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  1. Bread sacks! 🙂 I still use them on my hands to keep the cold wind from penetrating my gloves when I'm riding my Rancher to the village and back. They may be crude and old fashioned but they sure can help to prevent frostbite fingers.
  2. I like wearing the sub-arctic Baffin boots the most, but I tear a pair of them up every winter, so this fall I didn't buy any. I have been wearing an old pair of LaCrosse boots instead to save money and now both of them are holey on the top of the feet and my feet are getting wet every day. So next year I'm going back to Baffin. I've learned my lesson not to be scrimping on boots that work great in the cold, just cause I'm a tightwad. Have y'all ever heard of Bamboo socks? I didn't... I have a few pairs now after getting a tip from a friend to try them. I thought no way though.... Bamboo? But I caved in and bought some and WOW! No more stanky feet...! Honestly, I think they are the best wicking socks that I have ever wore! My 2nd favorite is Alpaca socks, Merino wool socks are the most comfortable to wear everyday though, and Merino works almost as well as Bamboo or Alpaca. But Bamboo has been a game changer!
  3. @WonderMonkey, I wish to apologize for my bad behavior in your thread. I was wrong to rant & rail against you. I am sorry.
  4. Welcome to ATV Honda Garthbauk! Don't forget to share a pic with us after your display is refreshed.
  5. Hi RancherRider, welcome to ATV honda! It's impossible to guess for sure, whether the fuel pump is going bad already, or if the pump relay is going bad, or if the relay has a poor connection in the harness connector? Any of those could be possible... so unless you have access to a fuel pressure gauge for testing the pump right away, If I were you I would assume that it is still good and instead do a bit of preventive maintenance on it right now, by unplugging the pump relay for a dielectric greasing, then ride it. If the same thing happens again in exactly the same way, then you'll be clued in on the relay being the most likely problem. Keep us posted and congrats on getting yourself a new Rancher!
  6. Try soaking that with a good penetrating oil for a day or two.
  7. Great news! You found the source of the noise & compression problems your motor has, congrats and good work! So you have learned that the head is damaged (the cam is probably in good condition), the connecting rod is galled up (whether its bent or not doesn't matter), the bore is worn out and the piston looks just as bad... and it probably needs a new cam chain to insure that it lasts a long life once it is put back together. So it looks like a crank kit, cam chain, a used head, new piston kit + rebore the jug, new seals & gaskets might make it like new again. Have you noticed anything else it might need?
  8. Welcome to ATV Honda Jay Beal!
  9. I understand your discomfort and I do feel sympathy for it. I disagree with the response to it though. I'd rather find a way to help you solve your single issue, not create another potentially more harmful response that victimizes us all, as a management policy. I disagree with an Ignore feature because that immediately victimizes myself and all other members of our forum. Thank you for practicing restraint with this individual so far. I hope that you can both make amends and your wounds soon heal. Lets work on that.
  10. I believe that I just found the ignore setting and I have just disabled it. If y'all forum owners & operators wish to have that feature reenabled, lets take up a discussion in the members forum, OK? Thanks for bringing this issue up y'all.
  11. Ignore is a two-way, don't ever forget the golden rule.... that no one is special and each deserve the same treatment as he/she serve. We cannot ever be free within an exclusionary environment and thankfully there exists a much better option. I hope that one day it will be discovered and experienced, so that our species may grow up and that Universe may finally experience a net gain as the result! I apologize, I just don't see any value in ignoring any of my friends and fellows here... I must disagree with it on principle. I will not participate in it, nor co-operate with anyone whom chooses to. You are not any better or more deserving than your peers. Despite your insistence that you have a right to, you'll receive no special treatment here. Grow up man.
  12. My most recent girlfriend (and still one of my most trustworthy friends) once told me: "They really are out to get you now." She was dead serious as she spoke. She was referring to my vision (implementation of) of freedom.... and my purposeful intentions & plans to design & create (for myself) an infinitely free environment that could (& do!) support a lifestyle that I had dreamed of living since my early childhood. My vision was/is based solidly upon principles that I have discovered over the years while attending "the school of hard knocks", having already experienced everything I ever wanted to experience in life, EXCEPT for an honest crack at attaining infinite freedom up to that point in my life, which was only a few weeks after I had turned my back on all of our corporate hierarchical ruling structures... a new lifestyle had been birthed on purpose and at great expense of a lifetime of saving.... both for myself and for sharing with her, along with as many like-minded responsible others as I hope and continue to dream for.... You want to know what I told her as I began to laugh my butt off right there in my new to me shack...? "You are so paranoid! Are you full of fear? I am not afraid of anything, or afraid of anyone, I am free!" You are free as well, I defend your right to maintain your freedom as diligently as I defend my own. But dadgummit, please don't be so darn paranoid, no one is out to get you man!!!! Man up! I must leave y'all alone now, but I wish to leave you with a bit of philosophy to ponder over in a parting shot: Peace brothers and sisters. We are one.
  13. This thread is surprising to me because I had thought that we had disabled all of the "ignore a fellow friend & member" options in the Admin control panel since before day one. Apparently we must have missed something in there.... and someone have found a loophole? My opinion on that "feature" is unbreakable, the same today as it was during our founding and assembly of this forum. A member ignore option rubs me the wrong way... "ignore" not only runs sharply countering of our founding principles, it certainly runs counter to my personal, highly principled lifestyle practices as well. I know that I always come across as a "Richard nose" whenever I rant on about stuff like this... and this particular rant certainly is not personally directed in any way.... please don't ever forget that. Please fellow members, just answer to yourself these simple questions: Are we each responsible adults capable of respect for others opinions? Are we capable of managing our own affairs? Are we each infinitely free to be (become) our responsible respectful selves here? Are we free here, to defend our own natural born human right to be free? And are we free here, to defend our fellow member's human right to be free, just as insistently as we demand our own freedoms? OR, are we each weak, irresponsible children dependent upon censure-ship by an equal fellow human member amongst us? Are we each incapable of living with & interacting with a principled vision for life... consisting of infinite personal FREEDOM based upon RESPECT for self AND others? Are we RESPONSIBLE adults, or are we NOT? I cannot allow myself to "co-operate" with anyone in any sort of restrictive environment such as that! I am truly sorry.
  14. Whether the cam lobes are pointing up or down is completely irrelevant. Just line up the two cam timing marks (the dot on the cam matches the pointer on the case) then verify that the "T" in the sight window lines up too. Done. You'll have to take the chain off to check the wear on the plastic guide & tensioner block. You may need to replace one, both, or neither one.... By the way, that cam chain doesn't look overly worn to me. The Lifters you showed us earlier didn't look bad either. So take the cam out and check the comp release over good next.
  15. I still want to make ya a harness extension Fish, it bugs me that ya gotta cut your fender... Your application is challenging and I am learning from it. I think I'm gonna redesign the gizmo and send ya a downsized, more sensible package. So don't fall in love with that one ya got.... 🙂
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