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  1. No problem with that. I have two other Hondas in the stable. A 2009 rancher AT and a 1985 TRX 125. Both working good now, but sure to need attention in the future
  2. Hi Guys, Just wanted to follow up with you on my Rancher. I got the new regulator/rectifier yesterday. Plugged it in and ran the quad for a while. The blinking 4 code is gone and it goes in and out of 4WD without a hitch. Since I did the complete reset and initialization it shifts so much better now both in auto and ESP mode. I think it really helped with the TPS as well. It idles much smoother and the throttle response has improved significantly. It's like a whole new quad. Only things left to do now is replace a bad choke cable and adjust the valves and this old Rancher should have many more years left in her. Thanks again to everyone that offered help and advise. After weeks of chasing my tail and wasting time and money you guys got me on the right track and I learned many things along the way. I am truly thankful to all of you. Jeff
  3. OEM part is on the way. I only use OEM stuff. Not worth getting burned on the china aftermarket crap. I just want to say thank you to all that have offered advise on this issue. Your experience is gold to someone like me. Also, to the contributor who posted the factory service manual for my ATV, If you're ever in Southern Wisconsin I will buy you a steak dinner. Thanks all, Jeff
  4. I may have found something of note this morning. I purchased a multi meter last night. When the machine was off and cold motor this morning the battery voltage measured 14.1V. When I started the machine and let it run a few minutes I measured the charge voltage at the battery cables. I got 18.25V. This would seem like an over charging situation to me. Is my assumption correct? Would this point to a faulty Regulator/Rectifier? Could this be whats triggering the 4 code?
  5. Is their a diagram anywhere that shows all the motor and frame grounding points? The ground I cleaned is the negative battery cable to the engine block. I'm sure their must be others.
  6. Went through the process in the manual. I erased all codes first. The trans works much smoother now and the throttle response is much better. I'm still getting the 4WD light flashing a 4 code and 4WD is disabled when this happens. Before I erased the codes it was showing a 1 code, indicating the magneto or pulse generator is faulty. I fought with it all day trying to get the crank bolt behind the pull starter out to inspect the mag and trigger. I can not get that bolt out for the life of me. I tried 2 different impact guns on it as well as a breaker bar. No cigar. It's stuck in there for eternity. I guess it's gonna stay that way being 2WD and a hot wired fan. This thing kicked my butt and wants to stay busted. I give up
  7. Hi All, I have a new CDI box on the way for my 2006 rancher AT. When I replace the CDI will I loose anything, like odometer miles? Is it just a strait up plug and play or anything else need to be reset or done? Thanks, Jeff
  8. You mentioned the fan controller earlier. Are you referring to Part# 35250-HN4-670. Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to understand how the whole system works.
  9. Thank you for all the help guys! Boy is my wife going to be mad when I start heating motor oil on her stove..... Might need a divorce lawyer after this test but hey, at least the quad will be fixed.
  10. What is the temperature the sensor is supposed to operate at to turn on the fan? I'm thinking I can test it by grounding it and hitting the probe end with a heat gun.. If I run a hot wire to the sensor and a ground wire with a test light I should be able check both the new sensor and the old one off the machine correct?
  11. The ATV has a temp sensor low in the rear of the block. Part number 37750-HC4-751. I did buy it from eBay. It came in a plastic bag with all the correct Honda markings on it. That's all I know. The sensor is oil temp as the ATV is air cooled.
  12. Hi Guys, 2006 Rancher AT with a temp sensor issue. When I purchased the ATV it would run really hot, but the temp light never came on. The cooling fan never turned on either. I purchased a new Honda OEM temp sensor and installed it. Fan will still not come on and the ATV still gets hot. I grounded the sensor wire to the engine block to check if fan was good and the fan works fine. For the mean time I just grounded the fan so if the key is on, the cooling fan is on. That works, but with doing that now the temp light is on constantly. I would really this to work as it's supposed to but I'm stumped at this point. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can go next with it? Thank you, Jeff
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