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  1. Thanks for the advice. Probably what I'll end up doing.
  2. Regulator melted the plug that goes into the voltage regulator. Can I splice with a new plug or do I need a new wire harness?
  3. Regulator fried and now the plug is melted. What are my options? Splice a new plug? Do i new a whole new wire harness?
  4. So I took the carb apart again. This is the second time. Made sure to do a real good job. Slide diaphragm looked good. Choke slides nice. Started checking breather and vacuum tubes. Found the breather tube from the air cut off valve was plugged. Blew that out. Did a quick couple mile rip and its running perfect. I'm thinking that's where my problem was. Or maybe I just did a better job on the carb cleaning. Should put on 60 to 100 miles this weekend and I'll know for sure. Thanks for the input guys!
  5. Not a shop. My shop. I'll check those things out. The slide diaphragm has given me some trouble in the past. Thanks. I'll post when I find a solution
  6. I have the lady's 350 in the shop. Didn't want to keep an idle. Just died until it warmed up. Cleaned the carb. Cleaned the fuel filter cause it was acting like it was starving for gas. Now it starts right up and idles sweet but it doesn't want to get to max rpms and it's a slow climb up. I took the air filter cover off and that seemed to make it run a little rougher. Any thoughts?
  7. Been on the back burner. It's ready to go now!
  8. Been on the back burner. I'll get it ready this week!
  9. I've learned that lesson before. The dangers of drinking and internet shopping... the quad boss kit even came with a sleeve for the pinion incase it was worn. Mine was so this kit is going to do a much better job. Have the pinion gear getting machined to fit the sleeve and I'll finally be ready to put it all back together
  10. East lake axle was the bad bearings. The number on them matched up with the oem ones so I think they were just out of spec. The quad boss bearings fit perfectly.
  11. Putting new bearing and seals in the front diff in my 00 foreman 400. It's my first time. It's been a learning experience for sure. The pinion bearing nut I used inch and half square tube and pipe wrenches. Worked good. Fished the spring clip through the little hole on the pinion needle bearing. That sucked. Used a slide hammer bearing puller to remove the bearing. Put all the new bearings and seals in. Aaand the ring gear wont go into the bearing. I'm thinking wrong or mis manufactured bearings. The manufacturer says they are correct. I know they are no good. Buy new bearing and seal kit from a different manufacturer and they slide right on. Gunna re-re-install the new kit and fingers crossed I'll be muddy by next weekend... anyone have problems with bearing manufacturers? Even wheel bearings and what not? I feel like quad boss bearings have been good. Their diff kit looks better made and it fits for 60 bucks instead of 50 bucks for the other I got.
  12. I run zillas because they are lightweight and aggressive. I like to get in the holes. Got bighorns on the lady's ride and she gets though pretty much everything I do and they ride nicer. Not a big fan of the mudlites.
  13. I have a foreman 400 with 26 zillas. Love them. Have a rancher 350 with 25 bighorns. Love them. I feel like the bighorns will last longer. I really do like the zillas though. A lot!
  14. I've used forums for a long time to mine for the information I needed at the time and finally decided to join up! Long time honda lover. I have a 00 foreman 400 shock swap lift, 26in zillas, harley mod carb, and front disc conversion. My lady is riding a 01 rancher 350s all stock with knock off 25in bighorns My yard machine is a really beat up 92 fourtrax 300 that will not die. It doesn't see the trails anymore cause its held together with sip ties and jb weld but it fires up every time. I'm no mechanic. Mostly a parts changer with enough tools to be dangerous. My machines get rode hard and they are in the mud and deep water often. Thanks for all the great information and links to service manuals over the last four years that I've been riding regularly and fixing my own stuff. So helpful! Looking forward to asking my own questions now and helping other with theirs if I can.
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