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  1. image did not transfer.
  2. shrade


    I think that means it will be colder than *&@$$ for a week or so!😄
  3. Woke up this am, -11 degrees, glad I finished pushing the 10"+ of fresh snow yesterday while it was "balmy" 6 degrees.
  4. shrade


    Jeep: Sorry it took me so long to reply. I think their in Norfolk, about 2 -1/2 hours north. Never even heard of them until joining the forum.
  5. shrade


    14" inches of snow in about 16 hours, second largest amount of snow in a 24 hour period in Lincoln. Thank God very light winds, very little drifting. 400 AT got a work out. 19 degrees predicting 1-2' more tonight.19 degrees, looking for a high of 21
  6. shrade


    Started snowing before sunrise this morning, quit about 30 min ago, 9-10 inches total. Went out at noon and pushed for 3 hours, I'd bet two plus inches fell during the time I was pushing. Will go out in the morning to push the balance. Pushed my neighbors drive, his wife baked up a loaf of a desert bread with pecans and brought it over. I have told them numerous times they owe me nothing, but it doesn't pay to argue with them. It sure was good!
  7. Finally got my Warn winch switch mounted. Hope this one lasts longer than the other one. Just in time, we are in a winter storm warning for tomorrow.
  8. tonight is stay at home night for us, happy new year to all the folks on ATV Honda!
  9. shrade

    Plow talk

    Thanks for the response guys, . PROV I am hooked up to the low voltage side, not the main power supply. Will get to town tomorrow and try and find a Warn Switch
  10. shrade

    Plow talk

    have a question for you guys who plow a lot. What type of switch do you have on your winch? my factory switch lasted less than one season, replaced it with a "heavy duty" 15 amp toggle switch, it didn't last much longer. Any suggestions?
  11. The truck that should have been!
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