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  1. With the deep snow snowmobiles, a brand new machine can snap the rollers. Happens when the track is spinning full speed then comes to a dead stop. (Its all operating errors). The secondary clutch is wide open then slams shut. That force splits the rollers. Its just how the drive systems are designed. Not many materials can hold up to that kind of force. The models put out around 2010-2013 did not have a clutch bolted to a shaft, instead the clutch was pressed on the shaft, all one piece. Folks were splitting those rollers, than had to disassemble the whole drive line from the clutch to the chain case, then work with the clutch mounted to that stupid shaft. Big annoying job. The clutches are bolted to a splined shaft now. For anyone else reading, common symptoms of the rollers splitting are, the machine has trouble coming to a stop, or will move abit at idle (because the secondary is getting held open by bits of roller). also rattle sounds coming from clutch. Not surprised that parts already need replacing. Its just the nature of belt driven machines..
  2. LOL at this Canadian giving some Americans some metric figures. Baby the belt for 100 miles.
  3. dootalk is where all the activity is.
  4. Hey jeep, I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I know abit about skidoos with the same drive systems. You can buy aftermarket rollers that are a bit stronger and don't snap. The rollers tend to break if you go from wide open to dead stops. Happens to guys machines here all the time riding off trail, in deep snow. I imagine it might have been similar stress in the mud. Wash the new belt in warm/hot soapy water (also tell your father in law to baby the belt for a break in period, 150km or so), before install, blow out primary with compressed air, and get the secondary clean, and scuff both clutches with a scotch brite pad criss crossing surface kinda like honing a cylinder.
  5. IF I trust the person, and whether or not the machine or piece of equipment is essential for me, are the things that hang in the balance on whether or not I lend something out. Usually I don't. Most people don't know how to take care of their stuff. If they did, they wouldn't be going around asking people to borrow stuff.
  6. Snow is just about all gone finally! So now all the atvs are coming out and people are calling me. ! I'm busy.
  7. Ya, I watched that yesterday actually. The atv is rolling in neutral just fine. I’ll make sure I can cycle through the gears though.
  8. Cylinder looks salvageable, but not something that can be done here I don’t think. Rings and piston are shot. wrist pin is seized. No play in the shaft. Guess it’s not as bad as it could have been.
  9. This wasn't a dealer error, but a mechanic who doesn't have experience with atvs. I know him, and he realized his mistake. Garage is willing to pay for parts and labour. Will likely be digging into it this morning. Im worried about the bottom end, gears and such. If I have able to get all four wheels off the ground and cycle through the gears, would this be a good way to troubleshoot problems in the bottom end without splitting the case?
  10. It seems to me it will need a new head, cam shaft, cylinder, piston and rings, but I won't know for sure until I get inside and inspect.
  11. A local buddy of mine had wheel bearings and an oil change done at the local garage. Mechanic finished the job, drove around and called my buddy. Buddy walked to the garage and drove home with it. Near his house, engine started to make a lot of noise, and sort of locked up and stalled. Took it home. I poked around it, then checked the oil filter, it was in backwards. Fairly certain the damage is done, from driving it about 6-7 miles before it stalled. It will not start, and makes ungodly noises that say stop trying to start me. I've been asked to sort it out by the garage. Just wondering from the experts here, what usually goes wrong/burns up from a backwards oil filter. Its a 2011 foreman 500 footshift.
  12. We've got three dogs in the house, tied in the front, loose in the back yard. No one bothers us, have three shiny hondas sitting outfront, knock on wood, no one comes poking around, everything is very visible, not much theft here. Back on the farm I've had to set up game cameras because people come in from the rear of the property.
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