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  1. I'm back! Lol.. seen that I was mentioned in this. I'm really interested to see if you @Goober found out why your quad is fouling plugs? My 350 still seems like it runs a little rich but haven't bothered sorting it much.
  2. Hey Goober... Thanks for that! That does sound very similar to my issue apart from my problem turned out to be the fuel pump in the end. I ended up replacing the pump and that solved all the problems. I think my original problem with it running rich was that the old pump never shut off when the carb was full, therefore fuel was being forced through the carb some how and resulting in it running rich. With that all fixed for the last month or so, I've had the old girl out for a few rides. Had her out in the snow at the start of February. There's a couple things left to do such as getting the front racks blasted and painted, need to get some lights for in the front there, and I think she needs some new front shocks as these ones are very saggy lol. Once again thankyou all so much for you're help. Literally couldn't have done it without you all.
  3. Hi everyone. Sorry for being so in active, been kinda busy lately. Just read what @Howols has said there and thinking maybe a new choke valve plunger is what I need next. I think something must be up with the choke because it still doesn't shut off when the pilot screw is seated. If the pump is just constantly pumping then surely that would just mean the carb would overflow and not effect the the amount of fuel going to the engine at all. The next step I think will be getting the choke valve out, check that rubber seal at the bottom and get a few pictures for you guys to have a look at. Yes it all moves nicely fish. I'll get a pic or two when I get a minute. Thanks all
  4. Thanks guys! Sounding to me like the best option here would be to get a new pump. Is it a really bad idea to get a Chinese pump and see if it solves the problem with that? Then it definitely tells me it's the pump issue and not the carb or whatever. And if it's not the pump then I've only wasted £15. I know it's never good to get Chinese made crap but for test purposes? Yes that was the case. I haven't tried seating it in all the way again but at the moment its only one turn out and still rich. Is the choke valve the metal piece with the sharp needle on the end on the choke cable? No I haven't replaced this but it does have a fresh seal on.
  5. Thanks @retro really appreciate it. I'll check it all out and look into it. A new oem pump here is £160.. ouch lol. That's a lot.. How would I go about adding a pressure switch? What kind of thing do I need to look for?
  6. Okay. I'm fairly positive that it doesn't do this. How is the pulsing controlled and how does the pump know what to do?
  7. Hi guys. Got it running again. Think I must have flooded it yesterday some how. It is however still running quite rich... I'm thinking that there might be an issue with the fuel cut off relay not telling the pump to shut off when the carb is full as the pump is always on. I don't know if the pump is meant to shut off now and then so the carb gets just enough fuel or what? Could the pump being on all the time mean that it's always just pushing way too much fuel through the carb? Just a thought, probably silly one lol What does the fuel cut off relay actually do in terms of how it controls the pump? Thanks Pic of the spark plug. What do you think about the colour? Look okay or too black? Looks pretty black to me
  8. Hmm okay... I'll try that filling the carb up trick and get back to you... How can I check to see if the fuel cut off is working properly? Also the fan control unit, is there a way to test that as well? Does the manual cover ways to test the control units? Thanks shade
  9. Okay super. Thanks. I'll give that restoration technique a go if I can find an appropriate brush. I'll have a go at polishing that brass seat as well. I've definitely got some toothpaste lol. Yep I went back to the stock oem one. Thanks retro
  10. Yep took the spark plug out and it was wet. I did see fuel coming out the bowl vent at one point but forgot to see if it stopped later on or not. I saw someone on YouTube testing the float valve by taking the carb off, having it upside down with the bowl off, and blowing into the fuel inlet. He said, If the valve if sealing correctly then you shouldn't be able to blow through it easily. But if it is easy to blow through then it isn't sealing properly. Would this actually work? Hahah no I did remember to take it out lol.. Thanks
  11. Hi all. I put all the oem carb parts back into the carb and also cleaned up the intake boot and replaced the o ring to ensure its sealing good. Now I'm having trouble starting the quad? The carb is getting fuel, I have spark. So wondering if maybe it's flooding? How could I test if the float valve is sealing properly once the carb bowl is full? Any other ideas are welcome lol Pics of intake boot.
  12. Pipe cleaner running through the enrichment circuit? Where/what's that?
  13. Great. Is there anything I else I need to make sure is set right? Thanks
  14. Just putting the old parts back in the carb. Everything looks in good order and clean. Just checking that this is in the correct slot? Just going by the manual so I guess it's right but could be wrong as we have found lol
  15. Thanks retro! I'll get the carb off in a couple days after the festivities lol.. Will get back to you with what i find! Sounds like it might be a Chinese knockoff then, it's annoying that as it wasn't cheap and I had to order from the states. I'll look into it. Thanks!
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