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  1. It's all we had but I'll get some silicone spray next week and grease it next weekend. Guess what I was asking is what type is best, but any silicone grease will work?
  2. Ya mean turn it with the bushing out, no I didn't. Thanks for the tip on the lower bearing. I'll try the silicone grease first next weekend.
  3. Yea but it was just sitting a week after I redid it. I'd rather not do washers and not have enough thread on the bolts.
  4. I replaced the bushing, had to re grease the n xt weekend (not enough grease), done it that next weekend (weekend before last) and it done great, then last weekend it's hard steering, this weekend I got it apart to figure out why. Does grease get dry if open on a shelf? I used john deere grease for our loaders. Slathered the crap out of it. Here are photos. My question is there a better grease that will stay sticky but fluid when compressed by the cap? IDC how much it is for good grease. I'm confused as to why after a week it got hard to turn.
  5. I got to thinking and searching and found Hot Rod Magazine reads that proved I was wrong for thinks ng there's not much to these engines. And sleeving isn't a big deal. Ford only made the walls thin to save weight from my understanding if I read it right. I found a company that makes stroker kits for the 351/400. https://www.tmeyerinc.com/product-category/engine-family/335-cleveland/351m-400/page/3/
  6. Trucks I agree but could ya pm me on what your reason is for a modified over the 460, all the 400s had oiling issues without warning.
  7. Work play and Cruise, reason why I'm thinking about this one is practicality, but who knows may for me a 76 in good solid condition. Found a 76 F-250 390 FE 45,000 miles 4 speed 4x4 just now for 2,500 in Clendinin WV. I'm still looking before I do anything.
  8. The owner is getting it all fixed before she buys it. 😁 And yes I think I'll be happier with the 85.
  9. She found her an 06 Rav4 123,000 miles. Truck is for me
  10. Haha. If memory serves me I think all the modified engines had oil pressure issues but it may be just the 400. Yes 460 no brainier, everything else I found is either to thin cheaply made or has electrical nightmares. Example budget 460 build 2,300.00 including machining.
  11. Yea but the curse of 400, oil pressure issues. I'd spend a lot of $$ for a 460 the way I want it. So a stronger truck with a 460 no brainier plus I can build it down the road.
  12. Daily driver with hauling things.
  13. You said it bud. If you guys are interested I'll be sure to update, I'm going to look this weekend.
  14. Choice number 2. 1985 F-350. 68,000 miles. Dana 60 axles front and rear, C6 (to be switched eventually) 4wd, new paint banged up sure, 460 BBF stock engine, may switch out that distributor and radiator. New tires. $ 3,000.00
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