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  1. By "cambered out", are you maybe meaning toe-out? Not camber?
  2. Thanks. I'm going to try that, maybe 10 seconds(?) maybe more(?)
  3. Thanks. I often think these are over-engineered
  4. Most of my riding is not pavement. Setting for straight, no toe, in or out, makes sense to me. Wonder why Honda specs toe out? I will probably adjust for "straight"
  5. I see reference to a carburetor heater in the shop manual, and it is pictured in the carb section. How does this work? There is no reference to using it in the Operator's Manual. Do you turn on the key and let it heat? For how long? It's getting colder and having more difficulty starting, more cranking required, Anyone have info on this?
  6. My front tires are almost worn smooth, rear not nearly as worn. Do you find that is so on others. Maybe due to that toe out which seems so different than with an automobile that has toe in, not toe out toe out chart.pdf toe out.pdf
  7. Dennis


    All the best to you!
  8. And a torque wrench for the ring crush.
  9. Dennis

    Plow talk

    Nice! Looks tough and ready.
  10. Thank you, good information. I thank you. To go to a Walmart, AmsOil , a cycle shop or auto store for my Foreman fluid, would require much more knowledge, time, or interest than what I have. So, grabbing the Honda oil is easier for me, and just hoping that I'm not doing anything detrimental to it. I don't think I am. There certainly could be something better, even much better. I don't put Briggs and Stratton oil in my equipment, but I try to stay with their branded filters. Thanks again
  11. Don't know why I would deviate from the Honda oil for the wet clutch. I have to believe the OEM oil has the proper friction modifiers. This coming from an ex-Allison transmission sales/service puke where we believed that the proper fluid is important. With these machines we are not just lubing bearings, rings, pistons, gears, etc, we are in addition controlling clutch engagement. If I'm wrong, please explain.
  12. Dennis

    Plow talk

    I have the original WARN,10 year old switch came with the WARN plow
  13. Ooops.....OK. Guess I didn't appreciate the size of his machine Thanks
  14. I have a 07 Foreman 500. Put the WARN 60" plow with their attachment equipment. Does well. I plow my driveway and pad. 8" not too unusual. They have a friendly website to order.
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