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  1. Oh yeah buddy! I've been busy lately and haven't been in on much lol
  2. Shoot I could have fun on that too!
  3. Welcome from Tennessee! I'm still new here also
  4. Looks good buddy! I could have fun on that!
  5. Thanks everyone for the welcome!
  6. I looked online and it said $235 or something like that. Once I get the Rubicon where it want fall apart I'm going to get the conversion kit
  7. I love the disc brakes on the 500 I have thought about doing a disc brakes conversion on the 400. My dad had the 400 before me and put 450 knuckle on the left side of the 400 but it took a little rigging up for it to work.
  8. Thanks. What kind of horse is that?
  9. TnHONDA


    Yep that's a good one!
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