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  1. Awesome!!!! I have one more to do this spring. I'll use the same technique
  2. Yep OEM gaskets from now on.. cuz that really sucked. Unfortunately I bought like 4 of these for 2 bikes because I figured in another 10000km I'll have to do this again and who knows what supply will be like by then lol
  3. I used an aftermarket gasket and had same problem
  4. Pretty much. I wonder how the factory does it. Or if there's a grease sticky enough to hold the ball side of the pushrod into its cup.
  5. Like slid the little bent wire between head and cover and over like an hour just struggled till it finally sat right. Hand tight the bolts and turned the motor by hand to make sure nothing went pop, scrape or bang before I carried on too
  6. I used a very thin but stiff piece of steel wire that I kind of bent in a w shape to hold both push rods. Much trial and error. You know how the old joke about the long cane pulling a guy off stage when they suck? Like that, but instead of 1 hook I bent 2. Wife had both her hands aligning the cover on the head while I held the wire and gasket. There's gotta be a better way cuz that sucked and the gasket has a little spot that is supposed to hold them straight but it's not very strong lol
  7. Thanks. For an update, I decided to pull the crank and he balancer fell out. Its bearing time lol
  8. No but I read a previous post he was involved with where it was stated that 2004 was the upgraded pump, which i have a brand new one anyways so this ones factory pump goes to my 2003 lol
  9. Inspecting this after splitting the case and I noticed the balancer has alot of in and out play in its rear bearing as seen in the attached video. Question is what holds in centered on the crankshaft? If it moves too much in or out it contacts metal. 20230616_181911.mp4 20230616_181911.mp4
  10. Okay. I spoke with brian and he says this amount of play is normal. I'm gunna send it lol
  11. Thanks. I sent him an email with the video as an attachment. Any idea what the whining sound could be while slowing down or descending a hill? One way bearing? I already have a new oil pump so I'll probably install it into this one and use his ones factory pump in my 2003 when it's on the bench lol
  12. Heres a video showing its movement. Is this too much play? Does it seem okay to reinstall? received_1434019520470591.mp4
  13. I as well am trying to reach Brian, could you inbox me his email address please!?
  14. Hey all, so ive got a 2004 trx500 torn down, case split and am inspecting everything. It happened because of a strange whine i heard while descending hills that my other identical bike doesnt make, both bikes had different oil pressures so i figured id replace the oil pump while im in there. So , the hondamatic: it has a big of in and out play in the dark metal head part of it that sits and the front of the motor. when i rotate it it has a tiny tiny bit of a sound like marbles rolling around but i cant see any damage and it "appears" as if the sound comes from the little 'pins' moving up or down as they are rotated around the assembly. Does anybody have a video of what it should sound like when the hondamatic is rotated on a bench? should it be completely silent? It rotates smooth and all and while put together it ran fine, just wanted to ensure it doesnt break on me while out in the woods and for the price of a cheap oil pump and teaching the wife how to dismantle and reassemble the bike its worth it...supposing the hondamatic isnt about to die regardless. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  15. I'll have to pull the motor on the bike that doesn't have oil in there and split the case in a couple weeks and have a look I guess. Unless theres a way I can get in there with he horoscope?
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