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  1. Well here we are a year later. My new plans for the ole girl this year as follows.. -replace all fluids -replace front headlight grill -move cargo box to the front rack from the back & add gun vise -reupholster the rear seat on the 2up seat & install on rear obviously. -consider swapping out Executioners for something like a BigHorn 2.0 -set valves.
  2. FACT… just found out if I don’t get the jab by Jan 10 I will be terminated. Ready to go postal!
  3. Bought a new Pit Boss Smoker. Made a Pork Tenderloin yesterday & Deer Jerky today with a High Mountain Mesquite kit. Jerky turned out AMAZING!!! (As well as the pork!!)
  4. @wheelsquad that’s a tank! Congrats
  5. @jeepwm69 don’t ever feel bad! If the $ isn’t coming in we NEED to know! Thanks for your help.
  6. Wheeler


    I should of done this many years ago, but because if all the snow we just got, I went & bought a Husqvarna ST124. Its a smaller one but that will suit my needs as I live in the city on a corner lot. Pick it up tomorrow as they have to assemble it. $979 after tax & PDI.. it was in sale.
  7. Sorry I haven’t tossed $ in a while. I just made a donation again.
  8. Wheeler

    Wife is Sick

    Doing better. The steroids are now all finished which is good. Went to doc apt yesterday for follow up. Not much they can do at moment. She received her MRI apt for Nov 27. That’s fantastic news. After that we will see the Neurologist again for the findings.. she got a medical layoff which she was ok with.. thx for asking!
  9. I would check the coil & plug.. have u pulled the plug & grounded to verify spark?
  10. Hey guys wondering if anyone has a “good” red headlight grill for a Honda 300. Mine has cracked beyond repair & I will need to replace it. thx..
  11. @rustynut2 where I hunt the sled would not be practical. The area is Soo large & vast of oil field roads, seismic lines, trails ect & u can drive until u run out of gas.
  12. I roll my own! Hornady 162 ELD-X 2950fps. I shot that deer with my Savage Trophy Hunter 116. I also shoot a Rem 700 with Timney Trigger & Magpul Hunter stock with box mag conversion. Both rifles eat the same boolits exclusively.. (I do have some Nosler 140gr gummies to try & load up though)
  13. Last day here.. made er happen! It was a struggle by myself to get her loaded up. I was long ways from campsite. 7mm for the WIN!
  14. Put over a tank of fuel thru the ole girl hunting in the bush.. can’t wait to load er up with a deer to bring back to camp!!!
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