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  1. Alright guys so I’ve since then contacted the dealer and they kept fighting me so I left a bad review and it perked them up enough to call me and cut me a check for 700 dollars. Took it to my local Honda dealer dropped it off at around 1 today they said they had never seen this issue before was on my way to work about an hour to hour and a half later they called me and said it was a computer issue and that they’d have it fixed today, lesson learned guys. Thanks for all the info and help on the matter and I will be back on the forum for general discussion and probably posting pics/videos of the enjoyment of this machine. Appreciate it guys
  2. Okay, thanks for the help toodeep. What if it’s good after that? Tear the wiring harness apart or do they actually just sell that harness?
  3. Run a ground from the connector to the combination meter and ground it out on the frame somewhere or what?
  4. Yes on the 16p you’re correct. And no continuity or ground I believe on the 33p but I’m not an atv mechanic but I know my way around mechanics on cars and trucks but as far as wire harnesses for four wheelers and all the fuel injection stuff I’m lost lol
  5. Trx student, yes starts fine shifts through the gears fine. Just display isn’t working. I tore into it last night ATC but checked a few wires and something isn’t right
  6. Yes, I turn the key on and it goes through it’s little display things it does and then the neutral indicator, reverse indicator, MIL indicator and coolant temperature all light up, I can engage the 4wd and diff lock and listen to it kick in but there is no indication that it is on in the combination meter. The gear indicator also flashes “-“ and the coolant gauge at the bottom of the cluster is “c- - - - - -h”
  7. Yet to take any pictures of just the bike itself
  8. I appreciate it, let me know something thank you
  9. Okay, I read through the PDFS but they’re tough to decipher at times and the writing is small. As far as I know it wasn’t used as a water machine but I have no idea
  10. I know it’s hard to see but I have no gear indication, neutral diff lock reverse light and coolant temp all on. Starts and runs fine, just the combination meter is wacky
  11. Okay thanks, guy from previous forum told me to post here
  12. Hey guys I’m new here came from the old Honda atv forum. I am currently trying to troubleshoot my combination meter. I’ve tested the 16p connector and the 33p connector and I’m getting voltage on the 16p connector but no continuity on the ground part of it. The same goes for the 33p. And I don’t even know where to start from there. Attached is a screenshot of an online owners manual. Any help is greatly appreciated on this as I just picked this four wheeler up this past Saturday.
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