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  1. Yea butt. If ya run Ethanol crap like I did and the needle doesn't seal, or leaks then magically reseals and repeats, it's a hassle. That's why I'm running Non Ethanol with Seafoam. Looking back I think I may know what done me in. E10 + the amount of alcohol in Seafoam 6% "Wich isn't very much, but may have been enough to go over 15% total. So that's my reason for running Non Ethanol, Sunoco Optima is closest to me. I may be wrong on my reason but I think I'm right. Yes I know Seafoam is a cleaner maybe I didn't know it was doing its job. But I'll admit when I'd get busy and I'd remember to stabilize fuel I'd eyeball it well maybe I eyeballed a tad to much. But still I'll be happy Non Ethanol and Seafoam measured out.
  2. I wonder where ya can get those? 125 main 85 choke 40 slow jet. But yea I wondered if there ever was a jet sizing guide.
  3. @retro you can say the last part again lol.
  4. Clean as a whistle, set 2.5 turns already. Guess I can save my $$ but the thought about the tool was good. This fellas input is noted but I 100% don't expect a problem.
  5. I've already got it on but I'll update you when I get it running. Float vent hose cracked. Also need to get an adjuster tool so I don't burn my fingers with the 1/4in socket and screwdriver bit. It's passed my return time, but I'll keep your words in mind, others have had 0 problems it'll be interesting to hear feedback.
  6. Put them in and carbs on the wheeler already that was when I was still putting it together last week I think.
  7. A heat gun wouldn't work cause it's burn the rubber. My thought was if ya heat the smaller end a little it'll help expand it, I hope he doesn't have to tear the new boot getting it on. Yea those are a pain idk how the factory got them on, had to do mine years ago and I'll have to do it again, park reverse lever boot.
  8. Motion pro makes a cable lube tool I'm pretty sure. Don't quote me.
  9. Along with what @shadetree said, clean the cases since your there. Brake kleen and lots of it.
  10. Found it. 3/16 drill bit, was looking for a bolt in my toolbox. Tested size with a heat shrink tubing kit, I don't have a bit Gage here at my house. I feel happy, like an idiot, very sorry for possibly bothering anybody. Thanks JD.
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