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  1. Hi I have 2003 TRX500FA. Camshaft decompressor in my TRX moves freely but it seems to be clunky and noisy. see YT video: clunky decompressor motor noise Can you tell me please if this is normal or I should replace the camshaft ? I appreciate your help Chris
  2. Does 2004 TRX400FGA and 2004 TRX500FGA instrument clusters share the same LCD display ? I see bare LCD displays available in the Internet (Ebay). Looking for cheap way of repairing display in my trx500 odo.
  3. Price for 1Gal is quite high IMHO. Is it worth the money? Do you have any pictures before and after the cleaning ?
  4. Could you please share your experience with ultrasonic ATV engine parts cleaning solution ? Below are results of my experiments: - CLR (1:4 ditsilled watter) it works very well for alluminum cleaning from caked dirt and oil. Alluminum parts are failry bright and shiny (spotty sometimes). Unfortunetelly CLR makes damage to steel parts (bolts, polished surfaces, beraings, shaft ...etc). They bacome dull black, some of them even rust. - ZEP orange degresser (1:4 ditsilled watter) is not so destructive but makes aluminum dark and doesnt remove everything (caked dirt/oil). - Diesel fuel bath fairly cleans loose dirt and oil. Very well lubricastes and penetrates the part fr storage (stinks terrible for me) - Gasoline removes well any grease,drit, oil (sort of like carb cleaner). It doesnt work too effectively against baked oil and dirt. ( stinks, flamable) Dremel with brass wire brush or very soft steel wire is what brings in my case shine to alluminium parts. I would be more happy to use entirely chemical process. Please share your experience.
  5. I just spoke with Brian. Apparently my Hondamatic had a differnet history than I was speculating. Most likely the Pressure Control Valve popped up and damaged the revolvel. Luckily all bearings seem to be ok. In other words I have to find a donor hondamatic with a good core and then continue assembly.
  6. I got his # already, I'm going to call very soon
  7. Sure I'm planning to make picture documentation for my reference. It will be shared once i get any success in my project.
  8. Hi I'm trying to assemble TRX500FA hondamatic form the pieces gaven to me by my friend. Could you tell me please what should be correct orientation of pin heads (distributor valves) inserted into hondamatic rotor shaft? See pictures below. While refering to the rotor position, assume that hondamatic pump section is on the left side of the picture and subtransmission on the right side. Should be U shape washers (the ones which are on the top of each pin) oriented rounded side up or down ? Any picture will help ! I appreciate your help
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