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  1. I like it lol. I was planning on something similar if I couldn't find something reasonable. I appreciate the ideas fellas.
  2. Yep the little bracket is the same, guard probably not but I dont need that. Nice find and thank you for the link, I just ordered one!
  3. Gotcha, I was just putting all the factory pieces back together is all. I may look into some more broad/protective guards at some point.
  4. Hello everyone! Im looking for #3 on this diagram. I will fabricate one if needed but figured Id see if anyone had a good 1 or 2 laying around. Parts stores want almost $50 for this little strip of metal. Thats kinda crazy.
  5. I just went through this on mine a few months back. The differences are soooo minor on all these display covers, its pretty annoying. I made one from a 2001 ES fit my 1999 ES with just a few changes to my base plate. Id say just order the one for your model and not risk it. I guarantee there will be some small difference in them, unless you want to try to make it work. I spent like $190(I agree with you on price, crazy) on mine but it is really nice having it all look like new again after I had AKATV fix the LCD screen as well.
  6. Works for me, shoot me a pm once your back and we can get it figured out. Thanks!
  7. The used one preferably. Hate to have one bright piece that is new and doesn't match.
  8. Dont forget about me on that yellow side cover on the right side! If you want to sell it let me know, Thanks Shadetree!
  9. I have front and rear bumpers(Kimpex?) for sale that came off my 1999 450es. I have the mounting u-bolts for the front bumper, I don't have them for the rear. These are in good condition and have been Line-X'd(bed liner) with a couple scrapes through the coating but no metal damage. $150 for them both. Im located in Gloucester/Williamsburg/West Point area of Va. As far as shipping goes, I would have to get quoted. If there are any other photos you would like just ask. Thanks for looking! GONE!! Thanks!
  10. 2005 4l80e with a 1989 3/4 ton suburban transfer case(passenger drop 241c) with electronic speed sensor. Transfer case is fairly difficult to find.
  11. 6" lift on 33x15.50 swamper sx's. 16.5x12 weld super singles. 6.0 is .030 over with forged flat tops, gen 4 rods, and 862(5.3) heads. BTR Truck Norris cam, morel lifters, BTR pushrods and trunion upgrade. Stock 4l80e for the moment. 14 bolt ff rear with 10 bolt front with 4.10 gears. It's a fun truck.
  12. Heres a pic of my other never ending project. 86 Silverado swapped with a 2005 6.0/4l80e.
  13. 99450ES


    Welcome! Im new here also, its nice to come to a forum that has people willing to help and share experience like these guys do.
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