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  1. So just took it out and rode it for about an hour and it’s definitely ripping but just like when I first started when it’s cold and hit the throttle it could it kind of bogs and then once it warms up it doesn’t do that at all, what could the issue be?
  2. You mean these? I bought them a while ago
  3. Runs like an animal and not getting hot anymore
  4. I tightened them both all the way, any idea why it’s still back firing? Could it be cause I need the bigger main jet ?
  5. Just doing some research on the internet, am I supposed to tighten the pilot screw all the way?
  6. Awesome. I just ordered the 155 also. I’ll take pictures later so you can help me with everything. Thank you so much
  7. Hey good morning, I got both pieces in but I went back and read our old messages and you were saying I should do 155 for the main if I left the lid off. I ordered a 150 and 40, will that still work?
  8. Ordered them both. Thanks so much. Man I’m telling you this four wheeler was slow before and with the new carb it wants to lift off the ground now in 1st and 2nd. Way way faster
  9. Send me the link to the actual jets and ill buy those instead
  10. These are the ones I just ordered, will these work?
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