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  1. I'll have to pull the motor on the bike that doesn't have oil in there and split the case in a couple weeks and have a look I guess. Unless theres a way I can get in there with he horoscope?
  2. The 2004 must have a plugged area in the flow of oil I presume.
  3. The oil doesn't spray out the timing hole, just if I look in the timing hole I can see it spraying into that chamber with the timing hole. The oil level is *just* below the timing hole. So this 2003 with the oil in the chamber with the timing hole is proper and the one that doesn't fill there it not?
  4. Extra pressure would be weird and I have a new hn2 model pump for it. More just wanting to know if there is supposed to be oil in the chamber that the arrow points to or not. Gotta find out which bike gets its motor ripped out and which bike gets ripped on till it explodes THEN gets its motor ripped out lol
  5. The one with oil in the chamber with the timing cap is the 2003 with a fresh cylinder, new valves lapped and new gaskets... I think there is something wrong with the cam decompressed as on the compression strike with the recoil starter it's so hard I keep breaking ropes, hence the hanging one in temporarily lol I haven't checked compression cuz I'm going on vacation tomorrow for 2 weeks but when I return I'll have more info on that but it seems like mega compression compared to when I got it before he work we did. If I recall correctly that is simply the flywheel a crankshaft bearing and stator right in that chamber right? Wouldn't think there would be a reason for it to have oil in it I think. It had the same oil issues prior to me doing he handwork as far as oil check and pressure goes
  6. yes its a hondacrapmatic... they are the same vehicle just different year, well and one has a gps but thats negligible.. the one with the oil in the flywheel area- is very difficult to check the oil level. if i pull the dipstick while its running it will blob oil out at a high rate, if i let it cool off and check the oil its like its full beyond the top of the dipstick... i can never get a good reading on that one. however i only put 5 of the 5.3 liters in it ( freshly did the top end and fresh oil). i dont have a tachometer, but when i check oil pressure at idle its something like 22 psi and when i blast the throttle the oil pressure gets up there and beyond the spec in the book ( i dont know the rpm but when i "brap" it the pressure goes way up.) Ive not gotten this one to fully filled oil level yet because it seems like its more than full, when i know for certain it is in fact not. when i pull the valve ports, they have oil dripping on them just as the other bike does so i know the oil system to the head works fine.
  7. i have 2 identical ATV's, 2003 and 2004 trx500's on the 2003 if i undo the bolt in the picture ( for flywheel timing for TDC) its filled with oil and if removed while running itll spray out. on the 2004 under same circumstances there is no oil. which one is messed up? should there be oil in this chamber or not?
  8. there has to be some honda engineer dude somewhere like: "it is wisest to do things the most difficult way possible, it is our duty to use dissimilar metals in high tension high stress/strain environment" "hondamatic run good, until 30 cent part fails then we get to sell another hondamatic" "cant they just rebuild the hondamatic?" "no because we will ensure we manufacture a special seal for it and never sell it to anybody!!!!!" "Oh you so wise engineer-san! yes we must follow this path!"
  9. hmm good idea, i have the whole thing on 4 jack stands... i will lower the right hand side tonight to the ground and see if that works. durable but dumb design... they should take a lesson from the amc/jeep 4.0 lol
  10. Yes... wife likes, Honda hates haha i feel like a flat tool with the shape of the pushrods spaced properly would be my only out here... but there has to be a better way
  11. yeah thats right.... and my fingers are too fat and short to reach the little buggers to line them up haha. i can get the cover down all the way but the rods miss the rockers
  12. i installed the cam as per the manual with the little line level with the head while at TDC. the cam is offset on the head and the rods are super tiny. Do the pushrods suction to the rocker before i set it down? the followers can really only go in one way with the cup side up and the flat side down or else they'd just get jammed up on the cam lobes.
  13. 2003 trx500FA Finished getting all the new parts and started to slap this thing together but I am stuck at the push rods. For whatever reason i can't get them to line up with both the rocker arms and the followers. I followed the manual and when I place the pushrods on the follower they push the follower all the way down to the cam, and then fall over pushing the gaskets little pushrod holder bit downward. When I place the valve cover on the pushrods don't line up with the rockers ( due to the gasket not being super strong and not holding them where they need to be) the manual says to line them up with my finger. But my finger prevents the cover from sliding down enough to meet the rods. I can't fit my fingers deep enough in the adjustment cover hole to even touch them. I browsed around and it seems I'm the only one in the world who's got this issue. What am I missing here ?
  14. awesome i will try to track some down
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