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  1. Yeah I’m getting a little impatient. How long dose it take to put a set of rings in. They don’t even have a quote yet and I asked for one last Tuesday.
  2. No I might call after work . The had the rings in a few weeks ago surly they should have them installed by now
  3. I got word oh the Honda! They found the rings at last . I guess it was he couldn’t find anyone that had them in stock
  4. Just waiting on a set of rings and a head gaskets
  5. For those who haven’t been on the chat so the engine I bought had a decent top end but the transmission was bad. After being really discouraged I asked the mechanic if he thought the Honda was even worth fixing and he asked about the transmission so I told him it was fine when I last drove it so he told yes . He told me to have a little more patience but trust me that’s really hard at the moment. He’s going to get some new ring and gaskets so we don’t have to worry about it that
  6. Welcome mk please feel free to stop by the chat some night
  7. I’m curious to know what vintage Hondas are still around. here’s mine and some of you know it’s getting an new engine installed.
  8. I don’t have a picture. The new engine is dropped off and he said it’s definitely the correct engine. And I have an 2 up seat now for it .
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