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  1. Let's hope I don't run into anymore issues. I am ready to be done with this!
  2. I removed the bolts on the springs and jiggled the pressure plate and got it to line up. When I put the bolts back it all tightened up. I think the problem was the pressure plate was off an hair when I tightened it up.
  3. Hey guys I just got new clutch disc ,metals, springs and bolted it up and the clutch disc aren't tight? What am I missing and what would cause this. 1996 Foreman TRX400FW. Any help will be greatly appericated.
  4. I took everything to a machine shop and the cylinder is fine but the rings had a giant gap when placed in the cylinder. The piston was .005 out of specs as well. It was a cheap Chinese crap kit. I bought shindy rings and going to use the good piston and the cylinder. I also put in a new OE timing chain and waiting on new clutches. I checked the specs on the rod and it all measured good. I think it should be good after I get it built back this time. Thanks for all your help. Rookie mistakes
  5. I am probably going to get used OEM off Ebay. I can get clutches that look a lot better than mine and the bearing for about 50.
  6. I was reading thought the manual tonight and watching some you tube video and it looks like my 1 way clutch bearing is turning both ways. I am thinking of replacing both clutches will all new stuff. They are both almost wore out. What is the best source for the clutch bearing the OE one is 95.00 and the ones amazon and ebay can range from 15-20. I also thought of getting some used OE ones on Ebay that look at lot better than mine. What are the best sources.
  7. Correct I didn't want to go any further until I knew it was Ok that they were moving. So you think I should install the springs and see if they tighten up? I suspect it will.
  8. Ok I made a lot of progress today. I got the front case split and the chain tensioner wasn't even touching the chain. I cannot believe it didn't jump time. I got the new chain installed. I was going to get a new sprocket but there are no new ones to be found anywhere. I looked on Ebay and mine looked just as good as those so I went with it. I do have a question with the clutch. I looked at the disc and they all looked fine. When I put the bolt back in with the impact the clutches are now loose? Did I over tighten or is this normal. I tried to line the bolt up with the punch mark but afraid I may have went a spin or two to far. Its hard to run the impact and see what's going on with the engine still in. I posted a video below. Let me know what you think and if you see anything in any of the other pictures I am missing. I basically need to order some gaskets and rings. I am also going to recheck the rod specs tomorrow and make sure its ok. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  9. Thanks I have the manual and watched every you tube video I could find. Tearing it down now.
  10. That's what I thought. It is possible to do the chain without pulling the engine off the bike? Or will it take about the same amount of time if I pull the engine and do it with easy access? I have a new OE chain and tensioner ready to go.
  11. I just took the tensioner off and made a video. Tell me what you think? I would think with the tensioner fully expanded I shouldn't be able to press it down flush.
  12. I have a 1996 400 motor with a 450 Piston and Cylinder and a 400 Head. If I go back stock it will be all 400 everything.
  13. Thanks guys. Will I be able to tell the difference in power of the 400 head vs 450 I have been running? I'll test out the tensioner this weekend so if I can bottom it out I am assuming the chain to too far stretched and I need to crack the case and replace the chain. If I can't get it to bottom out then the chain should be ok? Do you think thats chain rattle in the videos or loose piston and rings?
  14. I took all the 3 cylinders and pistons to the machine shop this morning, So here is the verdict. 1. OE cylinder and Piston is fine. It just needs a set of rings. 2. China cylinder #1 with the Hairline crack has good Piston and Rings just the cylinder has a hairline crack in the casting. Do you year any cam chain noise in this video? 3. China cylinder #2 the one with 6 hours on it. Cylinder is good and within spec. The piston was .005 to small and the rings were .100 our of spec. Do you think this was causing all the noise I was hearing? I put a thescope on the cam chain and tensioner while it was running and I heard nothing. So I have 2 options. 1. Get some OE rings and use the 400 cylinder and piston. 2. Use the latest 450 Good Cylinder and the Piston from the 1st Kit and get some Shindy Rings. I also just received a new Cam Chain and tensioner. I am toying with the idea of not splitting the case and just putting in the new tensioner and the 450 cylinder and new Shindy rings. If I pull out the old tensioner is there a way to tell if its bad? I really don't want to tear this thing all the way down. Let me know what you think?
  15. Did you check the crankshaft and Rod for play?
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