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  1. No, it's a 91 TRX 200D. Petcock on the right side and the line exits to the left as you face it. Steve
  2. Now that the quad is back to working, (THANK YOU ALL for your help!) I looked at the spare fuel tank that I got with the quad and decided to play around with a redneck spraybomb custom paint job. All was going fine until I discovered that the petcock was broken. It seems that this quad has the only petcock that exits on the left as opposed to the right side. Being left handed I am used to the world being backwards, but did I buy the ONLY left handed bike on the planet? Replacements if available cost 50+ new and 30+ used, while everything else uses 10 to 20 dollar (Right hand) petcocks. Any brilliant ideas or am I stuck shelling out the big bucks or swapping the petcock whenever I want to swap tanks? Steve
  3. Fish: If you are in Louisiana, there must be some Cajun speaking people nearby. Isn't Cajun a French Canadian that moved to a warmer climate? Kinda like trading blizzards for hurricanes? Steve
  4. It worked! The plug held and the gasket that I re-used sealed just fine. I spent yesterday running it around after I replaced the chain and sprockets and had NO drips under the quad. Then I spent my spare time trying to clean up the oil stains that developed everywhere I had been parking it. I owe Wilson and Fish an apology. You two nailed it when you said it was a broken case. I just couldn't see it until I pulled the cover. Thanks again! Steve
  5. I don't drink alcohol at all. That's why I specified a case of "cold ones". Could be soda, iced tea or even ice cream bars! 😁
  6. I'm betting the first tank of fuel will be more than the case of cold ones that he will charge for *labor*!!😯
  7. I filed the surface with some fine jeweler files that i had laying around to give it the flattest/smoothest finish I could. This is the easy way to work on the fix. I might put it like this to put the new chain and sprockets on as well. I am going to assemble the cover after breakfast and leave the whole thing alone until tomorrow morning. The waiting will be the hardest part. Steve
  8. I don't know how the last picture got in there. Just ignore it. A side note- the editor and I have a hard time communicating. When I want it to do something it doesn't want to, but it will randomly add its own input. Removing the stuff is ! near impossible. Steve
  9. First picture is the hole cleaned and ready for the plug. Note the plug sitting on the left. Next is the plug test fitted in the case. Last is the plug glued in with Hi-Temp RTV sealant. Now it is just waiting at least 24 hours to give the stuff time to set up as best as it can. Then re-assembly and hope this holds. The good side is that I have the time to do it better. The first attempt was a rush to get it done for the races.
  10. The JB Weld fix didn't work. It made the trip to the mailbox and left a trail of oil back to the house. JB Weld may work as a bonding agent or crack filler, but is no good as filler material. Plan B is to make a plug out of Quick Steel and glue it in with Hi-Temp RTV sealant. I think this may work, as I have all week to do the job instead of 2 days before the races. Also I took the tank and seat off the quad so I could lay it on its side. Easier to work on and gravity is my friend. Plan C is swapping the case half out. Don't really want to go this route, but may have no choice. I did find a complete crankcase on E-Bay for 45 bucks from a 91 TRX 200. If it comes to splitting the motor, I will probably be asking for help and insights, as I have never opened up a motorcycle engine before. I will update Thursday maybe with pictures. Steve
  11. I am researching the last resort option of replacing the left crankcase half. The items I find on E-Bay are all mid-late80s engines. What is compatible to the 91 TRX200 engine?
  12. I am hoping it lasts at least tonight. We use it in the pits at the racetrack. If so, I can look for parts or try ?Minutemend. I shaved it down as close as I could and put some Hi-Temp RTV sealant on there to fill in what I could. Also layed a bead on the outside of the seam. Now it's just wait for things to set and if it holds running to get the mail, I will load it up and off to the races. I am not sure that I would have the confidence to split the case and replace the broken half. If it comes to it, I have a friend who TIGs aluminum and he could probably build it up enough for me to dremel the case back into shape. Wish me luck Steve
  13. OK. I found the problem. Someone repaired this break and did not do a very good job. I was cleaning with alcohol and the piece just fell out. I am going to try to fill it with JB Weld. Hopefully I can get a reasonable surface to seal this up. Steve
  14. Thank you. The site has the pertinent info and I was able to send it to my tablet. I agree that a hard copy is preferable to a digital copy. After I fix these problems I will explore the options for printing the manual to a three ring binder and saving the digital info to a thumb drive or SD card. I am on my way to fixing the quad. I will TRY to update when I finish. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Steve
  15. I understand what you are saying but the case and cover are in pristine shape. I am looking at a simple gasket failure. Is there an on-line manual for that old a machine or can you point me to a place to buy a manual? Thanks Steve
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