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    • 11:04 am Saturday = It's 5:00 somewhere   
    • I think you are right , on second take , " I taught I taw a puddy'cat " . " I did , I did , saw a puddy cat "     
    • Been watching the tornado cover from Mississippi , my heart and prayers go out to those affected <<<<<  1 mile wide , 100+ long path of devastation --- latest I seen was 23 dead and 4 missing 
    • Amen Brother!!!!!😁
    • Did an early trip to Wally's World , they have the Stale Kracker seasonings now , got the Two Step, Gator Drool and the W Sauce ( which is not made ny the Kracker , rather by a couple of fisherman from Louisiana ) , I got to say I am VERY impressed with the taste of all three , I made a pot of cowboy beans this morning ,  to go with a smoked Boston Butt roast and some country ribs , just ate a bowl of  the beans , I put just the three Kracker products , no other  salt , pepper or anything else , WOW , I am impressed , it is very tasty but not fire 
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