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  1. I would think either the clutch plates, or someone can correct me if I"m wrong, but if the dot on the shift drum isn't aligned correctly, it will be all outta whack as well..... I'll have to go back thru & see if you got that all aligned with the dot...
  2. @retro I’m using a galvanized cable, & lead free solder. Holds up well so far.
  3. Hi shade. I make the cables. Bearings & seals I use Motion Canada (bearing shop). I use black rtv for the gasket. The one I just rebuilt had a seized adjuster, had to clean up bunch of rust & pitting, brake clean inside the cable housing, then oil, anti-size on all threads ect. Snap ring broke & had to buy a snap ring kit. It was in brutal shape, but like new when I shipped it out today.
  4. @_Wilson_™ it’s Amsoil Synthetic. It’s label said the ur is for tie rods, balljoints, bearings, gears ect. So I figured it be good stuff.
  5. Another one done & should be getting shipped back to NC tomorrow. She was in really, really rough shape… like new now!
  6. If it’s been posted before sorry I missed it. But has anyone heard of … BVC Trikes??? !…. They will make u what ever u want!!! They Rock!
  7. I’ve never cut one apart tbh. But yes mine is stainless, & if ur fix doesn’t work (I’m sure it will) u can pic up pretty much any muffler u want & modify it to work..
  8. Hey guys/gals. here is a bunch of random parts I’ve had laying around that can go.. 300 headlights & factory bulbs. 300 manual cam chain adjuster. (Needs o-ring) 300 piston/sleeve from a working motor when I upgraded to 355bbk 300 Twin Air Filter & Screen. 300 Carb. (I can clean & reassmble if u like) 300 head & base gaskets ect 300 cases. Left side as shown where bolt goes thru broke. Could be fixed. The right centre case has hairline crack. U can see the residual jb weld. Left centre case is good. PowerMadd Hand Guards. I’m open to trades.
  9. that’s the thing fish… the broken cables are garbage. I installed a new one. A lot easier than I thought.
  10. Looks like I have my first customer I’m gonna help out. Have a 424 enroute to my place in Alberta from NC I believe. Gonna do full rebuild on it.
  11. Hey Jeep.. like I mentioned. I just made the cable myself. I used 1/16” galvanized cable off a 50’ roll. Then as per pics, soldered up the ends to fit inside the holes via lead fee solder which is wayy stronger then lead solder. IF ANYONE wants to send me their broke 424, yes I can spource parts & repair.
  12. Thx jeep pics & video added. But I tried twice to add text & never shows up. We can delete the other posts/pics I had if we can. I apologize as I’m terrible for not waiting untill I’m done 100% before posting up.
  13. Almost done. Then I’ll clean up this thread to make it more useful.
  14. I’m on it rite now! Cable half done. Just doing some measuring, so I get it rite first time. I should have taken a pic of the led I have on cable. The pic looks bad, but I can tell u, it surely will not let go. I used lead free solder which is stronger as well.
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