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  1. No kidding! She is a very timid rider being new and likes how easy the 300 drives as is. But yes definitely easier on my wallet as well!
  2. Update to minimise her stress level we ordered stock size Kenda Bear Claws for the 300 for now. She will make the decision later if she wants fancy wheels and bigger tires. She has never ridden a quad before so we decided to go that route. I will send pics when we get them mounted up!
  3. Put the new CDI on it still no spark...had to replace the ignition coil as well and she fired right up! New tires are on the way for it as well. Hope you all had a fun weekend riding! P.s she loves it!
  4. Yes he was the original owner and yes those are the original tires! That clamp is going, it was a mount for a windshield. The front plastics are cracked in one spot but other than that it's in very nice shape I think.
  5. As soon as I get over to get some I will. Probably tomorrow night I should have a few.
  6. Yes I'm guessing it was. I ordered an OEM one from Rocky Mountain ATV today.
  7. Well here's the issue I bought the machine from my dad and he put on a $25 CDI last year that I did not know about. So now I'm positive that's the issue lol
  8. Gotcha! Thanks! I definitely don't want to change the gears.
  9. Not to sound like a noob but what does GR stand for? Lol
  10. Hahahahah too funny! I just bought it from them like 5 min ago!
  11. You will be the first to know shade! I'm curious as well. I'm not one to hide it when I'm wrong! I'll even send pics! Lol
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