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  1. Won’t get my grief. I’ve owned a brand new 1994 Bayou 220 & would own another. They were beasts! So fast! I got nailed by the cops going 90km/hr in a 50Km/hr. Tough bikes. Didn’t know that ever made a 250 though only 220 & 300
  2. Funny, I thought the same thing..
  3. Welcome to the site... mmmm... be great if u gave us a lil more info.. what switch r we talking about??
  4. I could just go buy a larger cc bike... BUT... WHAT KINDA FUN IS THAT??!!! (All caps for u @shadetree!) lol
  5. Ahh @_Wilson_™... I’m a nut job.. never enough. But parts are bonus..
  6. All I want is the engine. I’ve been talking with a buddy who isn’t on here but is on the FB page. He wants parts off it. So looks like a win/win.. (I’ll see if he will join here) I want to build a full 400bbk engine.
  7. Been talking with this guy... all I really want is the motor for a rebuild.. but the other parts may help out me or others... thoughts??
  8. Ya I was thinking it was upside down & taper always goes down. Very odd..
  9. Wheeler

    Front Bumper

    I just ordered off there website. I’m sure they do.. just check their site. Says in stock still..
  10. Wheeler

    Front Bumper

    Yup it’s the one in the pic. Cost $330 with mirrors shipped. read great reviews on them.
  11. Wheeler

    Front Bumper

    I’ll post pics when I get er all installed & decal up... said about 4 business days for shipping. Next week I’ll see them..
  12. Hope u fare well. Sucks I don’t have a garage..
  13. Hi. Welcome. I’m sure someone here will be able able to help ya out! Tons of knowledge here!!
  14. Barter jobs are sweet. I’ve done. Few myself.
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