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  1. Why are u trying to mess with timing while tore down? Makes ZERO sense. Rebuild it, then get ur timing done. Ur wasting time...
  2. Here’s the latest.... he had a lot of trouble. Found the motor pulling timing. Had to replace weights & springs in dizzy, vacuum advance wasn’t working, 650cfm carb was too small. Now have 750cfm Edlebrock. He’s not done. Made 275rwhp & 330rwtq at 3k rpm. I find it odd I still make same amount of torque but at 500rom lower. I picked up 25rwhp. He said it’s a TOTALLY different truck now. He had to do the tuning in second gear because with the 4.56 gears are soo low.
  3. Hey guys.. wanted to do another quick review. Today was the first time I got out on the trails in the snow! The temps were super mild. It was roughly 38f or 3c. The snow on trails was really dry.. almost like sand. I ran as much 2wd as I could but wow... I sure needed 4wd.. the locker was definitely hard at speeds in that kind of snow. IF I ran a lot in the winter, I would not want the locker at all. I would keep the open diff. However with that said, we (my buddy in Griz 700) encountered some obstacles in the trail where he just couldn’t get over. He has 27” Mudlites. Mine with locker got right over where he couldn’t. Most of my riding is spring thru fall. I run 2wd as much as I can, & 4x4 when I need it. That’s where locker shines. so my verdict is SNOW & Locker get a 6 outta 10...
  4. Yup second pic of cylinder is scored for sure.. plain as day! Rag in back ground or not. I say F-IT @freebo86.. u want a fun bike?? BIG BORE is where it’s at!!!
  5. Just reinstalled my rear bumper, & rear cargo box. Double checking few things as I’m heading out tomorrow with a buddy! First winter ride in years.
  6. If your quad won’t start hot but starts hood cold.. my guess is your pilot circuit or AF isn’t correct. When cold it needs more fuel. When hot (where u have issue starting) it doesn’t.
  7. Your base ring is too black. So either too rich or oil blow by. However the electrode looks good so I’d say too rich. Your porcelain is too black as well. I’m going to conclude you’re too rich in one circuit.
  8. You have cleaned/jetted the carb, then gutted the exhaust & should now re look at the carb. That WILL change your settings!
  9. Wheeler

    Little Angel

    I’m soo sorry. My condolences!
  10. Wheeler

    1985 350X

    Hats off for bringing the beast back to life. Very rare ATC nowadays. Been a long time since I’ve been on 3 wheels myself.
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