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  1. I was out for our long week end & got home last nite… had great time, but no luck. Seen 2 does Sat & 3 does Sun. Put a lot of miles on the 300…
  2. Mine ticks more than others due to the hardened rockers & cam, with stiffer valve springs. However, I am due for an adjustment currently (or check up)….
  3. We did but only the back straps. Marinaded for few days then I bacon wrapped & grilled. They were really good. Use mayo & hot sauce mixed together for the dip.
  4. At elk camp now for week & half or more..next five days hunting hard. Have elk on go every day! I have a video of me shooting (at) an Elk on GoPro. Think I need to convert it to YouTube to play here. I missed a perfect opportunity on a nice 4 or 5x5 IMG_0872.MP4 IMG_0872.MP4
  5. Yup! When we get home, & tear it apart to see what broke, I’ll surely help him out! Haha.
  6. What a fun nite we had! I’m away all set up for couple weeks Elk hunting. Can’t pull trigger till opening day on 17th. So we went scouting etc yesterday. Came back in the evening & had few adult wobbly pops. My buddy owns a new to him 97’ 400 with my 300 oem carb on it. He was poking the bear saying how bad his would beat mine in a race, as I have spent more $$ on mine than a new Rubicon 500. So as U see in the pics it was from camp to the tree line & back. We ran three times. Twice I was in 2wd & once locked up in 4wd. I made his 400 look stupid !. Then… to top it off I was trying to pull a tree out for firewood. I couldn’t drag it out even locked up. He razzing again & said his 400 would pull it out… DARN!! Our first nite here & he pulled for all his quad was worth & either blew rear end or u-joint. She was spinning in 4wd wide open throttle & BOOM something greneded!!! Only has fwd now!! So Moral if the story is…a fully built ATV will WIN! Bahahaha. Sorry I have no video!
  7. U will have to pull the cover off & check ur clutch…
  8. @_Wilson_™ they do vibrate. They as well adjust every which way. So u can choose how to mount them, but there really isn’t much choice a to where….
  9. Yes I have to drill holes
  10. It’s actually will just pop right off… loosen bolt on handle bars & slides out..
  11. To a certain extent yes. It will be hard to start, but u can figure all that out looking at your plug.. & setting ur air/fuel screw. That will determine if ur too lean on the pilot.
  12. @JR_TRX yes a lean running engine will definitely run hotter. No doubt about it.
  13. @_Wilson_™ the 26x10x12 which I have are 26lbs each. The 26x9x12 front Zillas were 19lbs & 26x11x12 tears were 23lbs. However.. do I notice any difference going slight heavier? NOPE.. Not at all..
  14. Yes, the Executioners aren’t light, but built for purpose. I ran Zillas up till last year & they did me great.. however I wanted the durability of the hard tires.. & am personally happy. Each to their own & where they ride for the terrain they are in…
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