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  1. Ok, I thought it might be the case. Thanks.
  2. Subscribed. My 04 450 ES is starting to act up when the outside temps drop. It's about 21 degrees now and I'm having trouble shifting into R. after the quad sits outside for a few hours. Could it possibly be the angle sensor?
  3. Thanks. I love the tires. The center caps are on back order. Kinda looks good with out them
  4. Has anyone sat their quad on its back wheels to do work on the under carriage?
  5. I looked for an arrow on the tires but can't see one anywhere.
  6. Do these 3 lines around the new tire make a difference? Are they supposed to match the tire on the other side?
  7. I just bought a 4 tire and rim package last week from Rockymountain. Couple of small hurdles but everything is good so far. I phoned them to order. They seem to be having a product shortage like everybody else.
  8. My turn. AKATV plz send me your address. I have an 04 450 ES everything works but my screen is getting cloudy and I would like that replaced. Thanks.
  9. Couple more questions about some other tire sets I'm looking at. What is a "swl" tire? And is anyone using radial tires? Thanks.
  10. Is there someplace who has a cheaper set? Thanks.
  11. Looks great. Doing that would be more work than I want to do I think. The plow is used on dirt roads, pavement and stone roads for plowing up to.... 3feet, this year.
  12. I got the new tire bug. My tires are starting to leak and I'm bored with the gray oem rims. The oem size is 25x10-12 What size is max for the 450 es? I need to use this 450 as a snow plow too. I'm looking at these. Should I go bigger? Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/313239676670?mkevt=1&mkcid=28&chn=ps
  13. Quadjunkie


    Thanks Wilson. I see you guys got hit hard down south. Just think winter is half over.....
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