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  1. Ahh it's okay.. was just curious... thanks for that though man
  2. Thanks anyway. I appreciate the info 👍🏻. You'll be pleased to hear that I installed the bearing into the clutch today 🙂 It all worked perfectly. Thankyouuu!!
  3. Ahh okay. So is it the 1986 the one with the black plugs in?
  4. Ohhh okay... So these drums could be off a 300 for example? Thanks man Yeah sorry lol.. I still haven't fitted it yet, been focusing on these front brakes.. I'll get it fitted into the clutch next time I'm in the workshop and will check it works as should. 👍🏻. Thanks man!!
  5. I've just been fitting the brake drum plugs and it seems that it's only the red plugs that fit?? I do have some other brake drums as well and thought I'd see if they were the same or not... however it seems that its only the bigger black plugs that fit these drums?? Anyone have any idea why the two drums are different??
  6. Thanks guys.. @shadetree @oh400ex Only reason I was thinking of replacing the boots is because mine are a little perished (no splits yet though) and I thought it might be good to replace the cv grease. Maybe I'll leave it for the moment 🤔
  7. Oh wow you've found a ton of great looking stuff! Thanks for all of that man! I might order one and see how it goes, if it fits I'll get another. Can only try I guess:) Thanks for that! Brilliant
  8. Haha fair enough.. Looked the same in the picture lol..? Any idea where I could get a replacement?
  9. Hi all. Looking to replace my cv boots and replace the grease in them. I can't find a direct replacement but have found these for a 2006 Honda trx 350 FM. Does anyone know if they'll fit a 350D? Or have you guys used anything else?
  10. IT'S HERE!!! Arrived around mid day.. Looks like it's had quite a journey, all passengers (bearing and plugs lol) are in tact though:) . All perfect! Can't thank you enough @shadetree for sorting me out with the bearing and plugs for the brake drums. Amazing!
  11. Maybe... but it should be fine I would think
  12. I'm not sure, there doesn't seem to be a quarantine for packages. I've just recieved my shindy valves that also came from over the pond. Just had to pay some import tax for those, no quarantine 🤷‍♂️. We shall see what happens with this one 🙂
  13. Yeah been pretty quick! It's been 8 days since it left shade so pretty quick yeah
  14. One way clutch bearing and plugs have reached the UK! 🙂
  15. Yeah thanks man... Was just unsure of the orientation in which the plate bolted onto the knuckle at . Thanks
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