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  1. Hey folks, I have a CRF100F that wouldn’t start. It has spark and compression but wasn’t getting gas. I soaked the carburetor in that gallon of carb cleaner, put it in an ultra sonic cleaner multiple times and the fuel line into the carb is still blocked. I tried blowing air through it with the compressor and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it unclogged!?! Nothing I’ve tried is working!
  2. Anyone know where I can find a free service manual for a 2003 Kawasaki Bayou 250?
  3. I currently have 2004 Honda TRX 450 plastics on my 2003 TRX 450 FM. Does anyone out there have the correct plastics for this four wheeler. Maybe trade or just sell them to me. TYIA
  4. I could use them, I have A 2003 foreman 450 fm that has the disc conversion kit but one of the master cylinders is messed up beyond repair.
  5. Hello everyone! Question, cleaned carb, replaced everything the way it was. Not sure how the 3whlr ran before because I just got it. Put the carb back on with the air fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out. It starts first try but idles super high! I tried setting the idle screw in the side of the carb but it does not do much of anything. THEN the dang muffler start to glow! What the heck is going on here. I didn’t change jet sizes. The air fuel screw was 11 turns out when I first counted. I seriously doubt that is where it was suppose to be. But I am having a terrible time getting this thing set. The motor sounds healthy! The bike runs and drives all except for this setting on the darn carb. Any information or advice would help.
  6. Well, I spoke to someone that deals with mikuni on a personal level. He advised me that the carb rebuild kit for my OEM carb has not been released yet but will be soon. He said he will stay in touch with me and let me know as soon as it is released. It’s not very expensive and I have a chance to save the OEM carb. That was pretty exciting!
  7. How about this? Does any choke cable work? What makes them so different? I’ve looked and looked and a lot of what I found appears to have the same end that connects to the carb as the OEM cable. I am cheap. I do not want to spend $75+ dollars for a choke cable. I’m more lake a $7.99 type of guy. If it work, let it ride! What I am asking is if the plunger end is small on the OEM should another cable with the small end work? I am not a mechanic at all and still trying to learn all this stuff! Any info will help! Thank you!
  8. Awesome, thank you guys! I appreciate the info!
  9. These are the only numbers I could find on the carb. Not sure what the model is. There are aftermarket carb kits for these carbs but I just need to figure out the model number to get the right one.
  10. Yeah, I’ve seen all this. I was just wondering if not having a choke cable installed would air be sucked in and make the bike idle high.
  11. Ok folks, I recently came across this Yamaha through a friend. H gave it to me so I couldn’t say no. Well it has been sitting for four years and was told it ran and drove the last it was parked. Well, I did the minor stuff on it. The original mikuni carb was shot but I couldn’t find a model number to order a rebuild kit so I put w cheap eBay carb on it just to get it going again. Low and behold! This sucker started on the third pull. My question is, if I do not have a choke cable in the carb will it suck in more air and cause the bike to idle real high? I adjusted the idle screw and it idles real high and higher. That’s about all it will do. Any info will help. TIA!
  12. My mistake!!!! Yes it is a 2004! No it does not have a stock carb on it. I purchased the bike for $600 at a auction,
  13. Ok, I took the carb off and cleaned the crap out of it. Now…..it turns on first kick but just on choke. If I try to turn the choke off it dies immediately. If I leave it on choke, I can barely twist the throttle and when I do, the bike revs up and down on its own. I cleaned the carb, put it through a couple of cycles in the unltrasonic cleaner, sprayed it good with carb cleaner and blew through every hole possible with my compressor. It was spotless when I put it back together. No gas leaking through the over flow, I couldn’t have gotten it any cleaner unless it was brand new. So someone……please help me figure this out!
  14. Check it out, I have a 01’ CRF 100 F that I am having trouble figuring out why it will not stay on. And yes, I cleaned the carb. I checked the valve clearance and it appears to be in spec. I’m not very good at messing with the valves but I think I got it right. Well, when I start it, it only starts on choke. Once it starts up, it revs real high. When I switch the choke off it bogs down and eventually turns off. It doesn’t run long enough to adjust it. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?
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