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  1. Appreciate all the help fellas. I don’t think any maintenance has been done in this in years. Running into all kinds of little headaches.
  2. Man some of this guys are brutal hahaha. Are these part numbers the same bolt? They look the same to me. 15420-HN2-000 https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/15420-HN2-000?gad=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9rnIlaPugAMVlvrICh0RdgFnEAQYASABEgLPl_D_BwE 15420-HN8-000 https://www.powersportsnation.com/honda-bolt-oil-filter-center-15420-hn8-000.html
  3. Hey Guys. anyone have the part number for the oil filter bolt. The bolt is rounded i need to grab a new one. Once I get this off.
  4. Awesome thank you. I order the bolt gotta pick up that washer
  5. Random question what is the bolt pattern for the rubicon? Is it 4/110? will deff check out the food page thanks!
  6. Random question what is the bolt pattern for the rubicon? Is it 4/110?
  7. I actually just got a 7 cubic foot chest freezer. Just got it loaded up. Always need stuff on deck for the smoker. Thanks @Danika 327 I will check them out.
  8. Hey fingers crossed @Goober comes through with some recommendations. Appreciate the help fellas.
  9. Awesome I will keep an eye out. I was looking at a set of mounted bear claws on eBay. Just gotta find a good deal
  10. If I could find a used pair I would rattle can them. I don’t trust my painting skills. Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it. I’m real green here want to do most of the work myself. I just don’t want to mess anything up on the machine.
  11. Appreciate the help man. That is much cheaper than getting rims. Would like black wheels for it eventually. But trying to do this on a budget until next year
  12. Thanks. I plan on keeping as long as I can. This one has sat for a bit so I’m just changing all the fluids just doingthe simple stuff. This only has 225 hrs and 1300 miles. I don’t plan on taking it mudding but will put it to work in the winter time. Are the tires hard to break off the rim? I’ve never mounted tires before.
  13. Appreciate the help fellas. Jeepwm69 it was the check bolt. Part number is spot on thank you. I bought a bolt from the hardware store yesterday it’s just a bit to long. So I’m going to have to cut it down today. I did order a bolt kit last night just to have on hand. It does have the factory wheels. I will need new tires before winter along with the plow.
  14. I would like to bring this rubicon back to show room if possible. Right now my two biggest concerns are new wheels and tires and a plow for the winter time. Do you have any recommendations on plows. There are so many universal plows out there I just want to be sure whatever one I buy fits properly. Is hondaline where you get your parts?
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