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  1. Thanks for info. It is good to know the settings. I ended getting a new one from the local dealer. I still have the old one I am going to try to go thru and see why it won't idle. I dropped the throttle valve set and broke the plastic clip, so I have to order that also.
  2. Just got done cleaning it again. All the needle valves are new. I assume the one with the plastic piece on it is the idle valve. It did have some clogged holes. Cleaned them all and put it back together. Still have the same problem. It will run and sounds good, but if I don't keep a little pressure on the throttle it dies. It seems like none of the adjustments to the carburetor make any difference. I started with both set at 2 turns out but no matter what adjustments I make it runs the same. The motor never changes rpm or misses or anything. The rebuild kit did not come with an idle adjustment screw but I don't think that would make a difference.
  3. I got my rebuild kit from All Balls Racing. I have some weld tip cleaners that maybe small enough to try clean all the jets ago.
  4. I am soaking it in Gunk carb cleaner. I know it has been around for at least several years. It seemed to work pretty decent but I had to scrub some of the aluminum corrosion off.
  5. No,no..can't afford to use the beer on the carb, it is too expensive. That may explain the assembly mistakes.....lol
  6. I will tear it down again and soak it all again. I hope I can get it squared away but it was pretty nasty.
  7. I got this atv from a friend of mine for free. It was his son's and they parked it 10 to 15 years ago because it wouldn't shift. The code came back angle sensor, so I replaced that and pulled the shift motor, cleaned it up and greased it. When I pulled the carb it was a mess. I tried soaking it in Gunk carb cleaner and rebuilding it but it will not idle regardless of what I do. If I hold the throttle part way open it will run. I am thinking maybe there is more corrosion that I didn't get cleaned out. I am hoping a new carb solves the problem. I attached pictures of the carb when I removed it. On the bright side it runs through all the gears now.
  8. I am looking for OEM, just when I checked Ebay there were some that said they would fit but the last two numbers were different. I will probably just go with the A41 even though it is quite a bit more. Thanks for the info Shadetree, you are the man.
  9. I have a 2003 Recon 250es. (TE) model. I am trying to find the correct carburetor. I have seen several different part numbers, 16100-HM8- A41, B41, B01, and B61? What is the difference, and how to tell which one is correct? Thanks
  10. I pulled the plastic boot off the swing arm. I see what you are saying now. Whoever done it before welded the shafts together. I would have to source some shafts. One surprise after another...lol
  11. It has one shock. I have thought about putting in coil overs and removing the large springs. I will have to check tire clearance. I know I will have to move the inner fenders up. I want to keep the it pretty level and not have it being lower in the rear.
  12. The front of the motor bolts to the upright square tube. There is only 1 drive shaft. It would probably be used for a little yard work but more of a toy. Originally it had a throttle lever on a homemade shift knob. I added a gas and brake pedals and fixed the rear brake. It still need front brakes, that one drum brake doesn't get it. I also changed the swing arm seals and bearings, new tires and wheels. I am pretty good at mechanical and electrical, but welding is my weak suit. I could maybe go bigger wheels and tires and shorten the springs to try position of the swing arm, then change the motor mount. Alot to think about. I don't want to go ahead and fix the motor if I could potentially damage it in this configuration.
  13. The peg was already there. Now trying to fix it.
  14. I didn't get any pictures before I took the motor out. The silver square tube is the mounting for botlting the motor plus one more at the bottom. The way the engine is sitting on the bench is how it sits in the vehicle. If I rotate it forward I will have to redo the mount (which is not out of the question) and the drain plug will be straight down in u channel. Don't know if I should cut my loses and sell off the parts or try to make it work. It does have an electric fan so I think the temp is ok. It will be a fun project my wife said...🙄
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