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  1. Swapped back to the K&N from Twin Air Filter. Set the AF adjustment. Swapped out the wire for N/R/Oil with one I bought as min was pooched. Took er for rip down cul de sac ti Mac sure all was well!
  2. Get it as clean as u can, then take a white or yellow paint marker & run over it. Wipe it with a rag lightly & the remaining paint will stay in the indents. You will be able to make out the VIN
  3. @_Wilson_™ let me know buddy, he hasn’t sold it & bottom dollar he said is $700
  4. One I rebuilt is up for sale boys!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/470140486464709/permalink/3426125337532861/?mibextid=W9rl1R
  5. I personally have only ever used bed liner on my rims to date.
  6. Another cable all replaced today. So glad that others get to still enjoy these discontinued 424s!!
  7. Yes, I use the Novus Plastic Polish kit that @jeepwm69 recommend years ago. I bought a power polisher as well to help make it the best I can... I never got to that as I had garage door open working on mine when the neighbour came over & asked if I could get his working better... Oh man... it was parked years ago in his shed. 2001 350 4x4. Gas just pouring out from overflow, gas smells brutal.. I've got his carb tore apart in Pinesol overnite, oil changed (smelled just as bad as the gas!) new filter, new plug, & have to still do front & rear diffs, & go over the bike better to check wheel bearings ect... she was rode hard & put away wet!
  8. Getting the ole girl ready for spring today. WOW has Amsoil 0w40 ever gone up!!! $30 a liter!! She’s getting all new fluids & a filter, new plug, clean air filter (not that it really needs it, tighten up (or replace) swing arm bearings, pull the racks (leaving them off for repaint when it’s warmer out) & polish plastics, double check valves….
  9. I do a couple things.. I do read the manual for specs, use a string line, measuring tape, & the best method is trial & error on feel!
  10. Just took that in June. Middle of the mountains at the Jasper Park Boundry…
  11. I appreciate everyone on this site for their Knowledge/Experiences/Help ect… For that, I’m redirecting the $100 prepaid Visa back to the site, & help keep the lights on. Congrats to all that won!! Cheers!
  12. @_Wilson_™ lol that paint ordeal will NEVER happen again! Not sure what I’ll do to the ole girl next. I want to possibly Raptor line the racks. But I feel like there isn’t much left to do but drive er hard! Lol. & maintain it! Haha. Thank you!
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