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  1. Yup me too! I’ve done that before. Last fall while out hunting & battery was half dead!
  2. i can’t kick mine over at ALL unless the decompression lever engaged.. just saying.. haha
  3. @shadetree I do have air tools but the mobility of a cordless be sweet! Maybe Santa will come early?!
  4. Something I really WANT/NEED to add to my collection… Exactly what u have shade.. Dewalt cordless impact!!
  5. No _Wilson, this designed to only work with a pressure washer. There are two different size orfices or jets if u will… one small for electric pressure washers & one larger for gas washers.
  6. Didn’t touch it with a brush. I’d give it a 9 out of 10! A brush/sponge would have got the odd spot cleaned up…
  7. Wheeler


    It will surely buff out!! AFTER. You pull the dents, do a bit of body work, re paint & clear!! Then she look like new!! Bahahahaha! (I’m sorry!)
  8. I’m 110% sold in the CG Wash & Gloss!!! I bought a gallon & use it on everything!! Mix it strong & it just works it’s magic!
  9. Now THIS is how u clean ur quad!!!! lol!!! (& that’s after sitting 5 mins!) never touched it with a brush! SC-1 & Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss…. (& yes it was muddy before. Just quick pressure wash, then canon & really good rinse…)
  10. Wife & I got out camping for the week end. Had a good time. Seen the largest bobcat EVER in my life. It dwarfed my two Rottweilers believe it or not. I thought it was a wolf at first. Kewl to see. 50yards sitting down staring at camper. Had the quad out on Sat for few hours. I must say.. holds gears longer while climbing hills on the road. ( wife & I must weigh….330lbs combined) so I was quite happy with it. Seems more responsive. I tweaked fuel screw a bit more as well. Fires rite up cold but lower idle. Once warm purrs like a kitten… I pulled the cover & only one small piece of grass on filter… Shall we say… Another Happy Camper! Ha!
  11. Hey Jared. Welcome to the site! There are some really smart gear heads that know the 350 very well! U came to the rite place! Where in Canada are u from? I’m in Alberta. Cheers!
  12. Welcome!! Tons of super knowledgeable people here always willing to help..
  13. Wheeler


    @_Wilson_™ yes I had a bad bike accident. 2 weeks in Trauma Unit.. my lungs aren’t the same since then if u ask me.. 1 was collapsed & punctured from my 5 broken ribs..
  14. kk anything I can do to help lmk... (if you need it, I'm always here...)
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