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  1. You can probably get a part number from the guys in the opeforums https://opeforum.com/
  2. That's a 50cc, 3.2 HP plastic saw,,, Easiest fix is dump the chain oil and fuel mix into a Stihl MS261 (50cc, 5.0 HP) magnesium saw, half pound lighter, last a lifetime.
  3. Every VPN server located within the USAcorp states/territories is required to maintain user logs and hand them over upon request to you know who. So you won't find one you'd pay to use around here. Most overseas VPN services keep user logs too, I've never found one that didn't. I'm sure the ruling evil bastids provide private VPN networks for themselves because they are a lot more "equal" than us morally centered subjects. It's a little club and we can't get in it. Thankfully.
  4. Remove the front fender and the fuel tank to access the frame mounting location on your 350 Rancher. Place the drill template on top of the frame gusset on the left side as shown in the photo, center punch the two hole locations and drill them using a 17/64 drill bit. Before bolting the gizmo to the frame you may want to move the momentary switch on the heat sink over to the mounting location closest to where the wiring exits the housing for easier access to that switch. The frame tubing will block access to the momentary switch from the left side, so you'll be reaching between the gizmo and the steering shaft to depress that switch and light up the voltmeter, if you ever need to readjust the actuator voltage in the future. So make sure that you can reach the switch button once the fender is back on the bike before tightening up the two mounting bolts. Once the bike is together access is from the left front wheel well. The gizmo mounting location is high on the frame so it stays fairly clean riding in mudslinging slop. This is a view from the front of a mounted gizmo: You'll need to remove the Auto/ESP switch cover from the Rincon throttle assembly and replace that with the top cover from your Rancher throttle. Here are two pics, first one is the stock Rincon throttle and the second pic has a Rincon throttle in it with a Rancher cover. Easy stuff.... Mounting the '07 Rancher 4x4 indicator lens in the Display Meter cover is risky business, because there is barely enough flat space on the Display Meter cover between the fuel tank vent hose guide and the ignition switch for fitting the Lens with the rubber boot & bulb socket attached. When you drill the hole for the lens you gotta make sure that there is enough clearance on the underside of the meter cover for the bulb socket boot to fit over the opening in the lens.... It's very tight in there.... So measure thrice and triple check your decision before committing with your drill bit. If you mis-judge your hole placement the rubber bulb socket boot will jam between the lens and the vent hose plastic holder and cock the lens in it's hole. Also you'll need to glue the lens in from the backside to insure that it stays put.... I use Ultra Black silicone gasket maker for that. Let it cure overnight before plugging the light socket into the back of the indicator lens.
  5. Also shipping is a bag of installation stuff.... two types of shrink tubing (one type is adhesive lined), a homemade short trimpot adjustment screwdriver, a drill template for mounting the gizmo, some electrical solder, and some zip ties.
  6. Solder together and seal every wire connection watertight & airtight. The wiring connections are as follows: '07 420FM 4x4 light: Black/Brown = Blue Blue = Blue Rincon 4x2x4 handlebar switch: Black/Green = Black Brown/Black = Brown '06 Rancher 400 diff actuator: White/Black = White Orange/Black = Orange '03 Rancher 350 accessory power socket positive: White/Black = Red Negative ground frame bolt - Right side next to the CDI module: Green
  7. The connectors are dielectric greased, the lid is sealed and it's ready to ship!
  8. The sickest I ever got was from drinking Tequila. Never again! I finished testing and I adjusted the front diff actuator voltage to 9 volts. I'm off to find three tiny screws, then I'll seal the cover down and be back for a final pic dump & installation instructions.
  9. Ok let's start with a Professor and end with a.... st paddy's day-after hangover.... ? Crankers Brewery, Big Rapids, MI Reminds me of KBC back home.... good beers, good folks, all of them. Be safe, have fun!
  10. The harnesses are done, the board is wired and the voltage adjustment expansion plug is located on the clear cover. The gizmo is ready for testing. I need to find three small screws suitable for plastic to hold the board down. Then I'll seal the cover down, take some pics and ship it. Sending you a PM @Vintage Motors
  11. Welcome Jack! User name changed!
  12. Finally I am back on the job.... I altered the parts layout a bit and then soldered the parts down. Next up, cut wiring for harnesses and assemble & solder waterproof connectors into them.
  13. Rotella T6 fanboy here!
  14. Hi, welcome to ATVHonda! 1st thing you'll learn here is to always use genuine Honda parts for replacements. China knockoffs don't work at all. Have fun!
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