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  1. AKATV my hero!!☺️ Donno how I missed that part of instruction!!!🤢 Thanx man, CC
  2. Ive been trying to reset the maintenance code on my 2021 Rancher. I can set clock, trip meter but cant make the little wrench go away. It blinks 2x I hold button for 2 seconds shut off key. when I start screen does it thing and there is little wrench. Im not a fan of multi use buttons I think manufacture trying to save pennies. Anyway... Am I to slow when wrench blinks 2x?? to hold another 2 seconds. Ideas CC
  3. Havent been here in awhile. I think I want to "motor boat" my puter screen!! love this thread! CC
  4. 496bb makes wonder what ya got it in?? I've built a few of those and other BBC's , small blocks as well 406 was my biggest small block. These fellas here really know their beans. Theres guys know what bits and pieces will inter change with other quads. Good site to look around too. CC🤠
  5. Did I see some camel tracks up there?? I like ( O Y O ) , ( 0 Y 0 ) , ( o Y o ) . ( . Y . ) and Janet Jackson @ SuperBowl ( * Y * ) !! 😋 All good... CC
  6. Wow its even got a lumber rack!! Good job! Youve done a great job keep up the good work. I miss mine so bad.... CC
  7. I love them things! Looking for a 250sx. CC
  8. I dont see any straps. DOH! Darwin award?? CC
  9. I should of used your screen name🤠its perfect! Howdy CC
  10. I like it! From what minimal research I've done header and pipe plus tuner is 8 or 9oo$. For only 3hp + 3tqft. Really I just want the popopopopop of the SuperTrap that I had on my 250sx. Thanx too deep. Let's see what I can come up with... CC
  11. Under ( o Y o ) always sexie!😜
  12. There is everything here. What a rabbit hole for me. I dig all the people from everywhere the webs are. Some humor is dead on. Projects pics are educational. I cant believe OldSkool gets so much accomplished like over night. Then there is music too. I'm glad I found this page. 😎 CC
  13. Mechy get a quad, Honda preferably and chase some wallabys . Welcome I'm new here too. These guys are so helpful. Some guys even know what models have what and what will interchange bit and pieces. They also know where to send ya for for proper parts. Even if you just pondering and idea somebody will help ya out. Good day mate, CC
  14. I like the dog, scenery is cool too! Ive always wanted to go to Hawaii and rent a Harley and check out the hiways and look for dive bars and luaus. Drink drinks with umbrellas and put me feet in pacific sand. Now I'm thinking about quads and trails. See what ya did!!😎 cool cool cool CC
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