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  1. Got the lights in, grill all good, electrical zip tied back up, rack on ect... haven't pulled the diff yet. Decided that Im going to install the manual cam chain adjuster I picked up few years back.. I loved the old one I used on other quad... I'll get that on then the diff coming out... Need to be ready for my 2 weeks in the bush camping.... this ole girl gonna see some miles...
  2. Today I installed my new front grill. I took a burr bit & gently opened it up to accommodate the lights. I just jammed it in there before which hence caused it to crack. I tore into the wiring & found it all good but switch was broken for the hand warmers. New one in order from Amazon. & after I finish that all up the front diff is coming out & I’ll press all the bearings ha out for when the new bearing seal kit arrives tomorrow.
  3. Today was one of the hardest days in my life. I stared into her eyes & held her while she passed on my living room floor. She was my best friend with such unforgiving love…
  4. I wasn’t wrong… Wife & I been crying on & off all day. We have a vet coming to our house this Sunday. Cremation lined up after. Our baby girl is 2 months shy of her 12th birthday. Her mind, smell, sight, hearing ect all good. But her hips are done. She can’t get up & around to pee ect anymore. Hardest decision we have had to EVER make. Especially since her mind still all good. Been a rough day. Tomorrow we will will spend lol day with her & SPOIL THE SIHIT OUT IF HER!!!
  5. So last nite I was moving my quad in garage & noticed some slop in the steering… figured it was tie rods. Nope. That darn steering stem nut. It’s tad loose. So upon trouble shooting, I felt my front diff bearings seem tad loose. So ordered new axles & bearing/seal kit. I must say that nut is in such a crappy spot. Best way to get at it is removing the diff. So that’s what I’m gonna do & add loctite. The bearing & top bushing seem fine.
  6. I’ve got one, buts my spare! Lol.
  7. Yes! Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, even the lovely ladies we have lost!
  8. Axle the same as well @shadetree?
  9. Got my buddies rear end tore apart. Didn’t see much for rebuild kits. Anyone have a good diff or point me in direction of a rebuild kit?
  10. @_Wilson_™ I know back in the day that Kimpex made a set similar to mine (if not the ones) but it's been forever since we have had aftermarket support, so I really have NO idea what make the ones in your pic or mine are....
  11. Thanks @jeepwm69 as I’m going to do my quad racks, bumper ect with the implement paint. Just finished painting my skid plate on truck with it too. Thinned out more sprays wayy better!
  12. So I let them set up for well over a week & here they are. I used stainless bolts so should t have issues with any rust. I LOVE them. The paint seems really solid too!
  13. I’m a little te to the game, but they covered all the key points!
  14. I’d go for the Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 tires for what terrain u run. They are a great tire for the terrain u describe.
  15. u r wrong.. I’m not going to say they protect my feet at all! I will say they r nice addition for alternate places to stand as well as may help my wife out while she is in the back as she is very short… but NO I won’t say they protect ur feet…
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