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  1. Got the new db starter in today. Along with a new engine sub-harness (one of the wires to the F position sensor was intermittently losing connection). Good thing we had to do them both at the same time too cause same parts had to be removed for access to do both jobs. That db starter sure seems stronger than the OEM starter. Has never fired up so fast.
  2. Great info guys. I ordered a DB that first night. Will definitely hang onto the original one in case the DB tanks. @retro I'll keep that offer in mind. I won't bother you with the starter right away, this DB one should outlive the rest of Rancher if it gets half the life of the original one. I'm definitely still interested in the trigger link though. I should show you the latest excal things I've done too.
  3. I don't know if it's that bad inside, but I know my dexterity is too poor (nearly nonexistent) to be able to rebuild it. And the patience of my family members who have dexterity is also non-existent. So plopping in a new starter is our best option.
  4. My 2004 TRX400FA (yeah the turd rancher hondamatic 400AT) needs a new starter motor. OEM is north of $400 from partzilla and rmatvmc wants $360. I've found aftermarket models as low as $48. With that crazy difference, pretty sure I'll go aftermarket. Any of you guys have any particular aftermarket brands that you've had good luck with?
  5. https://www.dirtbikes.com/honda-cr500r/ Honda produced them from the mid 1980's up until 2001. One of the most iconic mx bikes of all time!
  6. Thanks. My intended point of impact would have been 3 inches higher. In slo-mo you can see the up and down motion of the lighted nock, cause I just grazed the strap of the blind with the vane of the arrow. Thankfully the high FOC arrow wanted to stay on its intended path enough to get the kill. Broadhead sliced through the elbow joint on the way in, through the very bottom of the heart, and then angled out towards the low guts. I got super lucky.
  7. I see it's easy for guys to notice when I haven't been on in a while 😉 I do check in every now and then. It just so happens that the day before @jeepwm69 tagged me, I shot my best deer ever, and did it with a crossbow. Man, it was an awesome surprise to see him come out into the field. Zero daytime pics of him before that. Just goes to show you never know what can happen last week of Oct or first week of Nov in MN!
  8. retro, I was thinking about the mounting bracket for the the gizmo the other day....an adapter could very easily be 3D printed that could go from an existing handlebar type mount to the gizmo itself. so if you have any ideas of how you want that done, sketch something up and i can model it and have it made.
  9. Yeah he's the heaviest buck I've ever killed. 192 lbs after guts out. Rack not that impressive compared to a lot of the other bucks people in my family shoot, but we had this guy on camera and knew he was going to weigh a lot, and when he came out to the picked corn field he was way bigger than any of the other deer I had seen that week. So I put a 150gr 30 cal bullet right in his gearbox.
  10. Yep, 8 pointer. Just figured out how to do more than 1 picture per post 🤦‍♂️
  11. And then later in the week I shot 3rd and 4th deer of the year, with rifle and from my adapted ladder stand though. Doe was much closer to the camera in the picture, she actually was only about 110 pounds. Buck weighed 192 dressed though.
  12. Shot a doe using shotgun right off the RancherAT. Used a box blind window Caldwell shooting bag over the handlebar mounted light bar to rest the gun.
  13. Doe I shot last Monday. My first deer kill while using a tactacam and also my first deer kill using my micro recurve.
  14. Wow @retroI had no idea your shooting range and target setup was THAT nice. Looks very well thought out and executed. Good luck in your upcoming season, line up 2 deer and that BD440 will have no problem going through both 😉
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