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  1. Didn't get a chance to recheck it. It's tight think I might've hit more in the center, didn't have a 30mm socket I think that's the size of the bearing. I had the washers and bolt I pulled it out with and a ball peen hammer.
  2. @jeepwm69, maybe I said something to accidentally offend you, I'm sorry if you may have mistook it. Didn't say it wasn't real was saying the DS used it as a very good scare tool, it is very easy to survive it if you keep your health and knowledge up so the people aren't tricked by the corrupted medical establishment. That's all
  3. F250 guy


    Right on the money, I've known for a bit.
  4. It's all a hoax but yes there is a virus, but it's 99% survival rate, you don't wanna get me started I have enough info to put anyone to sleep from boredom reading it. But yes we all need to kindly and collectively stand up and challenge illegal laws or mandates. I can see we are taking our country back, audits, events all one has to do is ditch Google and use duck duck go.
  5. Congrats and welcome, you'll love that Foreman more you get to use it.
  6. Factory plug, but I did check and it's not arching wrong, from what I understand now about all of the new emissions standards make them burn that way or cleaner fuel, I switched back to Tru Fuel until the carb tool comes in nice n light black how they all usually are lol. Yea can't believe I never thought a cleaner burning fuel would do that hey first time for everything. I used to be of that frame of mind until my main mower died and I was doing a yard for payment. Then I started to investigate the true cause. Poor fuel. On that note if anyone is interested go to Taryl Fixes All channel on YouTube go to his playlist and the fuel additive experiment is very very interesting.
  7. I switched back to Tru Fuel buying quarts, it didn't occur to me that the VP burned so clean I needed to adjust the mixture that takes the Walbro long D style tool that dealers won't sell you. I'm not buying gallon cans of Tru Fuel, for that I'll go mix it up at Sonoco. Not made of money anymore lol. My boss had nothing for me to do for over a month, so I'm cutting grass again.
  8. Note. This gem is 5 months old I was trying to see if there is a cleaner burning fuel, Anybody else ever switch fuel mixes and have a plug run lean on the back side of the ground leg? See I was using Sonoco, then Tru Fuel 50:1 cause of convenice but figured out the big cans are 110oz not a true gallon. So I switched to VP Racing multi mix just really stumped factory dealer adjustment. I am however getting the factory tool. Just wanted your opinions, Fuel I was running was 92 octane with the Tru Fuel. I never had this happen. I did run the Red Armor for a while but the bottles that let u mix 6 gallons are kinda pricey, but I thought worth it till I started adding up prices. If I can get over getting ripped off I may stick with Tru Fuel but more likely I'll go the extra distance and mix it myself, this was just an experiment I wanted to conduct. Just curious if anyone else had issues pop up like this. No marks on the piston and cylinder. Of course my flash is on but it wouldn't affect the pictures.
  9. I don't know why I didn't think of that either, and how long, never froze a bearing before?
  10. I'll look and check but I think all we have heavy colvert and steel pipe. And I'll look at some pawn shops, thanks for the tip.
  11. Got that right but what's a farmer with no tools supposed to do lol, but yea I'm actually thinking of a new tool upgrade for the garage anyway. But I'll start with some good hand tools. You couldn't loan a guy $20,000.00 for a garage overhaul could ya lol. I think internal master cylinder pliers will do the trick. I'll update when I can.
  12. Question, sticking to the damaged bearing thought, if a man didn't have the right socket for the outer race and only washers, what effects on the middle race would after hitting the outer race to get it down enough to get a washer on it, "OH CRAP" I did have to hit center my washer wasn't the exact size, now I know get the right socket, don't just scrounge in the parts drawer. But hey done what I could with what I had not best thing but tried 1000% to be very gentle. Once it was in there I went around the outside best I could. Lesson learned get right size socket or tools. Dumb dumb me
  13. I'll look for a socket and offset snap ring pliers when I get another bearing. Thank you 😁 I put the clip end of the snap ring towards the engine so that'll give a little more room .
  14. By yoke I mean the assembly the center tie rods bolt to. I took it off as an assembly tie rods bolted to it n let the whole thing drop down.
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