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  1. Hey all new member for a few weeks now in the middle of a restoration on a 2003 Honda Rancher 350 ES came across an issue this is a two part question first is high beams do not work bulbs are good and fuse is good low beams do work any help appreciated Second question is on vent lines I've watched a couple of videos there is a vent line that runs along the right side of the gas tank to carburetor but I am missing that vent line does anyone know where that runs to?
  2. Greg


    Just a shout out to AKATV GREAT JOB ON MY METER ON MY 2003 RANCHER
  3. Greg


  4. Greg

    Handle bar grips

    No glue used the air trick worked perfect
  5. Looking for a a good glue to use on handle grips restoring a 2003 rancher any help appreciated
  6. Hey all to ATV Honda experts restoring a 2003 Honda Rancher 350 ES 4 x 4 12-volt front accessory plug-in went to remove plastic and it was already unplugged wondering if anybody knew where that actually plugged into can't find any connector to plug it into
  7. Greg

    Wire off carb

    Thanks again restoring this 4x4 1st honda I've owned
  8. Greg

    Wire off carb

    Thank you restoring this 4x4 had no clue what it was for
  9. Greg

    Wire off carb

    I have a Honda Rancher 2003 ES 350 the carb has a wire are coming off the bottom with a two wire plug on it not plugged into anything looking to find out where that is supposed to plug in
  10. Sweet that looks great looks like he does a fantastic job shipping mind today to him Thank you
  11. Greg

    Light bar

    Thank you that makes this job so much easier.
  12. Greg

    Light bar

    I have a 2003 350 rancher es I'm looking to put a light bar on but was wanting to wire into high beams not sure of the wire color for high beam side and which is ground
  13. Thanks appreciate the help
  14. Looking to find out what type 1 type 2 or type 3 means on there decals this is for a 2003 Honda Rancher ES 4x4
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