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  1. Yeah 2-1/4 to 2-12. Will do like you say
  2. Finally got the carb installed. Started easy and great idle. Let it warm up good and took a ride. Lousy acceleration, but never died out. Runs smooth if you ease the throttle up. Thinking maybe too lean so when it cooled I backed pilot screw out 1/4 turn . (I wonder if anyone ever thanked the Keihin carb folks for placing the pilot screw on the bottom so you can burn your hand in 3 places?) The old back was done for the day, so will try it tomorrow and see if I helped it any
  3. the shindy gasket was a quarter inch too big both directions
  4. thanks for the info.! as for the carb kit, I only needed the bowl gasket from it. The rest of the kit was shindy. The shindy gasket did not fit, only place I could get a kit today only had the allballs...
  5. To all concerned: here's an update on my carb situation. Got the carbs from fishfiles and a can of cleaner and an allballs carb kit. Everything cleaned up real good (looks new!), got carb spray thru all ports, blew air thru all ports. Installed new float, ( I had bought one before the carbs came in, so I still have a spare!) Removed towel from cylinder and inspected o-ring surface where boot attaches. What I found was, the surface had been coated with permatex (hardening type). So I question this. Why? Did the previous owner see that the o-ring was flat, and instead of replacing it, decided to seal with permatex? (Not just the o-ring sealing surface, but the whole flange) Or did he not even see the o-ring in the boot, but decided permatex would seal since there he had no gasket? REMEMBER THIS IS LIKELY THE SAME INDIVIDUAL who peened the main jet in the bore, and rounded off the screw heads on the slide valve, so the jet needle could not be replaced , then went to work with a grinder ! I spent considerable time removing the dried-on permatex while not damaging the sealing surface. Lots of carb cleaner and a toohbrush finally got it cleaned up. I definitely need to build a raised platform to put my vehicles on so I don't spend so much time bending over. The old back is sore tonight. Tomorrow I will install (hopefully) the carb and gas tank, with a filter, and see what happens. This brings up another question. The two 6mm bolts that mount the boot to the cylinder; they appeared to have thread-lock on them. Is this necessary? My Clymer manual says 7-10 foot pounds torque. My wrench doesn't go that low. Years ago I found out when you turn your wrench below the lowest setting, you cannot rely on any accuracy. Guess I'll stop tightening right before I strip it out !! Thanks for your patience in reading this long post and for all the interest and comments..hoping for some answers...
  6. Think I messed up my last post. Goober mentioned using deep creep, I usually just spray with carb cleaner and scrub, but I’ll head to Napa and see what they have. Appreciate you getting them coming this way
  7. Gopher thanks for the layout idea. I use something similar. Never heard of deep creep. Will have to look into that
  8. No idea how to send a private message. ...
  9. Ok sounds good. Thanks for the information. I guess dealers only have certain sources they buy from? By the way, I got the oring for the boot, now for the float. By the way, how can I get those two carbs from you ?
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