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  1. I hear ya on the weight. I’m still waiting on the shop to get me booked in to get my GM Fast Burn heads in my 383 for more power. I pull a lot (too much prolly) of weight. We aren’t allowed to tow tandem unless it’s a 5th wheel here. Glad to see lots of u guys getting out & some success!!!
  2. Congrats Shade! Now I have a face for the name too! I missed a running doe with my .45-70 this year myself.
  3. I have no issues with my EBC brake pads on the HL kit. Those brass ones say they will only work with SuperATV kits & they are double the price of EBC. More than double as I pay $45cnd.
  4. My nephews first deer today.. !.... Quite the story to go with it too! Lol! Gong Show TBH.. lol
  5. Reading all that is one reason I’ve never asked a land owner for permission, & only hunt crown land, which is VERY plentiful in Alberta.
  6. I can’t speak on those exact models, but in general Know first hand a PCII was great when I had my crotch rocket. They make good products. Not sure what fuel controller my buddy had in his Grizzly.. I’ll have to ask him & let ya know.
  7. @PROV that’s a big bodied deer right there!
  8. Yes I installed a locker. I don’t think I had this issue until the cable popped out again & I had to fix it in the bush. So I possibly may not have cable adjusted properly from what was mentioned. I’ll have to look into this. @shadetree sorry modified is my middle name. Everything including all my guns are modified.. nothing stays stock.. lol. You restore beat up quads, & I modify them. Ride hard, put away clean & well maintained. Hahaha.
  9. I had a buddy who ran bear claws. They were decent. I think where a person lives plays a part in the best tire as well. The terrain is different, mud is different. Ect... here in Alberta it’s either rocky (near foothills or mountains) muskeg, sand, or clay mud on the oil field roads. The mud here is a lot different from when I rode back East. but I agree the basic general all around tires are like mentioned. mud lites bear claws Big Horns (you bought knockoffs) dirt devil guess sky’s the limit.
  10. No, didn’t miss issue.. I’ve just never really said much about it. I’m baffled. In 4 wheel drive, every oh say 5-10 seconds I get a loud “click” & handle bars pull when this happens. If I’m balls to the wall like I was towing the Polaris out of bush I didn’t notice it. But just cruising, loud click n pull..
  11. Now that my quad is done for the year, I’ve been thinking about my plans... - Re-Bedline Rims - New ITP steel rims with SwampLites (keep Zillas too) - Novus Polish the plastics - Implement paint the racks, bumpers - New rear seat for the wife (just rear box rite now) - Go over quad front to back, all new fluids ect. Re-examine the pilot jet issue.. - New side “355” decals - Figure out 424 issue. Clicks in 4x4 & what ever may come to mind.. want er 110% ready earlier than last year. Put a lot of miles on this year & worked er hard.
  12. Update.. put 100hrs on the new genny. Ran fantastic without any hiccups! I gave her first oil change at 12hrs, & now due for another plus spark plug inspection. So for anyone looking for a reliable genny.. I would give this one a 10/10 for everything so far! Started every time first pull!! She’s retired till the spring now as I’m done hunting. @shadetree I got 11.5hr run time at best, worst 10hrs, & started first pull every time. For the price I’m very pleased so far!
  13. Dropped my buck off to the butcher. Weighed 100lbs on the hook with no head, hide, tenderloins or legs. Not too bad if u ask me... just getting steaks, roasts & burger outta this guy..
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