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  1. Think I would have same problem if I bought used one? Or should I go for new to be sure it don’t happen again?
  2. Steviejim


    Ya that used to be fun watchin them hunt them up, they sure had a good time doing it, seems like a long time ago and im suprised that kids still do it these days!
  3. Figured that might be the case! I will live with it if it dont get much worse. Thanks Shade!
  4. Steviejim


    Frost got the buds on my apple trees couple years ago and the following years the apples were pretty sparse but they were ok the year the frost hit em, I think for some reason it is the year after its affected. At least it seemed that way!
  5. Fish, whatcya got for rims on the blue fourtrax? I like the looks of them they would go good on my Rubi!
  6. Steviejim


    Same hear in Vt, yesterday morning I was in a tee shirt and by afternoon I had my winter coat on. 51 and rain today but the grass is gettin green and horses are still sheddin out, ready for some sunny 70 degree days!!
  7. AKA, im guessing the glass would need to be factory sealed if replaced ! Or by chance is it something I could replace and only have to make sure its a water/ air tight seal around glass? If its even possible to replace in my shop? Thanks!!
  8. Got a coil in that one Jeep???
  9. We can still get the pro logger chains here from our local small engine shop, they dont have any rakers on them which are anti kickback safety chains, the logger chains cut fast and deep, still file by hand which my old man tought me to do when I was about 12 and the chain throws out 5” ribbons but it cuts really fast, but gota watch it cause them ligger chains will kick back if ya dont have a death grip on the saw!
  10. I burn about 2 cord year and oil, cut it on my back 8, do it usually in a 5 day strecth every spring. Always kicks my ! for another 4 days afterward. Burn a big ole Warner stove set in my fireplace which takes a 39” chunk, dont have to split much of it can throw a pretty good size chunk in the big mouth, heats the whole house up and down , when its full though gota sit on the front porch it gets so frigin hot in livin room, only go through about 400 gal fuel oil though and winters are pretty cold this neck of the woods! Always say aint gona burn wood this year, then I look at the price of oil and out to the back 8 i go!! gotaa Johnsered 2165 Turbo saw 18” bar and a Craftsman limb saw, split it all with my 13# sledge and mail, good thing I dont have to split a whole lot swingin that 13 pounder but one shot pops most!
  11. Your Spotted is probably a Blue Roan?? I got 3 one in pic is Quarter horse 18 hands hes my huntin partner, hes walked me up to a few big bucks and he aint gun shy! Wifes got 2 a Red Appaloosa And a 34 year old Warm blood 21 hands, had good luck with hay last year just got enough dry weather to get it in 3 cuts, we burn through about 500 bales a year, Cobbs are surely easy keepers, and luckily all ours have been too. Had to put down my other Quarter horse last fall he got into something poisonous and it trashed his liver, tried for 3 months to save him 2 injections every day and countless antibiotics vet was here every 3 days, good thing he is a freind of mine, but just could not get the poison flushed out so had to throw in the towel! Broke my other horses heart he still looks for him, but they are awsome animals, Freind of mine has 2 Cobbs and I can say they are really tough horses sure footed as they come. Hope ya have better luck this year with hay!!
  12. It does seem like some of the juice leaked out and is stuck there, you can see tiny pin spots that seem to have fallen out of the dot and settled onthe bottom of the display leaving little clear spots in the dot almost like pixels on a tv screen. Hopefully wont get worse I can live with it as long as it doesn’t cover up much more. Thanks!
  13. Best mower i ever had totally self powered, built in GPS guidance system, maintenance free, never misses a spot, cuts when wet no matter how tall grass gets, and its only 1 HP ! self storing in winter!
  14. PB Blaster my go to, that and a little Permatex Anti-seize when pttin back together and next time comes right off easy! Anti-seize is the best ! you can buy for keeping any bolt from locking up and it last for years, even works on exhaust bolts for quite a while!! gota be Permatex though!! used to use wd also but cant get more than half of it out the can lately before it stops spraying out, the new nozzles on wd re total junk!!
  15. Anybody out there havin any issues with there speedometer readouts? I got this spot that just showed up on my screen, its about dime size and looks just like the same as the numbers as far as color of it. Would it be the juice or whatever makes the numbers show up leaking out? Cant figure it out but it blocks everything underneath it and doesn’t seem to go away. its been there for a couple weeks now, never got any water in there or anything at all, just popped up one day when I fired her up?? Hopin it dont start growing in size but it doesn’t look like its going to go away! its on there when the key is on, and also when key is off!
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