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  1. Kevnic

    Plow talk

    Still really happy with my kolpin 60" setup, had to put a rachet strap around my front rack and loop it under front plastic to avoid tire rub( ITP mudders). It would rub ever so slightly on left turns, so instead of destroying the plastic, it provides enough stability where it doesn't touch with plow in the air. Overall the setup really is nice from a plow standpoint and would recommend it. Had to fiddle with the turnbuckle, finally have it dialed in so my 12 yr old can easily lift the plow(manual lift)and clean the drive if it snows when I'm away. Manual lift is something I went with because I only use the quad for plowing and yardwork, and the occasional trailride.
  2. Kevnic

    Plow talk

    My kolpin has been ok through the season so far. Need to make a couple adjustments, but overall pleased with it.
  3. I want to see devils tower. What is it like in person? I've heard you can see it for miles and miles before you get to it??
  4. How big of a job is the cam chain? I am mechanically inclined, and valve adjustments are no problem. Thanks for any insight and tips in advance. Kevin
  5. Kevnic


    16 inches here north of Albany NY 8 more expected today My 350 was ! this morning
  6. I have to replace a tie rod, but gonna do both obviously. Didn't really notice it too much till I threw a 60 inch plow on the front. Gonna get the tune up kit on eBay, OEM? Oil filter, spark plug (anyone have any suggestions), fuel filter. Replace my stretched out choke cable. Tires are ever so slowly losing air at two corners. Brand new ITP mud lites, don't know if it's a bead seal problem or valve stem. Springtime, check and adjust Valves, maybe put a muffler on it. It's starting to get some holes in it.(LMK if anyone has any I go where j can get a New old stock muffler.) Pull the carb off in spring and go thru it. Diff fluids are done.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving from Upstate New York. Where's the egg nog?
  8. Man that went right over my head, haha... Yeah it's powdercoated
  9. Thank you... Rims are rattlecanned.
  10. 87 350D ITP Tires Front disc brake conversion
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