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  1. Yes sir have checked it several times as well as pulled the motor out last night and tore it apart and checked it again. Swapped heads out with a running bikes head and the fuel system just for ! and giggles. Have everything put back together but have a few neighbors that work nights so waiting till at least lunch to try it.
  2. Jeep, have narrowed another of it down just stuck with limited input on it now. It wasn't just the plug stalling it. If you leave plug hooked up but unhook the fuel pump or injector(stop sending fuel to intake) turns over fine no issues. Send fuel to intake though its like it vapor locks the motor for a sec and then back fires. Pulled the motor back apart just to triple check and everything checks out. Only thing that isn't correct is that it has 150 psi of compression versus the 73 the manual calls for.
  3. So an update, I just covered the intake boot inside the air box with my hand and it quit stalling and will turn over constantly until you turn it off. Then begins to stall again🤦now I really need someone else's 2 cents 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Jeep, that is correct. Has backfired once or twice in the last 3 hours of messing with it. Motor makes 3 or 4 revolutions then stalls and turns over the same amount of times and stalls.
  5. Been a while since I posted on here but seems to be a lot more knowledge on here versus most of the Facebook pages. Here's my issue Just rebuilt my buddies 09 420 4x4 fm with power steering. Motor is solid, timed correctly, valves clearance is correct, my issue is when you hook the plug wire up to the plug is basically stalls the motor out and will only crank over a few times and stall out. Thinking the ecm might be shot because I've checked all the sensors, ohmd out the harness and checked stator and regulator. The only other thing I'm not sure about is they deleted the power steering module 🤦‍♂️why i do not know but that shouldn't cause whats going on should it? Thanks for any input on the subject it would be appreciated.
  6. Guys I threw in the towel on the motor, last thing I tried was tearing it back apart and cutting the decompressor off the cam and that made no difference. Going to assume the crank was bad, that would be the only thing I could figure out. The motor was never installed on the wheeler except that one time all the other times testing it were on my work bench with several diff starters as well as a new one I ordered from D&B and made no difference. I appreciate all the input but sometimes you gotta know when to quit befor labor over runs the cost of the 4 wheeler.
  7. Yes sir, with the valve cover on and plug in its tight with a ratchet but do able. Have pulled plug and slowly rolled ot over and everything sounds good. It really seems like it can't get past the compression stroke when it's all together(plug in and cover on). Ordered a brand new starter and tried it on top of the other 5 and still the same result.
  8. Akatv, pull cord assembly is no good. And no if the spark plug is out it turns freely with no issues or dragging or anything indicating something's in a bind. Have checked and triple checked timing, pulled top end apart twice and no signs of plug of valves hitting the piston. If I leave the plug in and pull valve cover off it will spin over fine. I have swapped heads and valve covers as well and still same results.
  9. Big bird im not familiar with this forum so don't know how notifications work and I don't know how to post the videos, but new oem timing chain, tensioner, guide .50 over shindy piston and bored jug, no dragging or funny noises that would have me assume crank is bad. Like jeep started ot will turn over all day with either plug out or valve cover off but with both on it'll turn until it hits compression stroke and stop. Sorry for the delayed responses
  10. Anybody on this forum good with 500 motors o need some serious help. Thanks in advance
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