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  1. Just under 3 hours left if anybody wants it. She’s going to sell.
  2. Listed on eBay now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Warn-424-Honda-foreman-400-2002-NOS-66057-/164775931965?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  3. Those Mud Lites look pretty similar to literally EVERY Mud Lite XL i've ever come in contact with. Plugs and patches everywhere. Wait until they get about half worn and start tearing the tips of the V's off the lugs. Terrible tires. Just don't hold up. The Mud Lite AT seems to be a bit more robust, but they are about as good as stock tires..... Mud Bugs are where it's at, I've ran at least one set of every size between 25-28" over the years on different machines. Currently running 25's on a 350 Rancher, and 28's on my 2015 Rubicant. I ran 27's on a 450 Foreman for awhile that was a good setup.
  4. Love the HL wheels hard to find now.
  5. They released it in 2001 not sure how long they sold them, 5-6 years maybe. Was built for HL by the same company that built the Detroit Locker.
  6. Released April 8 2001. The 2002 Foreman 450 was the first Honda to have a factory 2/4wd feature, followed by the Rincon in 2003.
  7. I only just remember them, I joined the forums there in 2005.
  8. Some of this may be of interest to some of you.
  9. I seem to be a magnet for these 424's lol. I haven't posted this FS anywhere else yet, figured I'd give the crew here first dibs.
  10. I have a NOS Warn 424 to fit the 2002-2003 Honda Foreman 400. Box is a little beat up and dirty but 424 is perfect. Hardware and anti rotation strap inclided Asking $450 USD plus shipping. I don’t think these were ever made by Wide Open so it would be quite difficult to find another.
  11. I wouldn't pay too much for CTE shocks, I wouldn't doubt there is some cheap aftermarket adjustable shocks out there that are just as good, bronco's maybe? for a grand your better off buying Elka's. stage 1's are well under $1000, I think even stage 2 and 3 are for just the rear pair.
  12. haha Yep, try to make things a little easier anyway.
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