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  1. I just picked up yesterday a 1998 Foreman 400 that I am planning on using for parts. Before I tear down the engine I wanted to see if I could get it to run. Evidentially the starter button went out and the guy butchered the wiring harness trying to get it to run. My question what would be the easiest way to get it to run without taking my wiring harness off my good running machine. Is there a way I could park my good bike beside the bad and make some kind of jumper wires to use my good harness and CDI so I can get it to turn over and possibly crank. The pull start is removed but the starter is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also got another 450 engine in the deal and would like to do the same with it.
  2. I found a 400 complete for parts with an extra 450 engine.
  3. No luck on power Sports nation. The 450 head will give you less Compression. Not the end of the world.
  4. I have a 1996 Foreman 400 and need a head. My bolts broke during restoration and leaking at the valve cover. The Heli coil didn't work.
  5. I got it back together tonight and was able to bend the racks and pop the plastics back out. I did notice the frame was a little bent on the left side where the rack bolts up. I did notice the drivers side inner cv boot is ripped. Any recommendations on what boots to use? I can tell the steering is a little off but I am going to look at this weekend and see what I can figure out.
  6. I actually have a 450 piston and running the 400 head. I am Actually looking for a new 400 head we broke some bolts and the helicoils aren’t holding and leaking oil. Do you have one for sale?
  7. This is a 1996 Foreman 400 with the 450 head. I just completely refurbished it around Christmas and added the disc brakes. I am pretty sure you were helping me out then as well. Any advice for straightening out the rack. I was going to use a chain or strap and hook it to the rack and a tree and use reverse and the throttle to bend it back.
  8. Well my Daughter let her friend drive her ATV and she lost control and hit a tree. Luckily nobody was hurt. It took me a while to get it loaded up on the trailer and get it back home. I took the tire off and it looks like to me the only thing that got damaged was the front rack and up and lower ball joints. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tell if the control arms are bent and do you see anymore damage. What ball joint would you recommend? The tie rod looks OK from what I can tell. I am going to pressure wash tomorrow and try to tell what is going on. Any help will be greatly appericated.
  9. Hello everyone I finally got this thing going today. I put new Shindy rings, new timing chain,new clutches and she fired right up without smoking and sounding like a sewing machine. My daughter and I drove it about an hour and so far so good. She is so excited. It’s going to be warm for a few days and I am sure she is going to break it in. Thanks again for all the help. Hopefully this time it will last a while.
  10. Let's hope I don't run into anymore issues. I am ready to be done with this!
  11. I removed the bolts on the springs and jiggled the pressure plate and got it to line up. When I put the bolts back it all tightened up. I think the problem was the pressure plate was off an hair when I tightened it up.
  12. Hey guys I just got new clutch disc ,metals, springs and bolted it up and the clutch disc aren't tight? What am I missing and what would cause this. 1996 Foreman TRX400FW. Any help will be greatly appericated.
  13. I took everything to a machine shop and the cylinder is fine but the rings had a giant gap when placed in the cylinder. The piston was .005 out of specs as well. It was a cheap Chinese crap kit. I bought shindy rings and going to use the good piston and the cylinder. I also put in a new OE timing chain and waiting on new clutches. I checked the specs on the rod and it all measured good. I think it should be good after I get it built back this time. Thanks for all your help. Rookie mistakes
  14. I am probably going to get used OEM off Ebay. I can get clutches that look a lot better than mine and the bearing for about 50.
  15. I was reading thought the manual tonight and watching some you tube video and it looks like my 1 way clutch bearing is turning both ways. I am thinking of replacing both clutches will all new stuff. They are both almost wore out. What is the best source for the clutch bearing the OE one is 95.00 and the ones amazon and ebay can range from 15-20. I also thought of getting some used OE ones on Ebay that look at lot better than mine. What are the best sources.
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