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  1. I took the wheel off and the castle nut was super loose. I gave it a good snug and the sound went away! 👍👍
  2. have no clue where it’s coming from. My assumption is the hub. Fresh axle bearing and rear end. Honda rancher 420.
  3. I currently have Goodyear mud runners on the front already. I may go with them again.
  4. Yeah. Here in Mississippi we have some nice thick mud. At my hunting camp in Alabama however, it is all red clay. I am considering the swamp lites or the zillas.
  5. Im currently just wondering what everyone is running on their atvs. I want a good all-around tire. Something that can get me through a good mud hole and something that also is not so aggressive that I will need a gear reduction. I currently have a 420 Rancher 4x4.
  6. So, I ended up seeing the shell-tella stuff. it was almost $60 for a gallon or so. So I opted out for the walmart "supertech" atv oil. It said it was compatible with wet clutches and was only $5 a quart. We'll see how it goes...
  7. So I have heard that regular motor oil could harm the clutches in my bike. So..... what kind of oil should I run?
  8. Tore into the rear end today and it was indeed the pinion gear. I replaced it and drives beautifully now. No clanking or anything.
  9. Nah. This bike would more make it anywhere at red creek
  10. Ok. I’m gonna have to tear into the rear end AGAIN. Guess that’s the price you pay with running a stock 300 rear diff with aggressive 28’s. I have a spare pinion gear tho. I’ll do it this weekend.
  11. I took the rear brake pads out. So it’s nothing with the brakes. I’m thinking it’s drivetrain related. Rear diff or something. It struggles to go forward but drives in reverse with ease.
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