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  1. Thank-you, THH. I'm glad to be here.
  2. Welcome to ATVHONDA! There are some knowledgable people on this forum. I think you'll find the answers you need here.
  3. I'm gonna guess Nancy Wilson of the band Heart.
  4. Welcome Steve, Those 250Rs are some high performance rides. After a ride on that one it'll take a while to get the smile off your face! JCC
  5. The guy who rides with this chick behind him likely taps the brakes more often than he needs to.
  6. Thanks CaptCoolbreeze! I've been a Stones fan for decades. My name has some history with the "Crash" part too. See you in the threads. JJC
  7. The guy on the moto changes lanes and piles into a stopped car. Give him the Darwin award!
  8. Hey Fishfiles, Yeah there were a lot of sayings going around back then. My grandpa on the other side, who was in the Army under the Kaiser, used to say, "When the rooster crows on the manure pile, the weather will change or stay the same". In German, it rhymes but they had a sense of humor in their sayings too.
  9. Gotta love a chick on a Honda.
  10. Hey, Thanks for the welcomes and the help with my Username. Apparently, I missed something on the ATVHONDA registration page. My grandpa used to say, "Haste makes waste". That saying might apply here... JJC
  11. Hey ATVHonda people! I've had several Honda ATVs over the years. I've had a ATC90 for my sons, a Big Red and a couple foremans. I'm in the market for another Foreman so I decided to get in here and see what I can learn. From my reading so far, it looks like this community is a good source of information. Thanks, JumpinJackCrash P.S I didn't want my email address where the screen name should be. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanx
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