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  1. Yep we call it the same here too, he'll get what's deserved eventually
  2. Bite your tongue and wait it out, he'll screw himself over eventually buddy. For starters he's a meth head so he's already killing himself, secondly he'll keep on thieving to find his drug addiction but eventually he'll thieve off the wrong person and end up getting shot or seriously injured!
  3. I'd say bad battery or bad ground personally. No mention of piston ring condition though...? Low compression is a possibility, as is timing.
  4. Right... Apologies for the late reply! I had a 2nd gen with a bent frame and fitted all of my 04 parts to a 1st gen frame. You need to notch (V) the cross member (pictured above) to clear the front diff. If you use a Gen1 diff you need the Gen1 shaft, if you use the gen2 diff you need the gen2 shaft. You need to move the motor back to fit the diff and shaft into place if you use the Gen2 diff. I'm not sure how you'd get on if you fit a gen2 selectable diff to a gen1, I was always led to believe that the CDI had something to do with its control, I can't confirm that though. However, I see no reason why you couldn't swap the CDI and harness along with the gen2 diff.
  5. Hahaha... Lucas is good and has a very good reputation however, they work with automotive manufacturers and provide goods to spec which gives them a !*y reputation lol... Can't take any credit away from Chevy though, they have the V8 world taken up in my eyes.. I'd love an LS3, feel free to ship me one folks !
  6. Oh yeah the rover V8 is junk, buics cast off haha... The t box was right though, don't change the subject !
  7. My point exactly buddy... Auto locking centre diff (viscous) or manual locking. All gears, no chains... Land Rover got it right from day one... About the only thing they got right though ! 😂😂
  8. Why not run a centre differential? Such as land rover for example? It works very well indeed. The best to date was the viscous diff lock fitted to the later classic range rovers 🙂 We have a few jeeps available to us here in the UK and the T boxes always fail for some reason...
  9. A faster front diff ratio is perfect of your on trials or off road all the time. The slightly faster ratio gives better steering, especially if you have spools, lsds or lockers. The Icelandic off-road/formula off-road guys all run a faster ratio up front to aid steering 😉 Realistically.... It's only going to work in a relatively high HP truck when your skinny pedal is to the floor!!
  10. SamUK

    GREAT NEWS....

    Thanks buddy.. Yes, Arthur is my first, my fiance's third.. All boys.!!
  11. SamUK

    GREAT NEWS....

    I'm sure he'll be along soon enough, just waiting for me to air the good news 🙂
  12. SamUK

    GREAT NEWS....

    Haha.. yeah we celebrate Christmas here, he's going to be getting double presents for sure, lucky fella..!! That's a good deal you came up with SR, good for those in need and good for your daughter to understand that others need help amd/or assistance. You did well coming up with that deal. Not sure how we will play it, it's early days yet isn't it. One thing's for sure, I'm loving life right now, one proud father right here 🙂
  13. To those who know me and of our expectance, our baby boy has now arrived, 11 days over due..!! Mother and baby Arthur are both very well indeed. Thanks to all of you who already passed on your regards and kind words, and a big thanks to those who contributed towards the surprise that was sent to us, we appreciate it very much, your all very kind 🙂
  14. Needs a battery, she's ready for the scrap heap. Next I'd say inspect the motor, it may be dirty/dusty or in need of replacement brushes if your lucky. Worst case, the comm is knackered..!! Not worth having repaired on a small winch so time for a new winch.
  15. SamUK


    These kind of threads can sometimes cause issues... I'll leave it here for now, if it gets heated in anyway it will be deleted, I hope you understand my reasons. Feel free to PM me though, I'm more than happy to explain further 🙂
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