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  1. i drilled a hole through the old bolt and cleaned around it and used a self tapping screw to fasten the ground wire to the frame. So now it turns over but doesn’t start. The solenoid is bad. I was able to test it with a find out that it is the reason it wasn’t starting after I connected the ground wire.
  2. This is the wire I’m referring to. There is a place where it can bolt to next to these clips but the bolt head is broke off. I was not able to get the old piece of the bolt out. So I drilled a hole and may use a self tapping screw. Do you think will work. Also, if this ground wire is not connected, will it keep the four wheeler from doing any when I try to start it. I connected the battery and it has fresh oil and a new plug. So I tried to start it just to turn it over and it did nothing. The batter is brand new. I got it the day before I tried starting it.
  3. Ok, question! I am putting together my foreman 450. On the top backside of the engine, there are two large black wires. One goes to the negative post of the battery, where does the other one go? I was told it grounds to the frame but I can not find anywhere in the manual where it shows it attaches to. Can someone post a picture of where it goes. Also, does anyone have a colored picture of all the plastic connectors. I think I connected them all in the right places. The manual isn’t very clear on what goes where. It’s been a huge headache for me. There are a few of the same 2 and 3 prong connectors. I just hope I plugged them in the right place. When I took it apart, I didn’t think of marking them before hand. I bagged and tagged everything else but that stuff. No pictures that help me either. So if someone has a colored photo of that, that would be great.
  4. There was not a clip. I ordered it. So it should be here at the beginning of next week. Thanks guys.
  5. Does anyone know what goes at the bottom of this where the choke cable connects to it? I’ll try to figure out how to edit and circle the part I am talking about. But it seems when I connected the choke cable and then engaged the choke, the cable just popped out of the bottom. It seems as if there is a piece missing that holds the choke cable inside of this part. Can anyone help me out. This goes on a 2003 Honda foreman trx 450 fm. Tyia!
  6. It’s coming along! I took everyone’s advice and pulled the cylinder off and scraped off that black seal stuff and other gasket. I put a new gasket without the stuff. It looks good. It went together well. Now I’m running new vent hoses and trying to figure out the wiring. I printed the manual but it doesn’t clearly state what connects to what. But anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Then apply the plastics and a new battery and see if it starts!!! Cross my fingers!!!
  7. The black rtv. Was that the wrong stuff to use? It states in the package it is for all models, makes a leak proof gasket and withstands heat up to 600 degrees. If I used the wrong stuff, then I’ll just pray it holds.
  8. No, I didn’t grease them at all. But I’ll take you up on that advice and give it a try. It isn’t too difficult to get to the boot, so I’ll give it a shot this weekend. Thank you for that.
  9. I purchased Niche ball joints. I have no clue where they are from. And yes I got them off of eBay. I pressed them in just like YouTube said. Lol! I’m not a mechanic nor do I have the funds to purchase oem products. I did not buy the super cheap ones these were less than $50. And the wife didn’t gripe so I think I did ok. They were super easy getting in and I didn’t touch or damage the rubber boots. So I just figured they will be tight until broken in a little. Who knows. It doesn’t matter too much. I only paid $150 for the quad so I’m not gonna drop a whole lot of cash into it. Even if I did have. I was just a little concerned because with the old ball joints it was super easy to turn and now with the new ones, it’s a little tight.
  10. Does anyone know what these are? They were in the bag of bolts that came with the four wheeler I bought. I just hope they don’t go somewhere inside the engine because I have that sucker together already!!!!
  11. Getting closer and closer. Just need to adjust the valves and put the valve cover back on and the engine will be complete.
  12. Ok, I disconnected the tie rods and the steering was back to turning easy. Connected them back and the steering was stiff again. So it has to be the new ball joints. But this time I tightened everything to spec. And easier to turn but still a little stiff. But I can deal with it for now.
  13. I was going to remove the cv axles but the boots were in good shape. So I left them in and just put the front diff back in. I replaced the bearings and ball joints on the knuckles and then reassembled. I double checked with the manual and then replaced the tie rods. I never removed the tie rods from the steering arm.
  14. No I never took it off. It was very smooth and no noise from any part of it so I left it alone. It was turning very well up until I reassemble the front end.
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