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  1. Thanks for your response, I will trying notify them to see if they ship to Canada and what the cost would be for the exchange and shipping. Exchange rate and shipping will probably be the killer, I thought maybe someone might have tried a different shock that may have worked for them and I could get them up here where I live. Parts for these old bikes is are becoming very hard to find here in Canada, I was 6 months finding a second hand axle for that one of mine. Lol
  2. Hi guys, I have a 1986 Honda 250 fourtrax with bad front shocks, one has the spring broke. I can’t find replacements anywhere’s handy where I live. I was wondering if anyone ever replaced them with a different shock other than original, that worked. Maybe something off a different machine that was a close match. Thanx
  3. Thanx gonna try tackling it as soon as the weather warms up a bit , April or May haha
  4. Hey guys, I have to replace the rear out put shaft boot on my 2006 Honda fourtrax 350 4x4 FM. I was just wondering if any of you have experienced replacing this boot and if so what kind of a job is it ? And are there any tricks involved to make the replacement a bit easier. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info, I might go with the separate wire harness since I already purchased it with the light. I thinking of running a reverse light off the same harness but with a separate switch.
  6. Thanks, that’s another option to consider, I have some time to think about because it’s too ! cold here to do the job out doors. Lol appreciate the input.
  7. Just got our wires crossed no pun intended, lol no I wasn’t looking for an engineer answer, I just wanted to know if I could run that light bar without any issues. I would prefer tapping into my high beam and it seems you did without any problems. Looking things up on the net can be confusing at times like I said some say you can and some say you can’t, that’s why I came here to get the right answer. Thanks appreciated
  8. Jesus bud somehow we started off on the wrong foot here, I wasn’t attacking you personally. This is my first time asking this question, my info was what I’ve read on line while researching about a light bar. After not getting anywhere and becoming confused by all the different opinions I decided to join the Honda group and get the answers from the Honda people themselves. I didn’t realize asking a question would wind up like this and if I offended you in any way that was not my intention. Ps I’m not to savvy when it comes to the electrical side of things that’s why all the questions because I can’t afford to make a stupid mistake, when it comes to watts, voltage and amps it confuses the ! out of me. Lol
  9. Thanks for your reply, I do realize different people have different opinions on this subject, but I wasn’t looking for an opinion I was looking for a definite answer. I was reading that you can damage your original wiring by running too many watts, for example my light is labeled 300watts but on that note ,when I ran the amp test it only had a 4 amp draw. I just wanted to know for sure before I hooked it up and burned up my wiring or if the stator could handle a 4amp draw while maintaining the battery. I thought some other Honda owners that was experienced in the wiring aspects could give me a definite answer. But your probably right some will say yes and some will say no. Lol
  10. Hi guys, been trying to find out about hooking up a light bar on my atv , some say yes and some say no! So I’m going to ask here, First I have a 2006 Honda fourtrax 350 4x4 FM , the only acc I’m running is a winch. I purchased a 12” Nilight 300 watt with a separate wire harness that is fused and has a relay. I would have liked to have tapped into the original high beam but not sure if that would work. I hooked the wire harness and light to a 12 volt battery and did an amp draw test and it says a 4 amp draw. I was wondering would it be safe to tap into my high beam or just go with the separate wire harness and separate switch? Thanks
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