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  1. Yes all bolts are removed. I've triple checked that lol. Which pins in the end of the shift drum?
  2. So I've removed everything shade said to. I have been tapping around the case to try and free it but it doesn't seem to want to budge... Any ideas?
  3. Here's some pics of each side. Do you think it's ready to be pulled apart?
  4. Awesome, thanks dudes. I've looked at the manual but I'm unsure whether I need to remove anything else before splitting the cases? For example the kickstart?
  5. Thanks 🙂I'll get the coil out and clean it up. Don't think there's any carbon build up on it though, just old oil and dirt deposits. After that how do I go about splitting the cases?
  6. Okay great, thanks. I was cleaning out the covers a bit and had a look at the coils. There seems to be a bit of damage to them, should I be concerned about this? Also what's the best way to clean all this muck and oil out properly? Thanks
  7. Thanks @Goober. Nice to hear from you. So would you suggest removing all the rust? Or could I just leave it? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. I'm gonna clean all the gunk and dirt out best I can tomorrow, then I'll be ready to split the cases.
  9. Opened up the left side cover and it's not looking too healthy in there... Should I be worried about the rust on the flywheel?
  10. So the engine is out and cleaned up best I can get it at the moment. I have got all the loose dirt off so alls left is dirt that has just set hard on the motor. I presume it'll be fine to leave that on there as it won't fall into the motor. Next step is taking off the left side
  11. Okay thanks. All I've really got in the way of equipment are wire brushes and brake cleaners. Is it okay to use wire brushes on the motor or will it be too harsh? I'd like the exterior to be protected and last a long time. So that would probably mean painting it. I know shade uses a dremel tool on his motors to get them super clean and ready for paint, but surely I can do something by hand. It'll just take longer by hand lol
  12. Thanks dude!! Yeah hopefully I'll be proud of myself when she's all done up 🙂
  13. Awesome thanks man. What's the best way to clean up the exterior of the motor? Would you suggest wire brushing or would that be too aggressive? I'll get the oil pump, pipes and cam chain out tomorrow probably. Then pull the motor from the frame and get it cleaned up. Here's a pic of where it's at.. also the new impact driver lol
  14. Good news in some ways I guess lol... Due to this Corona virus my college has been shut down (as everyone is panicking there heads off lol). Meanwhile I basically have nothing to do. Sooo.. I think I might as well get stuck into this engine ey 🙂 I picked up an electric impact driver the other day and just got round to whizzing that nut off. It was sooo easy!! lol What are the next steps after I get the engine out the frame? Hope ya'll are well
  15. No I was asking about the trx350D lol.. Still, that's an interesting list to look at 🙂
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