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    • Yes, just the stock tires, 1500 km (mystery to Americans.)  As I am getting older and hopefully wiser, I am following my rules for boats and water, never go futher from shore than you can swim back.  Thus with quads never go further  from home than you can walk back.  I live in an area where cell reception is none existant, and finding people to quad with within 20 years of my age is about as possible as finding cell service, and with the younger ones, I best stay on the porch. 
    • Picked up a hone at Adv Auto this morning for a few bucks. Its on the to do list.
    • Welcome from fly-over country!
    • flywheel has nothing to do with this, as far as i know and can see ?, this motor has never been torn apart. i would never expect an engine to be torn down with 19k miles on it ?, not to say this is the oem odometer on it ?. have a look here --> # 13 https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/1985/vf700c-a-magna/pulse-generator-starter-clutch .
    • Need a Honda original pic of that all together to see where the flywheel sits in regards to the pick up coil 😮🤫
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