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  1. Wilson. Yes that machine come with turn-buckle style anti sway bars. I keep them very tight also. Even though its small, they can sway enough to jump the tractor side to side if they are too loose. And yes, WH is just fine. It's a Massey Ferguson GC 2400. It's actually made for Massey by Iseki. They make great small diesel tractors. They aren't as popular as John Deere or Kubota, but the reviews on them were great and I have had zero complaints. They are a bit cheaper then the green and orange ones lol
  2. Thank you. The bar is left from when the carry-all was a rear blade. I left it for strength to drag logs. I was concerned at first about it getting in the way, but really hasn't been an issue. And yes, I welded a 2" receiver so I can move my splitter and trailers around with it. I have a plan to buy a winch (around 3500# from Rural King or Harbor Frieght) and mount it to a removable bracket. I can use it to drag logs with the tractor or use it on the 300.
  3. Yes, it will be a tough day in our house lol
  4. Well now you're making my wood shed look bad turbo lol. It's 3 10x10 bays. Each holds about 4 cords and the last is enclosed. I keep the log splitter and other junk I don't want in the garage in that bay. I made the pickeroon. It has a 16" hatchet handle on it. I like the shorter one because I'm tall and can reach most piece in the bed of my truck with it. But because its short, I can stick it in a round, grab another with my 1 hand log tongs and carry 2 rounds at once. The carry-all is made from a scraped 5' blade (the blade was all mangled but the bracket was fine). It doubles as a log skidder. I have been impressed with what my little Massey GC tractor can pull. My property is pretty steep so the tractor struggles in the winter and the wet. That's where the 300 is going to come in. I have plans to make front and rear boxes for the honda.
  5. Here are a few pictures I had on my phone. I can take more later. This is the 5lb Council Tool splitting ax. Like with all tools, there are some things it thrives at splitting and others you need a different tool for. I also have the Council Tool 2lb Hudsun bay camp ax on 18" handle. Its a very usefully. The 10 year old is a great tool to have!
  6. I have been a lifelong Browns fan. It is really hard being miserable every Sunday. I have a 10 year old son that plays QB. Being from the 740 area code, being a fan of his community outreaches, and a fan of his attitude towards the game, 740 Joe has been doing a really good job of making us cheer for the Bengals. He's hard not to root for.
  7. OK you're up there a bit further. We are over by Rudyard in Chippewa County. Do you happen to ride in that area at all? Are there any good resources for me with info for the UP? Thanks in advance.
  8. Even though it's "faux," its still a great look. The square body Fords are old enough that it works well on that truck.
  9. I assume that one was "ruffed up" intentionally. I am more referencing an old truck that is already ruff and rusty.
  10. +10 for the Fiskers. I also recommend the new Council Tool 5# splitting axe. It's around $70. American made and high quality for the price. I have purchased 2 Council Tool tools and recommend both of them.
  11. Kipes... Without being any more specific then you want to be, where in the UP are you located? I am only asking because I have a hunting camp in the UP and would like to start using it as a base camp for atv trail riding up there.
  12. Being ignorant to these type of things, I am assuming that it is just cleaned up really well, some form of stabilization is done to the rust, and then it's clear coated. Am I correct in that?
  13. My new favorite trend in the classic car world is the patina look. One of my goals is to find a 70s F series truck or 70s model Jeep and redo it myself. I would love to leave that patina look. It took a lot of time to make a truck look like it was actually a truck.
  14. I understand this is an old thread but wouldn't mind throwing in... I really liked the original Bighorns I had on my 2006 Sportsman. In 12 years, they wore very little and I used them in just about all forms of riding. Never really a lot of true deep mudding or deep snow, but they were the perfect tire for all around use. They were heavy though. I put a set of Bear Claws on my old 1995 Bayou 220. For the price and weight, they are really impressive. I can't believe what that little machine did with those on the rear. The 1998 300FW I just bought came with a set of Wanda Bighorn knock-offs. They are about 50% worn. My local tire shop carries the wandas and bear claws. I have no interest in changing tires size. For just hauling some firewood, the boy driving it around and some joy riding, I won't need anything crazy. I would run stock size Bighorns if I found a set cheap enough.
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