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  1. I actually ended up selling mine. I had put it on eBay awhile back for a price I thought nobody would ever pay, turned out I was wrong lol
  2. As far as replacement parts I try to buy most things OEM, the 3 things you mentioned are things I would never buy aftermarket lol. Some things as mentioned are NLA from Honda so you have no choice but to go aftermarket. I’ve ran a few aftermarket starters and I just find they are 10x more noisy than OEM and last about 1/10th as long. They are cheap though.
  3. Most of the time for me if the nut twists and breaks off a bolt that’s a success too, lol it’s studs, bolts in blind holes, rounded off heads etc that I find to be a problem. If a nut and bolt is so rusted I need penetrant to get it to budge, it’s getting replaced. Period.
  4. Shadetree's way sounds a lot like Mac's way too. I've ran into that issue tons of times with all the rust we see up here.
  5. The 444 is a nice tractor, it's very similar mechanically to the Ingersoll 7020, believe it or not. Both are all hydraulic drive, not hydrostatic. Ingersoll bought the lawn and garden tractor division from Case when they merged with IH in 84.
  6. Here’s most of mine. 2004 Ingersoll 7020 4wd 1978 Massey 1650 (Work in progress) 1975 Case 444 Demonstrator 1966 Cub Cadet 122 1974 Massey 12 1966 Massey 10 I also have a Massey 85, Case 108, and a Sears SS16.
  7. I have the same thing going on with my 350FM, been like that for years.
  8. I milk cows. I was a surveyor for awhile, that was fun too.
  9. Good to hear wheeler! Going to be some tough times ahead out there by the looks of it.
  10. Sure seems like a lot of carbon, jetting would have to have been pretty far off. I imagine cometic could make you a gasket in whatever style you want. They make the BBK gasket as it is, so they know the diameter for the bore and gasket thickness already.
  11. and let me guess, they probably burnt out the seal welding the shifter onto the shaft lol
  12. I took about a dozen 5/16 bolts and nuts today and sand blasted them, they were zinc coated or whatever it is. Going to drill a piece of flat bar tonight and put the bolts through it. Tighten them up and dump them in ocean water lol, I guess I'll torque them to 15-20ft-lbs so I have a reference point, have to look up actual torque spec for 5/16 UNF. I know similar tests have been done, seen it before on YT, just want to see first hand.
  13. I just bought the can of Kroil, never tried it before. Can't find it anywhere up here, had it shipped in from McMaster-Carr. I think that large can was $22 USD so $30+ Canadian The Swepco 801 and 808 are about the best I've used, 801 being kind of general purpose and the 808 being the heavy duty if all else fails this should work, last resort penetrating oil, it's expensive, about the same as Kroil but much smaller can. PB Blaster I've used a lot but it STINKS something awful. Liquid Wrench is usually on sale and it seems to work pretty good. I've had good luck with the WD-40 Specialist, regular WD-40 is better than nothing but only just. The PL-100 I honestly know little about, haven't used it much. I'm kind of curious about some of these other brands mentioned here. I'd like to test a bunch of them. Thinking about maybe putting a bunch of bolts together and throwing them in a bucket of ocean water for a few months haha.
  14. What are you guys using for penetrating oil? I like to have a large selection lol Kano Kroil Swepco 801 Swepco 808 PB Blaster WD40 Specialist PL-100 Liquid Wrench Honourable mention to Seafoam Deep Creep I like that but don’t have any handy.
  15. pretty much, although I did recently “relinquish” a OEM Speedo kit for the 300 from my hoard lol.
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