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  1. I don't have a picture but it just has 4 U-bolts that fit well around the racks. I actually removed the rack and attached it upside down. Made it easier to drill the holes and line it up.
  2. I cannot help you with any of the mechanicals because I wouldn't have a clue lol. Just wanted to comment that I bought one of these for my son as his first 4 wheeler when he was 8. Paid $1000 for it. Ran good. $55 for a battery and a case of beer to my atv guy and made it run perfect. Sold it last year for $1000. I think anyone that spends $3000 for a brand new youth ATV is wasting their money. Find one of these good old machines for a kid. I thought it was safer anyway. Heavier. Didn't take off fast. Kept it value.
  3. Saw this at Home Depot and it works perfect. Lid seals and you can take the latches off so its like an open box if that what you want. Under $30.
  4. The plast-dip looks like new OEM. I will keep that in mind. Probably use a self-etching primer? I did the racks with tractor enamel. If I don't use the plast-dip, I will use the tractor enamel on the rims also. I may pick up one of those HF tire changers. That looks pretty slick and a lot easier than all the other methods I he used to change tires at home.
  5. Another quick question... What process and paint are folks using to redo their rims? I'd like to sandblast but I don't have one. Are you priming? Finishing? How many coats? I would prefer to get it right the first time even if it takes a little more work.
  6. Where is the best place to buy Bronco shocks? I plan on replacing all 3 but I am going to start with the fronts first. Seems as if they are recommended as the best, reasonably priced option. And, if I wanted a good, cheaper option, are there any recommendations? Thanks.
  7. Anyone have pictures of a DIY rear box or carrier? I am considering making one that hangs off the back of the rack.
  8. Its just one I bought for $20-30 on amazon. I like the idea of running the cord through the top link if I leave it on for an extended period of time. This however will probably be off of the machine more than it is on.
  9. Finished it up. Still have plan to buy one of the quick connections recommended.
  10. Thank you. I am going to order one of those connections. I do have the winch on a receiver mount. Only $25 on amazon for one that size. As far as the "key" wire is concerned, just to get it straight... I could wire the "key" wire directly to the "hot" wire powering the winch from the battery? The winch will only be hooked up for use and then taken off.
  11. Well odd thing is it's not going on an ATV lol. I am going to order #2500 for my Honda once I know what I am doing with this one. I picked up an X Force #3500 Rural King brand up for $75. They switched to Champion winches so this was sitting on a sale pallet. It's going on the carry all for my sub compact tractor. I am trying to keep the wiring as simple as possible because I will be taking it off quite a bit. I will only be using it when I am dragging firewood logs.
  12. I have never installed a winch myself before. The directions I received are vague. Do I need to hook the red "key" wire coming from the switch or can I wire the winch up "hot" so the key does not need to be on?
  13. I understand you want it closed or with a lid, but for anyone else considering something to carry odds and ends, I use milk crates. I've also been considering a closed box but want to stay cheap as well. Plano makes a sportsman trunk that would work well.
  14. I bought a 300 with a Chinese carb on it. Ran like Sh@#. Took it to a friend that used to work at a Honda dealer. He had me buy a used OEM carb on ebay and said condition did not matter. It looked like the one you have there. The more important part was he had me buy a $25 Japanese carb rebuild kit (Shindy) on ebay as well. For $100 I basically have a new, OEM carb because all the internals are new. It runs like its brand new.
  15. Not at all. I am actually learning a bit along the way. Having some understanding of how Honda has some interchangeable parts on different machines from different years is interesting to me. I have a neighbor (beef farmer) that go through ATV's like they are on lease lol. Run them til they something breaks then just get a new one. I have always noticed they drive Honda's mostly. I am told that they have a boneyard somewhere. Might be a great place for me to go scavenge for parts. Knowing other machines I can pull from will be really beneficial.
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