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  1. just saw this thread, Sorry for your loss Wilson, We are here if you need us.
  2. , also clearing a 100 yard shooting lane , got a feeder and a game cam When is the shooting lane going in?
  3. I am not much of a motorcycle guy.....but that is about the coolest bike I have seen!
  4. BCS: Sorry for your loss, God be with you.
  5. Have a Merry Christmas guys. Stay healthy and enjoy the family.
  6. Welcome from Nebraska Bossdaddy. Nice collection of toys.
  7. Welcome from Nebraska
  8. shrade


    Was 36 this morning when I got up, by 9:00 it was down to 34, flurried a bit this afternoon, collected on some tree branches and the shady side of the lawn. Chance for some more tonight.
  9. Welcome from eastern Nebraska
  10. I think 300 is pushing it, 36 or 38's most likely!
  11. shrade


    We got 3-1/2 -4" of rain here Saturday night and Sunday. Thank God we got rain instead of snow out of this storm that dumped all that snow in Colorado and Wyoming. Today it rained mud, literally. The storm winds blew so hard out of Texas and Oklahoma the dust they picked up was washed out of the atmosphere by the rain, turned my white truck brown.
  12. I don't think so, Cholulas Chipolle is a redish brown color and delicious!
  13. The Chipolte is my favorite
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