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  1. Neighbours came over & asked if I’d be able to pull up some cedar trees. I said well let’s try... I pulled over 10 up for them. Spun all 4 tires locked up, (hard in driveline for sure, good thing she’s all new lol) but got er done. Still have to change oil before May Long Week End Camp trip!
  2. Bought a couple oil filters yesterday. 1 extra to have on hand.. Now to make the time to change the oil!
  3. Wheeler


    Funny story on old ammo. 30 years ago I was with my dad, & uncle who had ammo that was really old at that time. He was shooting it out of his Remington Nylon 66. My father & I never laughed so hard in all our lives! He went to shoot at a rabbit across from us.. we could literally see the bullets exit the barrel & drop about 15’ away!! U could have caught them with ur hand lol!! Other than that I’ve shot 10year+ ammo without issues.
  4. My buddy just picked this 97 400 up for 2k. I haven’t seen it yet. He said the carb is leaking so float sticking he thinks, & needs tires. I personally don’t know anything about the 400s... anyone have any pointers, tips, tricks he needs to know? I’ll see if he wants to join our site..
  5. I’ve got it now, but it’s not a YouTube video... I’ll figure it out.
  6. Hey guys. I haven’t been in here much lately as I’ve been really busy. Just got back from my Wild Boar Hunting trip. It was a success!!! I even managed to get the footage of me shooting mine with the GoPro on my 45-70 picatanny rail. I left the cable at the camp, so I have to get another one today, charge it & figure out how to edit & post a video. Here are the pics. For those that don’t know who I am, I’m the first pic.. The pics of the gun is the one I’ve just bought. A Marlin 336 30-30 with MidWest industries foregrip, leather ammo holder ect. Selling my MH-12 double barrel pump & GSG-16 semi .22 to fund the purchase... Hog Camp 2021 was a Blast! Literally!!! 2lbs of tanerite wayy too close to camp when we set it off! Have that on GoPro too!! Cheers!
  7. Wheeler


    Ok, well I can’t reload 6k rds but for my shooting requirements I’m good until next spring. I “mainly” reload for just hunting, but do target shoot/practice in the summer while camping. The .22s get shot lots i. The summer. 7mm just for dial in & refresher before the fall hunt. 45-70 gets shot more than 7mm. Camp bear Defense, Annual Hog hunt, & general practice. Just live the SBL!
  8. Wheeler


    my personal supply is very well stocked, along with powder for now. I haven’t been out & about scouting for any in a while... @_Wilson_™ be nice if they ever reopen the border!!
  9. Wheeler


    Just bought 100rds 00 Buck & 10 slugs. $130. Taking my UTS-15 (favorite.12gauge) & MH-12 Double Barrel Pump, (plus 4 more guns) hog hunting next week. Hope the new MH-12 works as good as it looks!
  10. @_Wilson_™ yes pressure washer. I run 3000psi 6hp 1.3 nozzle in the foam canon.
  11. Yes I can adjust the water soap ratio up top, & fan or jet by the front. BUT if u don’t get the soap ratio mixed rite in bottle won’t matter! I had a good 4oz Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss in that bottle with hot water. Came out like shaving cream!! Didn’t have to brush the Nissan either. Came out amazing!
  12. Think I figured out the soap mixture lol...
  13. All about the way it’s prepared if u ask me? Lots of people don’t like deer meat, however... when they eat deer meat I’ve cooked up, they blown away at taste & flavor/texture of how it is... maybe an art?...
  14. I LOVE the flavor of those beasts! However, tuffer than a rubber boot. So that’s why we turn ours into mostly sausage...
  15. Wheeler


    Hope I haven’t posted this one already....but it’s awesome & true for me...
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