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  1. that, two cresent wrenches and a BFH was about what I had for a tool set before 21
  2. Local BBQ joint. Excuse the crappy picture. It's Washington and it rains! Steve
  3. Actually, I could tell from the side moulding. Sometimes that and badging were the only difference. Often they ALL came down the same assembly line. A guy on my gm truck forum talked about a mid 80s truck that came off the assembly line with a chevy grill and left side badging and GMC badging and tail gate.
  4. The red wagon on Tool time was a 55 Nomad. Until the beam dropped. No one would ever crush a 55 Nomad, so it was switched out for a stunt car. What was crushed was a 55 two door Biscayne wagon. Steve
  5. You are right. The black one IS a 57, however it is a Pontiac Safari. There maybe Olds and Buick models as well. Gm made many cross-model vehicles. Think Camaro/Firebird, Suburban/ Carry-All, or Chevelle/Skylark/Cutlass. You can tell because 57 was the only year with the big fins. Steve
  6. We are looking at three conditions: crank, start, run/kill In order for it to crank the yellow circuit needs to be complete. Parameters are PTO off, Parking Brake on and a pass through the hour meter. This can be bypassed by jumping from the battery terminal on the starter to the YR terminal with a push button or my favorite a flat blade screwdriver. I have started many GM and Mopar rigs this way! Testing starts with checking for voltage at the yellow terminal on the ign sw with the key off, if no voltage turn on and see if you get full voltage. If so go to the YR and check again. If NO voltage OHM out the PTO switch, Parking brake Switch and hour meter yellow wires. White is your run/kill circuit. The parameters are butt in the seat and parking brake off. If both conditions are met, it will run. Losing either one will ground the white wire and kill the ignition. If you get off the seat before setting the brake, YOU DIE. Again test for voltage and ohm out the seat and PB switch. The wire into the seat switch is white and the brown wire goes to the PB switch. It comes out on the black to ground. If this doesn't do it, I will look at the ignition circuit tonight. Steve
  7. If it is wired logically, there will be one or more permissive strings. Sounds like one for start and maybe one for run/kill. I will try to identify the strings and give you some jump points and test points.
  8. email a pdf to [email protected] I retired as a high voltage hydroelectrician. Troubleshooting is FUN!
  9. With Out Knowledge or Experience.
  10. I betcha she is somebody's Gramma!
  11. Them new weight saving aluminium beds are working out great!
  12. We DID tell him don't forget to use the jack and jackstand. He does follow directions!
  13. Given that 1 billion seconds is 31.71 years, 1 trillion seconds will be 31,710 years or about 31 3/4 millennia! Jesus came 2 millennia back, and the Egyptian empire began about 4.3 millennia before that. 29,700 BCE was early in the Paleolithic era. Now a joke: An old guard at a large metropolitan museum told everyone that vase on display was 5007 years old. When asked by the curator how he came up with that number he replied: Simple! When I first came to work here, I was told the vase was 5000 years old. That was 7 years ago! Steve
  14. The parts bike that I got with it has silver with black and red pinstriping. The tank however is implement blue just like the other. I'm not planning on going for a full restoration. Just a nice, better looking paint job on the tank and fenders in a color that I like.
  15. A 1972 XL250 that was rode hard and put up wet. It starts and runs ( 60 mph is a little scary but it pulls like a tractor at the bottom end. Muffler is burnt out and the wiring is atrocious. It is a project at this point, but will be my commuter/trail ride at my daughter's farm in Eastern WA. The blue farm implement paint is going away as soon as everything works. I'm thinking White or Silver/Gray Believe it or not this is the good side.😁
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