and crown-shaped on the other side... install the crown-shaped side of the washer (the crankcase is sometimes flycut for the drain plug bolt and has a chamfer in the aluminum) against the crankcase with the flat side against the oil drain plug bolt. With the washer installed with the crown-shaped side sealing against the crankcase the washer is less likely to stick in the flycut crankcase chamfer the next time the drain plug bolt is removed. Final note: Do not overtighten the oil drain plug bolt or you'll risk breaking the case inside and/or stripping the threads in the aluminum. Don't ever overtighten any other bolt on the machine either.
  12. I couldn't have said it any clearer! No it isn't, we are just getting started! Now if you are pro-gov and believe that government has any authority over you then yeah, you're likely going down with the globalist parasites. Simply because a swimmer that clings to a sinking ship will go down with it. You watch hollywood TV... what do you expect, the truth? Reality? Really? Lies and fear porn divides and conquers, are those soap opera dramas working? Look at those images on TV again and explain how all those "immigrant" actors (after walking for hundreds of miles to reach "the border") are wearing new shoes and clothes, carrying new Disney plastic backpacks, carrying babies with children in tow, clean hair and clean shaven, not a single one of them are dirty and not a single one of them dragging along food & water & bathing supplies, no tents, no TP, nor a supply of diapers.... nothing that would be required for a single one of those actors to trek hundreds of miles over several days time.... every one of them look like they just left the Mall. Were you thinking? No army can ever defeat us and no army will ever attempt to. We are armed to the teeth with a rifle behind every blade of grass. The only way we adults can ever be defeated is through mind control propaganda through TV news believing -- and there are only a few normies remaining that are hopelessly dependent TV addicts. There is no authority greater than your individual selves. And no intelligence greater than your own.
  13. You can probably get a part number from the guys in the opeforums https://opeforum.com/
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