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  1. It was the fuel injector. Runs like a top now.
  2. Yes, it fires on a sniff of ether
  3. Don’t know if I mentioned, but oil has been changed twice, gas tank dropped and cleaned, fuel pump removed and inspected and reinstalled with fresh fuel. Going to remove and clean. Injector, basically check everything fuel related twice and get that squared away, has bright blue spark. Is 85 psi low? I am wondering if I bent a rod , I don’t have any evidence of that but considering there was a bunch of water in crankcase that could define you be a possibility. Thanks for any help guys, kevin
  4. Hey guys, Been a while since I have posted, had some medical problems and am out of work but on the mend. Anyway, I am going to need your thinking caps. I have trouble retaining info and relaying info after my stroke, so it takes me a while to get my words out so to speak. My quad(sons) was sunk and is not running. I will give a rundown. 2021 rancher 420 dct ps Bought new, serviced recently. It was In The water for maybe 10 mins, submerged. Wasn’t running when submerged from what I was told. Retrieved machine, pulled plug and let machine dry out. Changed oil, machine did run after oil changes and turning over with plug out. Combo/hourmeter doesn’t light anymore so can’t tell if CEL is blinking. Don’t know anything about these FI units. 85 psi compression . All fluids are clean appreciate any and all advice even if it’s bad. Thank yiu kevin
  5. Welcome! I have the same year rig.
  6. Kevnic

    Plow talk

    Getting ready to throw my plow back on. Anyone plowed any snow yet? Here in Upstate we have only had a couple flurries.
  7. My muffler is starting to rot on the bottom :(
  8. So I went out and adjusted it according to shade, and fsm. No more slippage. Question, the decrease and increase on the case, what does that mean? The set screw is increasing what if I turn it clockwise? Tension on change clutch? Thanks for dealing with my ignorance. Kevin
  9. I drove around with the suspect oil for maybe a week I've changed it with GN4 Honda oil , filter as well
  10. Thank you shade.... Ill look in the fsm and go from there. Maybe a guy can get lucky around the holidays.
  11. Hey guys it's been a while since I have been on, work and life has been crazy you know the deal... Anyway long story short I screwed up and used oil that probably was not made for wet clutch systems. Fast forward a couple months, and under full power in the upper gears the clutch is slipping. As I understand it and correct me if I am wrong, the clutch is not adjustable?? Just wondering if anyone can recommend a course plan to remediate this. I am mechanically inclined, want to get it done before I throw the plow on. Thank you for any help. Kevin
  12. Kevnic

    Plow talk

    Still really happy with my kolpin 60" setup, had to put a rachet strap around my front rack and loop it under front plastic to avoid tire rub( ITP mudders). It would rub ever so slightly on left turns, so instead of destroying the plastic, it provides enough stability where it doesn't touch with plow in the air. Overall the setup really is nice from a plow standpoint and would recommend it. Had to fiddle with the turnbuckle, finally have it dialed in so my 12 yr old can easily lift the plow(manual lift)and clean the drive if it snows when I'm away. Manual lift is something I went with because I only use the quad for plowing and yardwork, and the occasional trailride.
  13. Kevnic

    Plow talk

    My kolpin has been ok through the season so far. Need to make a couple adjustments, but overall pleased with it.
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