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  1. Yea I wasn’t going to go out and ride it just wanted to get it hooked up down. Going to try the pliers. Posting a video also
  2. I ordered the part I’m still going to try to get it all connected and then just unconnected from the top and replace the part when it comes in. My big problem is trying to get it connected to the carb. I watched a video on it and how they bring the cable under the part and then connected in that little hole but I can’t get it to save my life
  3. I know this isn’t a specific kind apart but it is off Amazon and says it will fit the Honda, will it work? I just wanna order something that’ll get here quicker
  4. I appreciate all the pictures and help. I will get back to it tomorrow and tried to get it finished. It did seem as if the nut wouldn’t fit into the housing by the throttle cause it seemed to not be a Honda one. I didn’t really try to much I will Try again tomorrow. Thank you for all the help
  5. Got the throttle cable in up top, not sure how to do the bottom part and also not exactly sure what these two hoses are. Feeling good I got some accomplished but need help lol
  6. Also noticed this was loose here. I would assume it plugs in the side of part that comes out the air filter. What is it?
  7. Hey all the parts came in I have the carburetor and the fuel line and throttle cable. I’ve watched some videos but just reaching out on how to remove that old carburetor and install the new one
  8. It does seem like it gets super hot. And I posted the video
  9. So just went to go ride the four wheeler seem like it was running fine except when I would decelerate and downshift it would want to cut off unless I gave it gas. Than I realized that my carburetor is leaking, any idea what this is? And also I’m glad that I ordered a new one and all the parts because I definitely just wanna replace it but just wondering what this could be from?
  10. Yes it seems to be all stock. And appreciate you so much
  11. Ordered all 3. Thank you. Is it hard replacing a carb?
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