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  1. Before the flood the motorcycle was working perfectly, this failure arose as a result of the incident in the water
  2. Hello, the engine does start, in N it keeps working at idle fine, when changing to D or R the engine turns off immediately, the central screen shows D1, D2 and ESP, but the shutdown problem continues to persist.
  3. Hello, yes, they are all Honda Oem, I previously used an angle sensor from Amazon and I did not have any problems, I have taken on the task of installing the Oem parts and the problem will continue.
  4. Update, no change with new ECM, problem still the same, replaced ECM and angle sensor and no improvement 😭😭😭
  5. I can go for a Namura, I've seen reviews on them, and they look very good quality, and they're not really expensive, just as with them I can buy new packaging from my top end Also through eBay you can request them with shipping to Mexico
  6. Here in Mexico I don't know anyone who specializes in ATVs or engine rebuilding, I would choose to quote and send it to the USA to be machined there, what brand of piston do you recommend I buy? I will also take the opportunity to change my new valves and leave that rubi like new
  7. What would be the clearance that should be made to my cylinder in the workshop? I have never opened that engine, I have had my Rubi for 3 years
  8. I'm waiting for my new ECU, and I've already taken on the task of looking for spare parts for the crankshaft and connecting rod, as well as the top end. I will keep you informed of my progress
  9. That's a very good explanation you give me, I'm going to try and if possible I'll change the connecting rod along with the top end and valve train to make sure everything is in optimal working order. This forum has been very helpful, I thank you all
  10. My Rubicon was already smoking before it sank, it's time to rebuild the top end of my engine.
  11. I also lean towards the electrical side, my oil pump does have pressure, 5 oil changes until the oil came out completely clean, just like the filters were replaced, it starts and accelerates well in neutral, problem 2 carburetors and He does the same with both of them.
  12. My new ECU arrives next week, when I put it in I will do tests again, I hope that is the solution since the code 12 it showed, the service manual suggests replacing it
  13. The engine was running at the time of the sinking, the replacement parts such as angle sensor and rectifier are Honda Oem, I will do tests with an ecu that I ordered on eBay, if not successful I will open and replace the internals of my engine
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