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  1. We've got three dogs in the house, tied in the front, loose in the back yard. No one bothers us, have three shiny hondas sitting outfront, knock on wood, no one comes poking around, everything is very visible, not much theft here. Back on the farm I've had to set up game cameras because people come in from the rear of the property.
  2. I was getting very confused with the readings and what to test. I decided to start comparing tests between the stator on the machine and the extra I have, and the old regulator on the machine, and the China(?) copy I have. Everything tested out the same except for one yellow wire contact on the regulator. I decided to swap the regulator just to see. Low and behold system is charging properly. (Ignore the-)
  3. At the stator 5 wire round plug, all the yellow wires beep and read at .001. I also have no continuity between red and green at the regulator . edit: I assumed green was ground, but now see it is not.
  4. Finally did the grownup thing and YouTubed how to check for continuity. When I touch the multi leads together they beep. Testing the crimped wires at the regulator/rectifier there is no beep, and no reading, between green and all the yellows. I also tested continuity on the regulator/rectifier and get readings for 2/3 between yellows and green at .517
  5. Quick question , taking the stator, I found what looks like wire debris under this top bolt. Is this also a ground? Behind the starter.
  6. I started working on repairing the air filter , then decided to swap a nicer pull start, now I’m here and figure I ‘might as well’ ( @jeepwm69) swap stators.
  7. Would that result in cooking the stator? When I took off the stator from the es , with motor still in frame, I remember it being pretty annoying. Kinda dreading having to replace this one, but also kinda expecting that’s what I have to do.
  8. Shooting in the dark: I also visually inspected the fuses in the fuse box and the large 30a(?) fuse, I did not see any blackening, burnt, or severed fuses.
  9. @Fishfiles closer inspection, I don’t think there was any melting here. Maybe just broke? The plastics were all sewn together with string instead of plastic rivets...so PO was a diy kind of guy, and not terribly worried about longevity.
  10. China copy. I’m not actually sure if it is from China, but before I got on the forums, maybe two years ago, I remember ordering this because it was the cheapest I could find on eBay. I’ve learned this is a recipe for disaster from reading threads.
  11. I have a parts 450es with a plug and rectifier (I already robbed the stator) that I will use to sort out to get rid of the crimpage. Just can’t do it until I return to the south (southern Canada).
  12. I’ve got a new battery on its way in the mail. When I tested the machine running today with a not fully charged booster pack the multimeter read 12.36 (which was the reading on the pack itself) and slowly descended to 12.34 while idling. I did not rev it. The crimps were already there, from PO. I had a china regulator but switched it back to the one that came with the atv, which I think is original. I’ve read enough now to stay away from China stuff when it comes to electronics.
  13. Hey guys, on the the old forum I had started on a thread on this machine, mostly asking for help with wiring and a mysterious draw. I finished up the 300 for the most part and am now trying to finish the 450. At first I thought there was a draw on the battery, but now I’m certain it’s just not charging. Id like some help/instructions on how to test the stator and regulator/rectifier. I have the instruction manual, but don’t know how to test for continuity/resistance on my multimeter . Things I’ve done on this machine: replaced rear end with new used one, saved the tires painted wheels new carb new airfilter oil change painted parts of the frame painted racks converted the headlights to led things i need to do: figure out charging system ball joints finish lights test fan system clean up plastics plastic supports reinstall winch skidplate route brake cables and reverse cable For the record, I do have a used 450es stator on hand incase I have a bad stator.
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