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  1. The lining is what I was looking for but thank you for the info.
  2. I'm getting my parts list together to redo the front brakes, and was wondering 1 of 2 things. 1. The castle nut for the brake drum, how tight, or just tighten it up? 2. Is there a thickness that the braking surface on the inside of the drum has to be, need to know before I order so I don't get cylinders and shoes and oh crap I forgot a drum. Thanks to anybody who can help me out.
  3. Didn't know that but then against n there's hardly any computer controlled ATVs where I live. I was on the right track well maybe halfway lol.
  4. You may be on to something, the 300s have CDI issues, with them you can tap on them with a screwdriver handle or small wrench lightly, if it starts CDI is bad, again idk about an 09 foreman but I know 300s you can do that. I think the fan control unit would be the alarm unit I may be wrong. As for the half choke question, may have been a little cold out. Or if you store it with no stabilizer or don't drain your float bowl Ethanol may have gummed up your choke circuit.
  5. Wasn't sure cause they introduced FI on alot of models that I know of. Live n learn huh lol.
  6. Very good theory I didn't wanna say it and be wrong, but my comment if ya read it, I come from an automotive background, so Mass airflow sensors or fuel pumps or injectors can cause the issue, but mostly fuel pumps.
  7. Update. Here are some temperature shots mine and grandpas with factory oil. Disclaimer: the point is to testify that my temps are much lower than before, I didn't have my phone yesterday or I would've took photos before my oil change, they were higher then you see here by 30*. The reason grandpas is there is b cause I was curious what factory everything looked like. Mine runs warmer naturally "Wich I'm fine with me" I'd rather be a tad warm then barley Luke warm like grandpas". Mine.
  8. Is it FI, reason I ask is cause if it is EFI you may want to try and clean all the sensors for the air intake and fuel side if it has them, on our older FI cars, the Mass airflow sensors were 93% of the cause. Again may be wrong, but you didn't say if yours was FI or Carbed. Or like I said if FI test the fuel pump to see if it holds pressure when hot.
  9. ^^^ I may be wrong but that's the only thing that came to my mind. If it's misinformation I apologise.
  10. I got it done and man the Amsoil does make a difference. I had no idea what I was missing. Lower temps and alot smoother, quieter too.
  11. I'm with @Fishfiles but probably from what u said I'm thinking carbon build up, before tearing anything down drain the fuel and get a good fuel system cleaner mix it heavy with a fresh supply of fuel and run er hard for an hour or two if you live on acrage. Then if it don't run better rebuild the carb. I think Amazon has bore scopes that'll link up to your phone on WiFi if I'm not mistaken. You could use it to look in your cylinder to see if there's build up.
  12. @Fishfiles the thought is what counts though, we won't be going till later sometime I remembered we have to do the orchard limbs. My moms still remodelig a floor so later today it is. While on the subject do those manual oil extractors work, or since ATVs share engine and transmission it wouldn't drain all the oil out and a guy would still have to loosen the drain plug? I gotta change oil on grannies mowers and was curious. I'd like to get one for everything but a car, just wanted to ask for anybody's experience with them in ATVs. I'll post pictures of the scenery.
  13. No I haven't, the fan thing was to make sure that it won't get to hot, but at the temp it's going to be I should b fine to let it warm up 10-15 minutes, see I try to do anything I can to prevent possible overheating if I'm ideling for say over 15 minutes. I was being cautious, but at 25-30* I should b ok. 😁
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