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  1. Sold all this stuff awhile back ended up just putting it on ebay.
  2. Always used to be around the $75-100 a piece mark, not really a big ticket item. They are a decent bumper though.
  3. yes the original mud lites would wear on the wide part of the V lug then rip off the tips and usually end up leaking. I don’t know much about the new Mud Lite 2’s I’ve seen a few sets they certainly look impressive.
  4. i haven’t tried really, nobody seemed to care about the REB Forenans like they did the 300’s haha. yeah still checking in from time to time 👍
  5. it'll be on ebay in about a week starting at 99 cents lol I took it apart to clean it up looks like new now lol
  6. pry behind flywheel and whack the puller with a hammer just be careful not to damage the case
  7. 300EX Carb to be sold as a package $350 CAD ($275 USD) OBO I'll cover shipping for forum members. I had intended to put this on a 300FW but never happened, you would have to "clearance" the bottom of the fuel tank with a large hammer to make it work IIRC. Includes: 300EX Carb, been sitting a few years, would need a good cleaning, has stock pilot jet and a 128 dynojet installed as well as I think a dynojet spring and maybe needle. Dynojet jet kit (opened) 300ex factory throttle cable (used) approx. 30 main jets ranging from 125-192 mostly aftermarket but some genuine mixed in 3 extra pilot jets, 40, 42, 45 Bolt on 2.25" swingarm stretch for TRX300FW $400 CAD ($315 USD) OBO I'll cover shipping for forum members. Built by Don Oglesby, a bit crude but it works. Bolt on with no permanent modifications needed, can easily be returned to stock. Includes all brackets and extended driveshaft, I think a factory 88-93 front driveshaft may also work with the kit as they are about the same length. I had this bolted on for mockup but never ended up using it. Been sitting on my shelf for a few years time to move it along.
  8. I think the 2015 has a better front push bar on it. I think I'll have to push over less trees with the 2022.
  9. yeah they are a bit of an old school tire themselves, while the mud bugs are still my go to these are not a bad tire at all. I actually looked for a set of the HL MST first, but none were to be found, very similar tire just some slight alterations were made by Deestone for HL.
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