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  1. I think the 2015 has a better front push bar on it. I think I'll have to push over less trees with the 2022.
  2. yeah they are a bit of an old school tire themselves, while the mud bugs are still my go to these are not a bad tire at all. I actually looked for a set of the HL MST first, but none were to be found, very similar tire just some slight alterations were made by Deestone for HL.
  3. Tires came, hope to get them on the rims later this week.
  4. yeah I don’t really agree with the idea of not offering a true base model, but I guess the EPS must be popular enough of an option.
  5. I love the EPS, it makes a big difference especially on these bigger machines and once you get some bigger rubber on them. I wouldn’t buy a new machine without it and to be honest when looking at used stuff I’m a bit reluctant to buy a machine without it, even though it’s something I got along many years without.
  6. None of their distributors could get them, seem to be sold out everywhere, at least in 27 and 28”
  7. Picked this up this morning after a long wait, and a few compromises, it’s a 2022 Rubicon 520 EPS IRS, so footshift with powersteering like my other one just not a “deluxe”. It has a 3500lb Kolpin Winch with synthetic cable and heat demon hand/thumb warmers. Stock tires on for now, couldn’t get Mud Bugs, so I ordered 28” Swamp Witches off eBay, figured I’d give those a try. Should be here next week. first impressions, not much as changed since they came out 7 years ago, but still a nice machine, 520 seems to pull harder than the 500, more mid range-top end but hard to make a true comparison as I’ve never ran the 500 on stock tires. True test will be when the Swamp Lites are on. Rubicant 1.0 isn’t going anywhere, although I’ve been neglecting it a bit lately and it’s in need of a rear diff rebuild.
  8. I used to have a well used speedo set for the 300 but I have no idea where I put it. Wouldn’t be worth more than $100 but the likely hood of me finding where I left it is slim haha
  9. not the 350 Rancher head, that wouldn’t work. The older 350 Foreman head and cylinder will swap as an assembly, you do need a reverse grind cam and will have to custom build an exhaust and top motor mount. It’s much the same as swapping over a 300EX head. The whole thing is quite involved and I think there are some new big bore kits on the market now that are probably a better option. Although you wouldn’t be getting that 4 valve head.
  10. She's getting there. Hard enough to keep up with here on foot I'd hate to give her a motorized vehicle lol
  11. the little one will be 3 in a couple weeks, time flies lol
  12. I stop in once and awhile I’m not dead lol 🤣
  13. Just to set the record straight the disk brakes on the 350 was not my handy work just some old pics i had of it being done to one many years ago. I know of it being done on maybe 2 or 3 machines, and now shades I guess. So yeah, not really breaking news or trend setting by any means but an uncommon mod if nothing else.
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