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  1. Man I wish I could chime in.. but reading about the gizmos & crap on this carb I have nothing…. A regular cab I’d say ur main is fine if she holds revs but either pilot & needle would be other issue for not running… those easier to address over all the crap they added..
  2. Well I dropped the head off. Best they can do is a 4 angle valve job, & they don’t port & polish due to time restrains. It’s a very busy shop. He did say he would do what he could for me though. This is the same shop that did my head on my 355bbk.
  3. Gonna drop the head off tomorrow at machine shop. Have new valves, seals, & springs to install, so I’m going with 5angle valve job, port & polish the intake & exhaust. Want to really make sure this mini beast flows!
  4. @newtothis84 welcome to the site! Cheers!
  5. He did PM me.. so I “think” it works…
  6. Just messaged u @Fatty sorry for late reply..
  7. Yes I sure can! No problem at at all! @Fatty shoot me a message & we can talk offline if you’d like & exchange info. Cheers!
  8. Not a piece of dirt in the oil screen! I snapped the shifter bolt off, the rear 8mm bolt on the cylinder was total rusted & I had to use kroil & work it so it didn’t snap. One clutch cover bolt was corroded bad as well. They will all be getting cleaned up.
  9. Decided to get back at it today as parts have been sitting here for weeks. I want to start fresh with new seals so I KNOW what I have. Got a few things replaced today…still working on replacing more seals..
  10. Hey guys y’all get first dibs here before I post on the FB page. Fully rebuilt 424 $650us shipping included.
  11. Yes I agree 110%. Working on my 300 is insane for prices right now. But guess if u wanna still play u have to pay…
  12. im not going with another Titan XD Diesel. Not sure what I’ll end up with yet.. they r just too much $$$
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