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  1. Ok will do. I don’t have a service manual, can it be downloaded somewhere? ATV mechanic told me shaft can be removed by unbolting the diff and pulling it back a few inches. What could go wrong?
  2. Had another fiddle this morning and noticed that if 4WD is engaged then the shaft locks and will not turn (with the wheels are on the ground), but I can rotate it in 2WD. I guess this indicates that it is indeed the splines on the engine side that are stripped. Will bite the bullet and order a new shaft and joint... Thankyou both for the help! Robb
  3. I guess the only way to tell for sure is to take it out and take it look!
  4. So should I see the shaft physical shift back towards the engine? This doesn’t happen. But shifting the pushing the 4WD lever does turn the arm (where the red dot is)...
  5. Hey, yes it moves with the lever. I did think it could be loose (it doesn’t move a great distance) so used some grips to twist it all the way but it didn’t make any difference...
  6. So I put her up on sticks again and stripped the side off to get a closer look. To me it does seem to be worn splines, but perhaps there’s something I’m not taking into account? I uploaded a video showing the problem/inspection below, maybe a more experienced eye can confirm or shed some more light on the problem! cheers!
  7. Hi everyone, So my 2015 420 has lost 4WD to the front wheels. Local ATV mechanic reckons its the splines at the engine end of the front shaft. I'm guessing the shaft needs replacing, along with the joint that it connects to engine block with? Also, anyone know the best place to order parts from... in the UK? Cheers! Robb
  8. Well I moved here from southern England and my roots are Irish... but the Scots are very welcoming! You must come if you get the chance. Thanks again to everyone for the welcome! Good to meet so many of you!
  9. Hi all, TRX 420 owner for about a year - recommended here by a member! I’ve got a problem with my 4WD, will post separately! for now pleasure to meet you all! cheers! Robb
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