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  1. Welcome mk please feel free to stop by the chat some night
  2. Wow that xl 250 is so cool
  3. I’m curious to know what vintage Hondas are still around. here’s mine and some of you know it’s getting an new engine installed.
  4. I don’t have a picture. The new engine is dropped off and he said it’s definitely the correct engine. And I have an 2 up seat now for it .
  5. No the engine and my bike are both 350 350cc
  6. My other one you could legit push with your hand on the kick start . So there’s definitely a difference Yeah it’s a big difference from the one on my bike
  7. I tried the engine to see what the compression was like and wow . I really have to put my weight into kicking the engine over.
  8. I sent Rodney a picture and he’s going to get back to me
  9. it be too easy to buy something thinking its a good thing and end up being junk
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