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  1. Welcome to the site. Bunch of great people here! All always willing to help each other out! Cheers!
  2. 20 days since last post & no updates?
  3. Wheeler


    LOL! Todays exchange is $1015!! Just brutal!!
  4. Wheeler


    Jez… I paid $1400cnd used for my 45-70 (in 2017) It was a year old & had 1 box down the pipe. They sell new up here now for like $2500.. it’s crazy.. I then spent $ on the upgrades. Same price & situation for my 30-30… Cnd prices have always been Ludacris.
  5. Wheeler


    @jeepwm69 I purchased both my Marlins before they got too crazy. But they were still pricey!!!
  6. Wheeler


    @jeepwm69 the Blue one in my pic is my 10/22. Not 1 part left a Ruger though bahahaha. She’s tack driver, & like u mentioned… I have A LOT of $$ invested.. can get outta hand fast..
  7. Wheeler


    @walhonding300 Savage 64f are super cheap lightweight fun semi .22s.
  8. Wheeler


    Bottom left is my modified Marlin 45-70. Above that is my modified Marlin 30-30
  9. Wheeler


    Closest gun I own to an AR is my modified matching # SKS… she’s very accurate for what it is! I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a deer or coyote with it.
  10. What’s the deadline on this? Why is no one else entering?? I know there are others out there… post em up!
  11. Wow not a lot of entries… surprising tbh..
  12. I’ve never owned an old charger. But like @_Wilson_™ said my NOCO 3500 works great. Even had a repair option, 6v, 12v large & small size. I have a cable off the quad to maintain or charge as I need. I’m no electrician so for me to try & repair like u said @jeepwm69 I would fail. Haha
  13. Wheeler

    Hunting 2023

    The ole Honda did it again!! Pulled 2 more deer outta the bush for me! I still have 1 more tag left! I gotta tell ya, it was my first time butchering a deer at home. Took me 2 days to get them all done! 2 rump roasts, 30+lbs burger, Lots of steaks, 4 back straps, 4 tenderloins, 3lbs stew meat, ribs, 20lbs jerky meat, & all scraps cooked up for the dog! Went by myself into the middle of no where. Had amazing time by myself. Came around trail first morning out, first hour out, to a doe standing there. Got her with 7mm at 40yards. Windshield made for great rest! Next morning, first hour & half out, I was on trail which was hard to get too just idling along & looked down another trail.. what do I see? A doe staring at me off the side of trail. I know my firearms very well & practice a lot. I jumped off, put the 30-30 over the mirror as rest, lined up the Burris Fast Fire 2 red dot right on her head, (it covered her entirely) squeezed the Ranger Point Precision Trigger & let my hand loaded 150gr Nosler Ballistic Silvertip Fly! Well heck she took off across the trail & into bush. I reload & go down the trail to look for blood or anything. NOTHING so I think! I looked a little further down the trail & there she was. DRT! It was another deer I didn’t see that took off! I hammered her. Ranged back to the quad, 115yards. Longest most accurate shot I’ve made with the 30-30 & red dot to date!!!! (I do not recommend anyone actually take a frontal shot!)
  14. Beautiful pics! Fall is definitely here. Leaves all falling off trees, cool temps ect.
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