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  1. F250 guy


    Me personally Motzart and classical.
  2. I'll ask on the wiring but hey either that or spend another 6 months looking. 😁 Tires I understand. Interior yea it can be spruced up. It's a work truck.
  3. Diesel right like the 86 I'm looking at? Or another truck, not fimilar with chevys
  4. What's the general opinion on the good ol 6.9? 86 F-250 up the road 30 minutes from me for 2,000.00 Guy chased his tail on a fuel problem. Stupid sending unit hoses in the tank broke off resulting in him replacing everything fuel related but the IP. It's a STRONG truck 150k 4 speed 4x4. Very clean.
  5. I wondered myself on the 370 engine if it was an off brand 460. Open the hood of an 88 F-600 gas truck and 370 Lima on the air cleaner.
  6. I know the rolled eyes lol but nobody is hiring now. Not for landscaping in my area. I checked. I'll find something eventually but I'm making money on the side doing yard work. Not 8 hours a day but it's something. PROV please realize folks have financial troubles so please don't criticize. Thank you.
  7. I'm still looking though like I said by the time the Stemulas check and bonus money comes, heck I may build a CJ7 one peace at a time in my driveway.
  8. I'm still looking got 1,800 and wisely letting my unemployment build up on my card and saving anything I can get money wise. But still being open minded just not 2003 or up open minded.
  9. I know what it's worth, if I couldn't get it and it'd be sold before the Stemulas comes, I gotta backup plan. Scour the west virginia countryside for a solid old Ford or CJ7. If to rusty well plan C build from scratch.
  10. That's the plan if the money and Stemulas doesn't come in a week see what I gotta do to get a loan.
  11. Saving up for this 1990 F-350 guys asking 4 I'm thinking 3,800 cracked windshield. Not to far off from getting it if the Stemulas and extra money comes like they promise do I don't have to go into savings.
  12. I didn't ask on the air filter, yea the 86 sold. So going to look at the 89 tomorrow hopefully
  13. They both are. The 86 sold. I'll let ya know if I get the 89.
  14. Gauge choices until I found New Vintage USA made a gauge kit for the 87-97 Ford's.
  15. Me man lol. Guy said it needed a u joint and break line but I'll replace all the u Joints and brake system.
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