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  1. Thanks, although I've taken the plunge with partzilla I think it's 20% of the cost, inc shipping. So I will pay about £110, which is still saving me near £200 if I buy it from a dealer here in UK!
  2. Just spoke to a couple of local (ish) agricultural/atv parts dealers and they are saying around £300 for new shaft assembly! I think I will go with the partzilla option. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
  3. Yeah that’s spot on, and not a bad price. It’s same again for the shipping though which is the problem here in the UK… but I may have to bite the bullet, as they say!
  4. I haven’t. You’re probably right - I will have a look and see. Think I may pop into the local atv place and ask the mechanic!
  5. I did have a some messages in my inbox from members last time I looked (a couple of months ago) but it seems to have been cleared out for some reason! Haha... not yet! Been pretty full on over the winter with various projects and 4WD not so high on list of priorities. I find its pretty easy to get a 420 unstuck, so I've just been manhandling it whenever i get into trouble. But its a different story when I need to start pulling the flail mower about! It weighs a ton!
  6. Hey guys, so it's taken me a while, but finally made time to get the front prop off (got to get the flail mower out soon so will actually need 4WD). Much easier job than I thought. The splines are indeed worn, and by the feel of it likewise for the coupler. So I guess its time to get a new/old one... finally. Still cant seem to find anything in the UK (apart from paying £400-500 at the local shop to get repaired). Would be happy to pay shipping from the US for a second hand one! Cheers! Robb
  7. Cheers mate, that would be brill. I'm guessing its just a matter of unbolting the front axel from the chassis and yanking it back?!
  8. As fishflies says - I'm fairly sure it's stripped. Got stuck and realised only the rear wheels were spinning. The coupler spins with the engine but the shaft only spins when the front wheels move (and 4WD engaged). So I'm pretty sure it's the splines!
  9. Sorry I've been away for work. Yeah that's the one! I'm not sure about the coupler - I haven't taken the shaft off yet. So ideally looking for both!
  10. Tea I can do, but I don't know anything about these cookie things. I may be able to rustle up some Rich Teas or Mcvities Digestives however...
  11. Hey Sam! Cheers mate, much appreciated!! My 420 is 2015. Having a real time trying to find anything here in the UK!
  12. Hi guys, Wondering where to buy new parts for my 420 in the UK... I'm still looking for a new front propshaft and winter is coming! Any ideas? Everywhere I've found so far have been US based and charge big shipping fees. Cheers!! Robb
  13. Ok will do. I don’t have a service manual, can it be downloaded somewhere? ATV mechanic told me shaft can be removed by unbolting the diff and pulling it back a few inches. What could go wrong?
  14. Had another fiddle this morning and noticed that if 4WD is engaged then the shaft locks and will not turn (with the wheels are on the ground), but I can rotate it in 2WD. I guess this indicates that it is indeed the splines on the engine side that are stripped. Will bite the bullet and order a new shaft and joint... Thankyou both for the help! Robb
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