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  1. Thanks again and happy to you also
  2. Think I might have found a problem going to mess with it tomorrow I moved the battery around a little bit and it was making the voltage regulator move a little bit and it would make the display and everything start working correctly again on the meter and everything was working fine so I think I got a bad connection on the voltage regulator or possibly it's shorting out somewhere should be an easy fix from here on out I hope I appreciate all you guys helping me out you guys are awesome
  3. Okay I have tested each fuse in the fuse block the starter solenoid/ relay I have a DC tester light that lights up red when positive and green on negative solenoid relay test green on negative and red on positive the fuses the two 30 amp fuses which are the motor and the main they they show red the two 10 amps are showing a green light which that is ignition and accessories and the two 15 amp fuses show a green light when testing one's the fan and the other one is for the lights I'm not much of a electrician just know a few of the basics kind of a loss here what's causing it like I said it will start when you pull start it and runs but the meter just jumps all over the place lights flicker also is your revving at the engine seems as the lights don't flicker as much and the meter wants to just kind of stay on but the display is all jumbled up not reading right help my texting is not too confusing
  4. I haven't checked that yet but I'm not too sure on how to do that
  5. I have checked the fuses all of them are good I can get it started by turning the key to the on position and pull starting it then my display shows up on the instrument panel but it seems like it's running off the stator only as you rev it up the display will flicker on and off depending on how fast your revving it and then when you let off the throttle the display goes away
  6. I have a 2003 Honda 350 Rancher ES just started acting up when you turn the key on nothing comes on the display change the battery thinking it was the battery still does it but then all of a sudden it came on and it started up and ran fine and then here is a picture of what it started doing the only way I can get it started is with the pull start and then the dash display is kind of like going nuts the neutral lights on the reverse lights dim and on but as soon as you shut it off then you can't start it with electric start you have to pull start it the display kind of flickers the speedometer numbers Jump Around while it's sitting still
  7. Hey all new member for a few weeks now in the middle of a restoration on a 2003 Honda Rancher 350 ES came across an issue this is a two part question first is high beams do not work bulbs are good and fuse is good low beams do work any help appreciated Second question is on vent lines I've watched a couple of videos there is a vent line that runs along the right side of the gas tank to carburetor but I am missing that vent line does anyone know where that runs to?
  8. Greg


    Just a shout out to AKATV GREAT JOB ON MY METER ON MY 2003 RANCHER
  9. Greg

    Handle bar grips

    No glue used the air trick worked perfect
  10. Looking for a a good glue to use on handle grips restoring a 2003 rancher any help appreciated
  11. Hey all to ATV Honda experts restoring a 2003 Honda Rancher 350 ES 4 x 4 12-volt front accessory plug-in went to remove plastic and it was already unplugged wondering if anybody knew where that actually plugged into can't find any connector to plug it into
  12. Greg

    Wire off carb

    Thanks again restoring this 4x4 1st honda I've owned
  13. Greg

    Wire off carb

    Thank you restoring this 4x4 had no clue what it was for
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