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  1. The truck that should have been!
  2. I see you were busy last weekend! 😄
  3. shrade


    Glad you came thru with minimal damage!
  4. shrade


    our prayers are with you Fish.
  5. looks like something Fish's grandad built!!:):)
  6. Yes a vented rotor does stay cooler!
  7. welcome from fly over country!
  8. put a rounding over bit in your router and ease that edge!
  9. Welcome aboard Michael, from Nebraska
  10. welcome aboard!!
  11. shrade


    The heat finally broke here this week instead of 95+ we are at 83-88 and lower humidity has been less. nights have been 55-65, good sleeping weather, house has been open the last couple of days. signs of fall are showing up.
  12. muddygirl81: I have a 2005 400 AT that was acting very similar to yours. working and pulling fine in the ESP but would act as though it had no power in the Auto mode. Put it in ESP and run it up a small hill shifting as you would normal. It will probably work just fine. Run up the same hill in Auto, it will probably act as it has no power, this is usually due to the clutch slipping, as you apply more power the rpms of the engine will increase, the ECM thinks it is time to shift into a higher ratio, does so and then the engine doesn't have the power to pull it up the hill. My AT did this shortly after I bought it used with 1200 miles. I replaced the clutch shoes and drum and made sure I used a wet clutch compatible oil. The clutch can be serviced with out removing the engine. the front diff has to be slid forward, the cooling fan and cooler remove to gain access to the front engine cover. A special puller is used to remove the clutch assemble so the "shoes" and springs can be replaced. I am not a professional nut twister, like many of the guys here but was able to do this in a couple of days. I would bet money if you currently have no error codes this new clutch assembly would fix your problem. I found a service manual on fleabay which was a tremendous help. I think the electronic versions may be available from folks on this forum. If the rest of your bike is as good as it looks IMO it would be worth the trouble. I do not know how much bigger your tires are than the original, but have read that going too large is not advisable with these bikes, as it can put "stress"on the tranny. I still have the original wheels and tires on mine and have had no issues after the re-build. If you are working the bike hard Like I do when pushing snow, NEVER do so in the auto mode, as this can shorten the life of the clutch, always in ESPP if you are working it. If their is anything else I can do let me know. Go to page one of the link that Jeep posted above, It is a great wright-up on the AT tranny's.
  13. Thank you for your service and welcome from Nebraska
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