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  1. Yea wilson I did, sorry have t been on here in a while. And yes I hate those ants.
  2. If your replying to me curious about that JD 400 mower, I'll ask but the guy is always concerned with making a buck, good heart but doesn't chat much.
  3. I had to pick weeds by hand in a lady s flowerbed oh joy lol. Hated it mirco manage to the extreme
  4. I'm trying to get the ball rolling to see if my neighbors buddy will sell me his JD 400 garden tractor. I'd love to have it.
  5. Kohler for me would be the K, Magnum, and command series. Briggs for me, opposed twin, and 5-8HP flathead. Just me. Hey don't matter if ya don't have one just wanted to see opinions and thoughts.
  6. Welcome to the form, I couldn't find the photo bcsman had put up it was a photo of retros post I think but couldn't find it, I was going to say IF it's like the ranchers or rincon far as the shift motor you can take it off, take the gears our "remembering where there went before" and put white lithium all temp grease in and after you reassemble it, should shift much smoother of course assuming you have a shifting issue. Or you just want it to shift better.
  7. All good points, I'm just more partial to quality. But yea I'm a guy that wishes things were like back in the 40s and 50s. Well built and simple.
  8. Guess I'm more partial to the older ones, newer ones to me and in my research aren't built right, but hey guess I'm in a time warp lol.
  9. I have had nothin but issues with Briggs, only good one we have is an old 80s I think 8hp flathead water pump engine, sat forever drained the tank put good fuel in, pulled it over a few times to prime, fourth time, fired right off. Again sat for who knows how long.
  10. Should've said push mower choice but hey if it works use it lol. I heard those are good engines. Never ran em.
  11. I'm just curious what mowers or engine choices you guys have and like. Me personally Briggs and Kohler are NOT what they used to be, and don't get me going on the 450-550e series briggs, I have an HRX217HYA. Love it, I accidentally deleted the first picture so I got a screenshot. Bought it almost a year ago 4/28/20, and it does very well especially the GCV200 engine. Hydrostatic transmission blade stop, Nexite deck. I'm the envy of the neighborhood. 800.00 but worth it. My mom got a mower for free, troy built 21in last year, and that thing is a steamy turd, I work on it more than I use it. Can't get it started for one thing without fighting it for 20 minutes a putt and stall at a time, gotta drill out the rediculosly small jet to let more fuel in, just haven't done it yet. Been using the good one.
  12. Wilson, what I meant was for him to see if the compression raised when it was hot and if so how much.
  13. ^^ your welcome Wilson, and yea PROV I thought the same thing. But I'll wait to see if I find anything better, just wanted opinions on a old or newer foreman or the newer ranchers is all.
  14. Post right above your comment. 3,600.00 is what he's asking
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