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  1. haha Yep, try to make things a little easier anyway.
  2. Lol yeah I know I do. Maybe I will more now going in to winter. im going to put a blade of some sort on it and put it in the dairy barn for pushing up silage. Getting tired of using a snow scoop finally going to do something about it haha
  3. Picked this up the other day for a project. It's a Honda.
  4. I have one of those bead buster xb 450 tools they are junk. Mine has been broke and welded up a few times, it rarely does 4 tires without coming apart.
  5. Yeah they sure are short. Seems like I just finish work and it's dark out, guess it's only going to get worse lol.
  6. Seems logical to me. I can't think of any hiccups off hand.
  7. your guys guess is as good as mine on that one lol
  8. Yeah the VP was the electronic rotary. I had an 01 with it and Dad has a 99 with it, he still has his. Never had much issue out of them, I had an aftermarket lift pump on mine and an edge tuner, his is all stock. They switched to that pump in the Dodge cummins mid year 1998. I guess the 5.9 used in other applications continued on with mechanical pumps? I honestly have no experience with them. The White is a 1998 and used a Bosch A inline pump, rather than the P7100. I guess the P7100's were more for variable throttle vs. fixed throttle like a farm tractor would see. I think 6000 hours is respectable too, especially considering you have an engine producing 430hp in a marine application. If it can survive that amount of power like that they must last. along time in a farm tractor set at 150-250hp. Some provinces up here they are starting with that too. Stricter on the emissions. I think this emissions stuff is just something we are going to have to learn to live with. Honestly a lot of guys hate on the DEF fluid but prior to that when they were trying to meet emissions with only the DPF and SCR and other crap they seemed to be much more problematic and overall just worse off. Using DEF seems to make life easier on the rest of the emissions gear, like I said my 2015 ram I've never had an issue with the emissions and it's never done a regen that I can remember either. I remember years ago looking at the intake and exhaust on the 12 and 24v dodge trucks, the huge muffler and resonator, and the small factory filter, couldn't wait to put a flow through 4" exhaust on and a big rig air cleaner. I thought those were choked up bad, and changing that stuff did make a noticeable difference. I can't imagine what a difference you'd feel getting rid of that crap on a new diesel. The whole exhaust is cans and sensors from one end to the other.
  9. The 8.3's were a good engine, my uncle has one in a boat @ 430hp, it's 20 years old I think around 5-6000 hours. But to be fair I don't know if anything is as good at the 6BT was. The 24v guys didn't like the VP44 pumps in them, the lift pump would get weak not sending enough fuel pressure to the VP44 and it would get wiped out in short order. The common rail 24v didn't have that problem but still the electronic CP3 pump is inherently less reliable than a full mechanical pump like the 12v's P7100 was. The old 6BT/12v wasn't exactly bullet proof, they did have that issue with the KDP, where a dowel pin would come loose and fall into the timing gears. As far as the 6.7 goes it's a great engine but it suffers from the same problems all new diesels do, emissions equipment. They have all these new engines so choked up it's not even funny. I have a 6.7 Cummins Ram with all the emissions equipment, no issues yet, she's got lots of power and runs smooth and quiet. I doubt it will last (in stock form) like the older engines, but with deletes maybe, still a lot of electronics though. The Case/Cummins thing goes like this. The 5.9 and 8.3 were both co-designed by Case and Cummins. They created a joint venture company called CDC, Consolidated Diesel Corporation, and were 50/50 partners in the design of the 5.9 and 8.3, and I think another engine, not sure, likely the 3.9 I suppose. Anyway, Case used the "Cummins" engines in their farm tractors starting around 1983-1984? The 1896 and 2096 would have been the first to use the 5.9. Later (1987) the Magnum series used the 8.3, and when the Maxxum came out in 1988-89? they used the 3.9 and 5.9 engines. I think by the late 80's pretty well everything Case sold used the "Cummins" engines. I use quotes because they marketed them as their own, since like I said they were a joint venture and both Case and Cummins had the right to market and sell them as their own engines. By the early 2000's Case and New Holland had merged and they started to move away from the Cummins engines in favour of Fiat engines, I think sometime around then Cummins bought out CNH's 50% interest in CDC, and Cummins then owned full rights to the 5.9/8.3 design. I think Cummins also had some interest in the FPT (Fiat Power Train) company, which was a CNH/Iveco/Fiat/Cummins thing, and at the same time they were buying out Case from CDC, they were selling their interest in that company back to CNH/Fiat. But I'm just going from memory here, a google search would tell you more than you ever wanted to know I'm sure, if I haven't already.
  10. Those would the the older White designed tractors, pre AGCO. There was another series they had too in between the ones like my 6710 and those older ones. 6155, 6215 were a couple models, they had a funky cab on them. Anyway, that one in your pic I think should have an 8.3L Cummins in it. I'm not a White expert but its the later style decal on the side of the hood, the number doesn't really add up though might be custom. I think the biggest they had was a 195, I would say the smaller ones of that series used a 5.9. Workhorse series I think they called those.
  11. Yep took the pic of the 135 this year raking with it. This will be it's last year raking silage may still do hay with it. Need to switch to a bigger twin rotor rake. Grandfather bought that new in 1971, she won't be going anywhere, too much sentimental value. The White we have is technically an "AGCO White" so it was made after White was bought out by AGCO. It's basically just a Massey 6270 with a Cummins in it. They use the 6BT engine. It's probably my favourite tractor, love running it, love the sound of the Cummins.
  12. yeah the 375 is nice, we had 2 identical at one time bought them both new in the 80’s, around 1998 we put an aftermarket cab on one then sold it around 2007-2008 I think. But still have this one, less than 3000 hours on it. Open station tractors from that era aren’t uncommon here but 4wd was just starting to become a thing. Now everything is 4wd with a cab and if it doesn’t have a loader on it people don’t know what to do with it. the 1105 is a mean machine, never noticed much power difference with the straight pipe, all it really does now is run the silage blower no tillage or anything. We had an 1135 for many years too but sold that a few years back when we replaced it with a 3650 Massey, which we’ve also since sold. The 354 is a good strong motor for sure. Can’t complain about them.
  13. We have plenty of tractors here, 11 I think. Newest is a 2014, most are 70's and 80's vintage, couple from the 90's. Mostly Massey/AGCO and Case/David Brown. Don't like Deere much.
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