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  1. Given that 1 billion seconds is 31.71 years, 1 trillion seconds will be 31,710 years or about 31 3/4 millennia! Jesus came 2 millennia back, and the Egyptian empire began about 4.3 millennia before that. 29,700 BCE was early in the Paleolithic era. Now a joke: An old guard at a large metropolitan museum told everyone that vase on display was 5007 years old. When asked by the curator how he came up with that number he replied: Simple! When I first came to work here, I was told the vase was 5000 years old. That was 7 years ago! Steve
  2. The parts bike that I got with it has silver with black and red pinstriping. The tank however is implement blue just like the other. I'm not planning on going for a full restoration. Just a nice, better looking paint job on the tank and fenders in a color that I like.
  3. A 1972 XL250 that was rode hard and put up wet. It starts and runs ( 60 mph is a little scary but it pulls like a tractor at the bottom end. Muffler is burnt out and the wiring is atrocious. It is a project at this point, but will be my commuter/trail ride at my daughter's farm in Eastern WA. The blue farm implement paint is going away as soon as everything works. I'm thinking White or Silver/Gray Believe it or not this is the good side.😁
  4. I am looking to buy a spare chain for my 028AV super and need to understand these numbers on the bar. I get that this bar requires .325 chain as opposed to 3/8, but the rest of this is not clear. I see .063 in the lower right. What is that referring to? Does 81 in the lower corner refer to the number of drive links? The big question are bar and chain combos brand specific, or can Oregon chain be run on Stihl bars and vice versa as long as the dog width matches? Sorry if these question are unclear or sound dumb. I am known on my BILs race team as the overthinker, and need to understand as much as I can about most everything. On a side note, I cleaned the saw up, mixed some fresh gas (about 47:1) and filled the oil tank with Tractor Supply house brand bar oil and the saw ran good. I looked at the spark plug and it was gray not tan that I am used to on four strokes. The big thing is it was a Champion CJ14. The internet shows a RCJ6Y? as the Champion plug that crosses to the NGK BPMR7A. Needless to say that got changed out last night for the NGK. Still on the learning curve of starting the saw. Sometimes it starts right away, but I haven't got a set procedure on starting. Any advice or help? I think I am going to like this saw, IF I can figure out what it wants me to do. Kinda like dealing with women. Treat her nice and she'll do most anything for ya. If not, you get all sorts of problems.😂 Thanks Steve
  5. The editor posted the pictures but not the text. This is the saw that I just bought at the local pawn store. Stihl 028AV super with 20" bar, 250 plus tax and it runs and cuts pretty well. The running joke is that I run my saw less time than most of you guys spend filing the saw. I bought this to replace a hard starting Craftsman saw that probably isn't worth fixing. It will sit in the garage for months at a time, but I hope it will start each time by the 5th pull I am not sure what fuel/oil ratio is because i can't find any labels on the saw. My brother and a buddy that clears trees on the powerline run theirs 50:1. Would I be OK with that or would a little more oil be better? I plan to run 30wt oil for bar oil. The 20" bar is fine, but I am curious what the biggest bar is that this saw will handle well. If I run across a deal on a longer bar I would buy it if it would work. Thanks for any help or insights. Steve
  6. No, it's a 91 TRX 200D. Petcock on the right side and the line exits to the left as you face it. Steve
  7. Now that the quad is back to working, (THANK YOU ALL for your help!) I looked at the spare fuel tank that I got with the quad and decided to play around with a redneck spraybomb custom paint job. All was going fine until I discovered that the petcock was broken. It seems that this quad has the only petcock that exits on the left as opposed to the right side. Being left handed I am used to the world being backwards, but did I buy the ONLY left handed bike on the planet? Replacements if available cost 50+ new and 30+ used, while everything else uses 10 to 20 dollar (Right hand) petcocks. Any brilliant ideas or am I stuck shelling out the big bucks or swapping the petcock whenever I want to swap tanks? Steve
  8. Fish: If you are in Louisiana, there must be some Cajun speaking people nearby. Isn't Cajun a French Canadian that moved to a warmer climate? Kinda like trading blizzards for hurricanes? Steve
  9. It worked! The plug held and the gasket that I re-used sealed just fine. I spent yesterday running it around after I replaced the chain and sprockets and had NO drips under the quad. Then I spent my spare time trying to clean up the oil stains that developed everywhere I had been parking it. I owe Wilson and Fish an apology. You two nailed it when you said it was a broken case. I just couldn't see it until I pulled the cover. Thanks again! Steve
  10. I don't drink alcohol at all. That's why I specified a case of "cold ones". Could be soda, iced tea or even ice cream bars! 😁
  11. I'm betting the first tank of fuel will be more than the case of cold ones that he will charge for *labor*!!😯
  12. I filed the surface with some fine jeweler files that i had laying around to give it the flattest/smoothest finish I could. This is the easy way to work on the fix. I might put it like this to put the new chain and sprockets on as well. I am going to assemble the cover after breakfast and leave the whole thing alone until tomorrow morning. The waiting will be the hardest part. Steve
  13. I don't know how the last picture got in there. Just ignore it. A side note- the editor and I have a hard time communicating. When I want it to do something it doesn't want to, but it will randomly add its own input. Removing the stuff is ! near impossible. Steve
  14. First picture is the hole cleaned and ready for the plug. Note the plug sitting on the left. Next is the plug test fitted in the case. Last is the plug glued in with Hi-Temp RTV sealant. Now it is just waiting at least 24 hours to give the stuff time to set up as best as it can. Then re-assembly and hope this holds. The good side is that I have the time to do it better. The first attempt was a rush to get it done for the races.
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