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  1. Dennis


    All the best to you!
  2. And a torque wrench for the ring crush.
  3. Dennis

    Plow talk

    Nice! Looks tough and ready.
  4. Thank you, good information. I thank you. To go to a Walmart, AmsOil , a cycle shop or auto store for my Foreman fluid, would require much more knowledge, time, or interest than what I have. So, grabbing the Honda oil is easier for me, and just hoping that I'm not doing anything detrimental to it. I don't think I am. There certainly could be something better, even much better. I don't put Briggs and Stratton oil in my equipment, but I try to stay with their branded filters. Thanks again
  5. Don't know why I would deviate from the Honda oil for the wet clutch. I have to believe the OEM oil has the proper friction modifiers. This coming from an ex-Allison transmission sales/service puke where we believed that the proper fluid is important. With these machines we are not just lubing bearings, rings, pistons, gears, etc, we are in addition controlling clutch engagement. If I'm wrong, please explain.
  6. Dennis

    Plow talk

    I have the original WARN,10 year old switch came with the WARN plow
  7. Ooops.....OK. Guess I didn't appreciate the size of his machine Thanks
  8. I have a 07 Foreman 500. Put the WARN 60" plow with their attachment equipment. Does well. I plow my driveway and pad. 8" not too unusual. They have a friendly website to order.
  9. These are what mine are like. I am pretty sure this is the blade kit they have now.. Also in the Q&As, they say: Q.Is this the blade kit for the DR Field and Brush Mower Pro Max 52T? Can I order extra bolts and nuts? Will the heavy duty blade kit also fit/ work on my Pro Max 52T? A.Thank you for your question. This blade kit is for the TB1 models of Tow Behind Field and Brush Mower. It would not work with our current models of Tow Behind Field and Brush Mowers. https://www.drpower.com/Power-Equipment/Field-%26-Brush-Mowers/Accessories/Tow-Behind-Field-%26-Brush-Mowers-Accessories/Tow-Behind-Field-%26-Brush-Mower-Blades/Blade-Kit/p/000000000000228981 My Parts Catalog doesn't have a kit, just single blades, and that blade p/n is 221211, qty 2 They don't make my style anymore, they've gone to the Swisher style.
  10. Yeah! But this seems to have more of a lift wing. Is that a Swisher part? What model?
  11. No! Just a single bar, two swinging blades on each end. I like that Swisher design! Much better it would appear anyway.
  12. No, just standard blades. Because they pivot between the drive and the end of the blade, to swing free of a heavy obstacle, I suspect that is why they don't want too much lift. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Interesting. I have a DR tow behind. Its configuration is much like your Swisher. It cuts anything, a beast too, but the ATV and mower wheels lay the grass down, and the mower doesn't have "lift". Result is going over it at least twice, and/or in the opposite direction. Looks like DR no longer makes this configuration, as your and mine were made. Does the Swisher have lift to the knocked down grass?
  14. Dennis

    Plow talk

    I've only owned one plow for my '07 Foreman. It is a WARN, bought '08, it has taken abuse and still good. Just sayin Also just looked at the Denali lineup, toodeep, and it looks ruggedly built at good pricing
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